City of Crypts

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The Scarlet Pyramid
New Chronicle
  • This is the start of a new one-off adventure. Ian and I have discussed for years that no one ever loots a pyramid in the City of Crypts, so I created a full scale pyramid dungeon and designed a mini-game around it. On the surface, its a standard dungeon crawl: a wealthy patron hires a group of adventurers looking to make the really big score. Underneath, it is a lead in for the next City of Crypts campaign, as decisions and actions taken in this will shape the scope of the next campaign.
  • The campaign is for level 15 Pathfinder rules. Equipment is for level 15 as per the main book, and characters may be of any class or alignment. Any swap out options from ultimate books must be approved by me prior to start. As off 3/11/13, declared characters are:
  • Ian is playing a Ranger
  • Rob is playing a Druid
  • Mickey is playing a Summoner
    The game will be on Thursdays at Brian’s as normal. Email or text me with any information or questions.
    PS: I will be adding a list of Midian and Campaign specific feats ASAP. When it is up, if you want to take one, ask me first.
Scarlet Pyramid Addendum

Forgot to include the stat spread. Its 18,16,14,12,12,10. Remember, no gnomes, and any race other than standard and any template must be approved by me first. As always, going in, no one should know much about Midia. That’s not a prob for Brian, Eddie, and Shayla, but for the other culprits OCK should be at a minimum. As far as the bulk of the world’s inhabitants go, Midia is some ancient evil scary magic empire mentioned in the Pantheist liturgy about the evils of arcane magic and Talathos worship. Even the city’s inhabitants only know they live on the ruins of a Midian city, not which one it is.

The Scarlet Pyramid Official Intro
Chronicle Introduction to the Scarlet Pyramid

Since the moment stragglers from the First Crusade crossed the vast stretches of the Gray Wastes to find the ruins of a huge ancient city strewn across the Valley of Silence, the massive pyramids clustered south of the city, brooding over the devastation, have aroused curiosity, avarice, and fear among the inhabitants of the City of Crypts. Long suspected of hiding the vast wealth of ancient Midian rulers within the dark confines of these hulking monuments, they have so far resisted exploration and looting, with adventuring groups returning decimated by hordes of powerful, ravenous undead, or more commonly, not returning at all.

Stretching in two arcs south west of the City, along a massive ruined causeway of stone mortared together with the bones of thousands of Midian victims, the pyramids near the city show signs of heavy damage, but are still relatively intact, if half buried, as they stretch off towards the ruins of the Temple City of Gha’Harash, while the pyramids west of the Causeway of Ancients are mostly rubble, blasted apart and almost completely buried under gritty sand and ashes. The remnants of funerary temples cluster near the pyramids, and since all the inscriptions are in Midian Linear A, few are known to be connected to any particular ruler, so the City inhabitants have taken to giving them names based off of characteristics, such as the Broken Pyramid, the Lonely Pyramid, the Iron Pyramid, or the Empty Pyramid, to give examples.

One such pyramid is called the Scarlet Pyramid, so named because its exterior is composed of still visible bright red marble. It looms ominously near the beginning of the Causeway of Ancients, fronted by a funerary temple called the Temple of Crimson Shrouds, past the Iron Pyramid and the Sanctum of Torments. Mostly ignored due to the presence of easier targets for looting closer to the city, the merchant lord Valthalos Karim, representing a consortium of investors, has obtained an item that will allow entrance to the pyramid, once the temple is breached. Once inside, they have only to recover certain items for the consortium, then they are allowed to split half the wealth obtained. It remains to be seen if these brave professionals can survive the horrors of the ancient Midian dead, and their fiendish traps both mechanical and magical, or will they become yet another bold group to never return from the darkness of these grim monuments to ancient Midia’s evil and power.

