City of Crypts takes place in Asheron, the City of Crypts. It is a human settlement located in the Gray Wastes, on the shores of the Sea of Ashes, which is on the small continent west of Cythera proper, known as Mhara. Asheron is called the City of Crypts after the vast amount of ruins covering the valley it is in. This is because it is located on top of Midia, capital of the ancient, evil human empire of the same name.

City of Crypts also started off as a dungeoneering campaign, with the idea being of a small, feudal style city constructed over the ruins of a much older, vaster city. The main attraction would be the ability to excavate almost anywhere in the city and find a dungeon packed with wealth of a long lost empire, which, compared to the poverty of the bulk of the rest of the world, would draw adventurers like piranha to the area. Instead, over the years, it has developed into a location for adventures that shape the destiny of the whole world. After the first two sessions, my players instead delved more into the political aspects of the city, namely the activities of the Lords of the Mage Towers, as well as machinations of the hideous Midian undead factions that still lurk in the ruins under the city, leading back to the ultimate evil of the Illithid God Brains that slumbered and dreamed inhuman dreams that drove sane creatures mad.

Now, City of Crypts is remembered as the place where being a Lord of a Mage Tower is a driving goal, where being insane is a crime, where a chaotic good religion can have a schism, and where players can become pawns in the political games between houses of undead horrors. It is the home of Wolf Eye the heretical Fire Priest, Valerin Dragonheart the Champion of the City of Dragons, Urza the Artificer, Charles Dragonheart the Saint, Torak White Eyes the Seer of Orim, Lord Star the Mage, Tabar the Young High Priest of Mhoraam, Jak One Eye Champion of Good and Guardian of the City, Vox the God of Nature, the enigmatic White Wizard, Ashak the Younger the Hand of Zhon, Thovas the Red the Guild master Thief, Lord Artemesius the Senator, and Lord Ghul Emperor of Zhond. It is also the home of Emperor Ashak the Great, Emperor Kashkhazhar the Mad and his lovely undead daughters, Yagra the horticulturally inclined necromancer and his delightful undead apprentices, Sovan the Wise the Diviner, Vilerune Demonheart the Demon Prince of the Underworld, Princess Moon the Naga, Vashan the undead Child Emperor, the evil undead Mindwraiths, the Palace of Bone Kashkhazhar’s delightful tomb-home, and many others. This is the place where the world changes, where legends are born, and where men become gods. This is the City of Crypts.