City of Crypts

Voxis Christ

I’m just hear for the suck. Who uses a crossbow? At least I hit.
Sun 10/11

The brd pulls the necro and me aside, she last this last room only serves 2 purposes. It’s either a ritual for energy and laerted everyone we’re here, or it’s for amusement. I say we need to clear the room behind us to make sure we dont get jumped.

Weird green glowing in room, runes form around me, I run. The runes go away wehn I run. The half orc and the cleric go back in and strange intermittent noises, like muttering from a distance, start up. And the glowing green runes start up, on the walls and around people inside.

No traps, took 3 of us entering the room beforee the mobs jumped us. Vague human shapped blobs of green fire. Resistant to dmg. Vuln cold. We wasted them but the Necro killed 3 of them with Snowball Swarm blowing them up.

The fires go out in the coffins. We search as the runes fade from the wall and the muttering ends. The bard bitches.

Loot: 2 potions of healing (micky, doug), potion (red fluid, fire resistance 1d6 rds), 800gp

We hear low muttering from off in a distance down the dungeon. The lock and I notice the bard is taking notes off of a wall and making rubbings so I copy her notes. She noticed and I ask her what she’s doing. She won’t tell me what she was doing. We take a short rest.

During the short rest we heard a gonging nise for 2 min.

The next room I find an arcane trap and I disarm it. There is a creaking and clicking on one of the tiles as i depresses. Large statue and 6 pillars. We can hear a slow dripping noise in the room. Statue of The Painbringer, the statues is leaking blood from runes carved into it.

Checking the altar, there are religious items. I check it out and a low noise fills the room, low moaning. There is a brief purple flame around me and then it fades.

Dagger, weird looking with a curve and jagged indentations. 1’ long with gentle curve and a ruby on handle. It has a palpable sense of evil. (Magic wpn, if death blow, heals user 2d4 hp, Taint 1) Two electrum death masks (500gp each). Elven skull covered with gold and silver with Midian C carved into it. The skull radiates evil as well. (Taint 1, +1 DC’s on spells)

As we are searching the blood from the statue flows down and forms a large pool at the base of the statue. 8 humanoid shapes, dark rusty red bloodish shapes, amorphous, come forth. Resistance to normal dmg. Immune necrotic. Vuln Radiant. Str Drain. Deals only Necrotic dmg. Blood Shadows. Vuln Fire. The bubbly fluids fade away and sublimate.

Voxis Christ, I’m just hear for the suck.

Next room, after short rest to heal str drain, find room with a large sarcophagus made of black stone, vry tall. Room is distrubingly cool and damp. When we get close, it has an effigy of a skeleton in robes on top. There is cold air wafting around it. Psychic trap goes off, and there is a physical too. I fail and see disturbing images on the wall. Disarm physical trap.

After the murals fade there is no feeling in my head, after I took the dmg. We pry open the sarcophagus. There is a weird sound from the walls, a squelching noise. There is a sound from the walls like wet fles tearing, 5 Midian Corpses drop down.

When we crack the lid smoky tendrils reach out with clawed hands no the end and attack me and the half orc. The boss is Resistane to Necrotic, Vuln to Radiant. The cleric Guiding Bolt blasted the boss.

Search the room and find 1 midian silk robes (500g), 1000 gp, 1 copper death mask (300gp), long rod elaborate runes (?)

Check the next rom to the south (of 2 options), filled with pedastals with skulls on top chanting in midian c. Central skull has runes and is weeping blood and making the gurgly noises. There is a figure in purplish red and black robes. It’s humming and polishing the robes.

I say, “Greetings” in Midan C. He says they have not had visitor in some time. Are we offering our skulls in offering to the “bull shit Midian NPC”? We crap him, robes are 50 gp. The main skull begs us to kill it. I kill the dagger. If you kill something with immunity to necrotic the dagger drains hp from me. We take the skull with it.

The skulls in the room are worth 100gp each, 1800gp.

We go back to the next room to the south, and break for the night.


kyndrakos SkeletonJack

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