City of Crypts Current Update

It has been ten years since the rise of Rachel the God Child to divinity and the landscape of the City was changed. A relative calm has spread over the City. The City no has 7,000 inhabitants, and has spread north to Dead King’s Hill, while keeping bordered on the West by the Great Acropolis, the South by the Necropolis, and the East by the Temple District. The rise of the City of Dragons to the North and the Empire of Shadows to the South, coupled with the constant patrols of the Order of the Circle along the Caravan routes has chased most of the Beastmen tribes and hostile Tarak nomads away from the area. The City has never been so prosperous and secure before. Given that throngs of new arrivals continue to loot the easily accessible ruins, clearing them of threats, the only real places of challenge left are the deep ruins such as the Acropolis, the Temple District, the Necropolis, the Palaces of the Pale Princes, and the Pyramids. Rather than challenge these places, many have chosen instead to begin surveying previously untouched sites, such as the two Temple Cities to the South-west of the City, or the Valley of Tombs to the South. Many older inhabitants complain of how much easier the newcomers have it, compared to the wilder days. The Senate runs things smoothly now, the Guilds are profitable and more business than mercenary, and the Mage Lords seemed involved in research rather than running the City.

It would seem that the only problems these days are the rumors that are circulating the busy population. How demons have been spotted patrolling the Great Acropolis, about how the Tarak nomads have suddenly withdrawn from area back to the Salt Plains of Asharim to the East, that caravans have reported seeing movements of large groups of undead between the ruins to the South, processions of Midian undead, led by priests, have been seen heading into the Valley of Tombs, and the City again hosts Beggar Priests in the Chapel of Ashes, who preach the word of the god Khestros the Unknown, preaching that the Red Tears of Urush-Sharak would flood the City with destruction.

Fate's Twisted Lines

Entry 1

Burgeoning greed pushed us to this point. We’ve done ok this past year, but none of us have achieved our goals. Valthalos Karim is an unknown factor in the City of Crypts, and the fact that a consortium of investors is using him as their face man to hire us bodes ill. Prince Masque’s involvement would normally raise my hackles even more, but he now serves Orim and Rachel as their High Prophet… What could that even mean?

All in all however, I couldn’t count myself luckier. We were blessed by Orim and Rachel, embracing our destinies, and marked by their divine power with tattoos on our right arms. All of our failures up until now were nothing more than the building blocks to prepare us for what will come. Orim and Rachel have chosen to guide us to our destiny!

Notes on cards
Cyndalin, Crypt Breaker: 78 – Flying Golden Dragon (Majesty), right side up
Rob (Druid): 40 – Pyramid (Age), right side up
Brian (Fighter): 19 – Executioner (Ending), upside down
Ian (Ranger): 62 – Shadow King (Manipulation), upside down
Eddie (Monk): 89 – Justicar (Order), upside down

We had to sign a Zhonite Blood Contract, but that’s standard business in these parts. In the end we agreed to a 70/30 split (in their favor) on monetary items, a 40/60 split (in our favor) on magic items, and to retrieve 6 artifacts for them (the artifacts will count against them for items).

Description of Artifacts

  1. Complex mechanical item made of metal
  2. Carved bloodwood box containing two special vials of liquid
  3. Five star crystal spheres
  4. A mithril and silver steel necklace w/sapphires and a glowing gem
  5. Scrolls in red and gold on adamantine in Midian A in platinum cases
  6. A sealed urn 1’6" high made of mithril and bloodsteel (stays sealed)

Once terms were set, they provided an escort to the Pyramid of Ashaghal the 2nd and promised to provide means to retrieve all of the booty safely once we’ve finished clearing the area. Valthalos Karim also gave us the key to the pyramid to be used once we breached the funerary grounds.

While I’d like to recount more information about the Hanged Jester, I just wasn’t able to pay much attention to him while I scouted out the area for our party. Also, he talked like a bard from the “old days”. Hell, that was honestly half of the reason I don’t even know what he said… Once he was down spewing moronic warnings he introduced us to our escort.

I know the escort was important, but he never said anything. I caught that he was one of the great Emperor’s of Midia however, House urel-Khadeth. The one to betray Midia and breach his own defenses. I hate Midians…but that guy’s ok in my book.

One of those two (not sure which) also blessed us with an Orimite Relic, a clear orb with a white butterfly inside covered in blue and red markings. I’m not 100% sure what it is capable of, however the relic orbs have historically always held great power that can only be used one time.

Scribbled notes follow depicting the entrance to the funerary grounds, and various signs (corpses/undead) to warn adventurers away.

So we haven’t really delved into the “dungeon” yet, but we’ve already found two potential companions. Normally I’m happy to find a Paladin willing to follow me into an undead infested pit of hell, but this guy’s a Circle Jerk. But he’s willing to fight with us and that’s good enough I suppose. He was with an entire unit of Circle Jerks initially, but they were all killed (Hooray!! Go Undead!!) and he is willing to do whatever it takes to make the inhabitants of this foul place pay for what they’ve done.

We’ve also found a Talathos Warlock, worshiper of Kharshis The Seductress, Mistress of Magic and Sexuality. She’s evil and a Midian, enough for me to slit her throat on the spot normally. But we found her helpless and injured with broken legs, and now she’s hell bent on vengeance. Her party (all Talathos) left her for dead and striped her of her gear when a roaming Golem patrol nearly killed her. Now, she’s willing to sign on with us and do whatever it takes just so long as we give her a chance to kill her former comrades.

Notation: She was found to the right of the entrance, which demonstrates a high level of ignorance of Midian architecture. We’re going left.

Fate's Twisted Lines, Annotations

Entry 2

When we arrived at the Pyramid the pathway leading into the funerary grounds was made of broken stone with a viscous, sickly fluid flowing through the area. The smell was strong enough to make our Druid sick while the rest of us were barely able to resist it’s effects.

The main entrance was lined with tall columns lit up with glowing red Midian symbols. Each one held a humanoid chained aloft, ablaze with fire, in varying states of death and undeath. We cut the poor creatures down and put them out of their misery.

The first official “room” had a pair of great doors slightly ajar, but nothing stood out. It was the second room filled with cages that was meant as the second warning. All but one of them held a corpse from members of the Order of the Circle. Only the one paladin had survived.

The final warning was the spectral skull cackling warnings of doom to ward us away. Until the dwarf slayed it anyways. The spirit was to the left of the entrance, though I am unsure of any relevance to that.

We will return once we’ve healed the Paladin and Warlock, and gotten then some basic gear. It would be foolish to enter with restoring them to full combat efficiency first. We’ve invested nothing into the Pyramid so far.

Panoramas Surrounded by Ruins

Entry 3

The oddest thing we’ve seen in here so far was the midian bronze plate room. An undead overseer, which we dispatched quickly, was controlling undead minions attaching inscribed plates to living victims. I’ve been here in the City of Crypts for many years now, and I am still bewildered by the practices of this long dead civilization.

In addition to that we came across something that deserves more attention. We’ll have to go back so I can take more notes on the spectacle. An old man wearing only robes was in the ruins of the funerary grounds. He was alive and unmolested. Which means that he is an agent of a god. Nothing else would be permitted to live freely there like that…

Upon the stone walls he depicted 10 scenes. Of these, the last three were a 3 part series of some kind. It doesn’t do us much good now, but we need to find out what these mean later. There is no telling how important this could be.

Description of Paintings by the old guy in the Ruins outside the Funerary Grounds

1) An ancient city in snow and ice
2) A titan-sized sarcophagus
3) An elder god-like thing, a mass of tentacles and eyes
4) Several heroes (bloodline descendants) standing together
5) Orim and Rachel’s symbol
6) Doom made w/midian bronze covered in glyphs
7) White skull covered w/blood stains, jewels, and glyphs
8) Female midian face in a pool of blood (series)
9) Very attractive woman with pale, tentacle-like hair surrounded by a mass of eyes and tentacles (series)
10) Male in midian leather and a bone mask going into blood (series)

After this we also cleared one other room. Some slow moving undead minions that were more walking targets than anything else, two csaters, and a massive midian war golem. The fight was not a cake walk. And we’ve not even entered the actual pyramid yet… I’m not sure what our real chances are…

Unclaimed Loot

Bronze Plate Mail +3 (Base AC 6, Max Dex 2) Maleable
(E) Electrum Death Mask +2 AC, +2 Wis, +2 Spell DC’s
(E) Electrum Death Mask +6 Wis, +4 Spell DC’s
Staff of Dark Wrath +3 (Cackling Wrath/Hungry Shadows) (30 charges)
(E) (x3) Human Skin +3 (Base AC 2) Evasion, +4 Dex, Shadowstep 3/day
Chain Shirt +3
(VE) (x4) Black Iron Box: 4 glossy black stones (RELICS) +1 attribute, +1 taint
(VE) Black Midian Scroll: 1 Feat, 2 Taint
(VE) Box with White Shroud: “Soul Shroud” One free come back from the dead, Taint: ?

Bloody Tears and Insane Ramblings

Entry 4

Perturbed. That’s what I am.

We come in here to clear the place (or so I think), yet my companions are unwilling to take what they call “unnecessary risks”. Who cares if the rooms had blood in them?!! They refused to enter and we could have found loot!! Blood and nothing else?! No way they’ll enter. Some corpses, traps, undead, and more?!!? Let’s go in THOSE rooms!! Phhbtt.

In the final room I mentioned in my last entry we later noticed that the marble slabs were minor artifacts. The room had statues dedicated to all of the Talathos except for Morkhal and Zhon, which is to be expected. And there were also several red and black marble slabs with their tops enclosed with translucent crystaline domes. Inside were blackened writhing humanoid figures with black and red flaming midian runes burned into their skin. It looked to be 3 humans, an elf, and a dwarf.

After that we encountered a room of solid white marble with blood pools and splatter everywhere. There was an invisible barrier that allowed our core party members marked with the tattoos to enter, but no one else. It was here that we first saw the woman who rose from the blood beckoning us to enter. Did we? No. It was an “unnecessary risk”. Goodbye loot!!

Next we found another empty room with a begemmed, flaming skull covered in midian runes siting dead center in the room hovering. Also, an “unnecessary risk” so we moved on. I told the warlock to shoot at it from outside of the room, but she refused as well. Sigh.

The third room that we encountered was where we found another one of the dangerous midian undead lords. There were two powerful casters, a very powerful mummy warrior, an iron golem, and a range of mummies. Some of them were warriors and some seemed to be some kind of unholy clerics or paladins. The fight was difficult here as well. We almost lost our Paladin, but in the end we pulled through without any major losses.

But now that these rooms are covered we should get to the points of interest. The woman covered in blood from the blood spattered room appeared in the last room blessing me in the name of The Painbringer (Talathos god). It appears that blood trails weep from my eyes now, and I can invoke this blessing one time within the Pyramid to kill a foe more easily.

Also, our “good” druid and servant of Erayne, has begun mumbling to himself in Midian languages he doesn’t know. I’ve heard of this before. Humans who have the pure blood lineage of ancient Midian lines in their veins. Some lose their minds, others become possessed by their ancestors, and the lucky few master this innate curse to become the most powerful casters around.

The marks of Orihim and Rachel, the Panoramas in the Ruins, the Druid’s Bloodline only now “activating”, the personal attention of a servant of The Painbringer, Masque’s involvement with Orihim/Rachel and us, the specific artifacts the Consortium is seeking… Something smells wrong.

Unclaimed Loot

Midian Black Iron Glaive + 2, Mortalbane (+ 2d6), Reach, 2d8, 19-20/x2
Midian Bronze Dagger of Impaling + 2, auto confirms crits
(x2) Gauntlets + 3, Mortalbane (+ 2d6)
Staff of Dark Wrath + 3(Cackling Wrath/Hungry Shadows) (30 charges)
Bloodsteel Full Plate + 2, of Unlife (Undead template)
Midian Black Iron Full Plate + 3, Light Fort, 20% Ranged miss chance, Positive Energy Immune
Bronze Plate Mail + 3 (Base AC 6, Max Dex 2) Maleable
Chain Shirt + 3
Midian Bronze Lg Shield + 3
Amulet of Psychic Poison (Mental attacks cause 1d6 Int Primary/Secondary)
(x8) Amulet of Fire Resist 15
Tome of Clear Thought (+ 2 Int)

(E) Electrum Death Mask + 2 AC, + 2 Wis, + 2 Spell DC’s
(E) Electrum Death Mask + 6 Wis, + 4 Spell DC’s
(E) Bloodsteel Greatsword + 3, Mortalbane (+ 2d6), + 10dmg on Evil Smites
(E) (x3) Human Skin + 3 (Base AC 2) Evasion, + 4 Dex, Shadowstep 3/day
(E) Full Plate + 3, Light Fort, Darksoul (1/2 dmg from effects targeting Evil)
(E) Crown of Souls, Living creature dying w/in 20’ heals you 1d6/HD

(VE) (x4) Black Iron Box: 4 glossy black stones (RELICS) +1 attribute, Taint: 1
(VE) (x3) Black Midian Scroll: 1 Feat, Taint: 2
(VE) (x2) Midian Tablet: + 4 Skills, Taint: 1
(VE) Creepy Eye: Lifesense, + 4 Spell DC’s, + 2 Int/Wis, Taint: 1

Good meet Evil

Entry 5

We went down to the 2nd sub-floor of the Funery Grounds where we fought more mummy minions lead by a mummy barbarian lord of all things… We dispatched them without effort honestly. The next room revealed a crazy man with melted flesh. Turned out it was the rogue from the party the talathos warlock was in. They debated over killing him and I got fed up, so I slit his throat. From there we found our third room with three Iron Golems wearing Amulets of Greater Invisibility. The thought of something like that is terrifying in concept, but was a far easier encounter than I expected.

This lead us to a hall with murals of the most depraved of midian acts, with every 5 feet lined with pedestals engraved with runes. On top were runed skulls dipped in midian bronze leaking blue wispy flames with strange faint images of screaming faces in flames. In Midian C above the hall was written “Hall of the Abjuration of Flesh”. All living creatures who entered were attacked with energy similar to a Disintegration spell. While we all made it through mostly unscathed (nothing a Staff of Healing couldn’t cure), one of the Treants was obliterated by the Hall.

This lead us to a room whose walls were covered with murals of Ashaghal’s life. The room was filled with 4’ tall columns of midian glass filled with living pulsating organs. Towards the center were living, freakishly long arms implanted in the ground holding items aloft.

It was here that the Ranger suddenly was marked upon his face by the god Kelzarath the Bloodlord. It should be noted that I was also marked by the Talathos god The Painbringer. And our Druid’s bloodline is pure midian, descendant of Ashok the Great. We were all marked by Rachel, yet now the Talathos mark us as well. The Paladin and the Dwarven Fighter were also marked with the Dark Litany of the Talathos.

I meandered however. In the arms were the Artifact Urn we were after and several ridiculously powerful items. Of note there was also a Mage Sphere containing the Sorceror Ghor-Mahr-Khal and a Bard Scroll named Gorshok the Sage. He’s a bit snippy about being called a Bard Scroll though. He’s a “Sage Scroll”.

From these two intelligent items we were able to get the layout of the rest of the Funery Grounds and got some questions answered. Turns out the Sage Scroll can see through time or some such nonsense. He has the “Sight”. It was Rachel who sent us, not Orihim. And she is working directly with the Talathos. Apparently something so heinously awful is coming down the road that the good and evil gods are working together. Dogs and cats living together man…

This lead us to the last room that we explored. Formed of red and white marble made to resemble bleeding stone, mummified hands held aloft polished bone white skulls. Engraved Midian A glyphs on these skull dripped blood to the floor while various undead robed servants tended them while praying and chanting. Apparently these were enemies of Emperor Ashaghal (it’s his Pyramid) and held their souls in eternal torment. In the center is a large pool of blood with a massive floating eye suspended above. Whether it’s an item or creature is unclear, but it is intelligent and an artifact of tremendous power.

The interesting part here is that due to the Druid’s pure midian blood and the Talathos god marks on me and the Ranger, the eye and robed undead did nothing to us. They allowed us to walk up to the pool and pull out the 2nd artifact we were sent to retrieve, the mechanical key. The Eye wasn’t too keen on joining us however.

Lastly we discovered that this last room and one more in the Funerary Grounds holds an interesting “key”. Should we destroy a relic in a room we have not yet entered and the skulls holding the souls in the last explored room we will gain some unknown advantage while exploring the Pyramid. And while unknown, it would be highly advantageous. However doing so would also awaken Emperor Ashaghal who is an epic-level Warlock. Currently he is slumbering and won’t directly seek us out to do harm. But should we destroy the relic and the skulls, he’d come after us for sure. For now, we’re waiting to decide what we wish to do.

Outside of all of the above the only other interesting discovery was about our Talathos Warlock. She apparently made a deal with Kharshis that went beyond a normal Warlock Pact. She was very ugly before (Cha 6) and was made to become extremely attractive (Cha 16). For a Talathos god to step in and grant that much power to a simple human is impossible. She’s more than she seems. Which begs the questions, who is she really and what it is we don’t know about the Paladin as well?

Artifacts Recovered

Complex mechanical item made of metal
This is some kind of key, but we don’t know for what. It could open something simple like a lock, or as esoteric as a gateway to a new plane of existence.
A sealed urn 1’6" high made of mithril and bloodsteel (stays sealed)
This is Protean Flesh. Apparently a god is going to use some of it, and then a small left over portion is being given to one of the members of the Consortium to use. It can create life itself with the soul intact, whether you create something new or bring someone back that you can’t.

Artifacts Missing

  1. Carved bloodwood box containing two special vials of liquid
  2. Five star crystal spheres
  3. A mithril and silver steel necklace w/sapphires and a glowing gem
  4. Scrolls in red and gold on adamantine in Midian A in platinum cases

Unclaimed Loot

Amulet of Greater Invisibility (someone take this)
Midian Black Iron Glaive + 2, Mortalbane (+ 2d6), Reach, 2d8, 19-20/x2
Midian Bronze Dagger of Impaling + 2, auto confirms crits
(x2) Gauntlets + 3, Mortalbane (+ 2d6)
Staff of Dark Wrath + 3(Cackling Wrath/Hungry Shadows) (30 charges)
Bloodsteel Full Plate + 2, of Unlife (Undead template)
Midian Black Iron Full Plate + 3, Light Fort, 20% Ranged miss chance, Positive Energy Immune
Bronze Plate Mail + 3 (Base AC 6, Max Dex 2) Maleable
Chain Shirt + 3
Midian Bronze Lg Shield + 3
Amulet of Psychic Poison (Mental attacks cause 1d6 Int Primary/Secondary)
(x10) Amulet of Fire Resist 15
Tome of Clear Thought (+ 2 Int)

(E) Beating Heart + 4 Fort, Immune to Massive Damage
(E) Electrum Death Mask + 2 AC, + 2 Wis, + 2 Spell DC’s
(E) Bloodsteel Greatsword + 3, Mortalbane (+ 2d6), + 10dmg on Evil Smites
(E) (x3) Human Skin + 3 (Base AC 2) Evasion, + 4 Dex, Shadowstep 3/day
(E) Full Plate + 3, Light Fort, Darksoul (1/2 dmg from effects targeting Evil)
(E) Crown of Souls, Living creature dying w/in 20’ heals you 1d6/HD

(VE) Sphere with a 3 lobed Illithid brain, Psionic Only, Unknown Properties, Taint: ?
(VE) (x4) Black Iron Box: 4 glossy black stones (RELICS) +1 attribute, Taint: 1
(VE) (x3) Black Midian Scroll: 1 Feat, Taint: 2
(VE) (x2) Midian Tablet: + 4 Skills, Taint: 1
(VE) Creepy Eye: Lifesense, + 4 Spell DC’s, + 2 Int/Wis, Taint: 1


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