City of Crypts

Just the tip!!

I’m gonna get these guys off!!"
Sun 9/13

After we sold the last of our goods we made our way back to the Virgin and Lich. And luckily… Hmm, is it luck, providence, or careful research? How does this guy know about so many crypts that no one has found yet. We might need to investigate this Zheist fellow. And, if necessary, ensure we find his sources of information for our later use.

Zheist did have another job available to go break into a Midian wizard’s crypy that had never been entered yet. It’s a simple retrieval mission where we go and get him a copy of the Dark Litany of the Talathos. In return he’s offering 500gp + what we find there. And depending on what we find he may buy other items off of us as well.

The monk said that he heard there was new inventory at the Alchemy Shop so we round out our evening there. He is also now selling Antidote (Poison 2nd save, 24 hrs) 50g and Poultice (2nd save on disease, 24 hrs) 75g. Additionaly he can craft Level 1 Potions 100g (200g) and Level 1 Scroll 50g (100g) from the Wizard spell lists.

I was ready to head off for bed (because you never know if you’re gonna get a good nights sleep in this Midian hell hole) however the half-orc seems dead set upon seeing the half-orc blacksmith (/sigh). At least the guys gave me a good laugh on the way.

We were passing the Zhur fire nutjob, cultist…er respectable priest…prosteltizing his faith again when the wood elf casted Silence on him. The jeers from the crowd and his stunned suprise were only topped by his awkward shuffling to measure the area before he huffed his way all the way home. The people of this town do seem to be rubes though. He promised that followers homes would never catch on fire if they converted. Which they thought was great! Until one of the party pointed out they lived in a desert.

I don’t really remember what happened at the half-orc shop. It’s not like me to be racist, but I just kept hearing them say shit like, “Zug zug!! Daboo!!” So I left bored and went back to the inn to go to sleep. I vaguely recall them later talking about some boogey man priest they met in a dark alleyway. Seriously though. Going to talk to a priest in a dark alleyway? Maybe I should offer the group some candy to get into the back of my wagon.

After we left town the next morning we saw some other adventuring groups leaving at the same time going out to other mesas. We headed to the 3rd mesa following the map, on the north facing side. At some point in the past the entire side sheered off exposing crypts and tombs carved into the cliff facing. And this fortuitious event (was it not natural perhaps?) has resulted in endless rows of all kinds of hooks and pylons hammered into the edge so ropes can be set up to climb down to these entrances.

So at this point the party started fighting about who was going to go down first to examine the door once I refused since I don’t know how to climb. Three of them were trying to go down at the same time. It was utterly bizare. So I decided to do the smart thing and shut the fuck up and watch. Which was when I saw the monk wood elf do one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen. Without a full examination of what lay below he leapt out into the air in a swan dive and let the rope bungee him down to the entrance. Yes, if you expecting the next sound I heard to be either “Splat!” or “Bong!” you were correct.

Antics aside I eventually got us inside. The entrance did not appear to have ever been entered and a magic mouth announced in Midian C that this was the Tomb of Mal-akaros-ban-sarath. High Wizard of the “empty titles”. You know the typical drivel and rhetoric they throw out. I didn’t manage to pop the traps however taking some nasty cuts getting us in. One of the only things of note getting inside was that inside the first room it was noticeably cooler by about 15 degrees. Again there was another trap on the following door and I failed at popping it again. Dry red spores shot all over me for a Con save which caused me to start coughing red blood.

Inside the next room is an empty room with iron braziers on the sides and carvings on the far door. The braziers lit up with an eerie red flame once we entered. The half orc examined one brazier (to my surprise) and once he got within five feet of it his flesh began to flake off and redden, flowing into the brazier. He lost 3 temp Con (regain on Short Rest).

And then on the next door what did you think there was? Yes, a trap. But it was magical this time. And guess what. I set this one off by accident as well. There was a loud wailing noise and we started bleeding from all of our orifices. Except the warlock that is. We noticed a red light glowing on the disc that is always circling the warlock’s head which went out when the trap went off.

The next room had 4 large black columns and we could hear a dry scuttling noise. After we entered Dark Mantles dropped from the cieling and attacked us while ghouls supported them. We dispatched them and moved on. But not before we noticed the red light reappeared on the kid’s disc once we were done in that room.

The next room was a wide long corridor with 10 large black pillars with faces carved in them. The faces on the pillars are not duplicated anywhere. They are specific people…which causes me to think that actual peope were harmed in the making of these columns. I didn’t find any traps on the next door, but before I popped the lock an effect went off which caused the monk to lose 1 Int as the faces on the columns opened their eyes (glowing red) and started babbling. After the effect 6 ghouls suddenly appear by the columns to attack us as well.

After we were finished with the ghouls we found the next room covered in distorted images of people with a stone platform 1 1/2 feet tall inside of a thaumaturgic circle in the middle, dripping blood into a circle around it. A man was bound by a reddish chain on the platform and looked old and sallow looking. He had rolled back shark like eyes and teeth. The kid said that it was a creature of the Talathos and has been here 1000’s of years. When the necro entered the room a creature appeared, coalescing out of a blood red mist.

It had reddish skin, vulture face, red eyes, leathery bat wings, and cloven hooves. It could do a special attack creating a fettid cloud to cover the entire room for a Con save. Failure allowed only an action or a bonus action with no reaction until you took a short rest. Also a second demon appeared on the second round. I screamed for the group to kill the human on the altar and the cleric did so. Once dead it melted into a bubbly fluid that flowed into the altar activating the weird paintings and carvings in the room. They began to bleed from their eyes and some kind of effect caused me to lose one 1 temp Con until a short rest.

After a short rest I went to examine the next door and search it for traps when it suddenly opened on it’s own. Inside was an altar on the far side dedicated to the Talathos. Along the walls are 4 statues on each side and in front is a black sarcophagus with lit braziers surrounding it. This particular altar was dedicated to Koresht, a Talathos god, and it had a secret door behind it. While searching the room the statues animated and began to attack us.

We cleared the room and then popped the altar concealing the secret door. The next room had 4 black columns covered in faces again with another door leading to the next room, which gave off a coppery smell. This was when two Carrion Crawlers and two Gricks come out to attack us. Also about 15’ up one of the walls there was a crack which lead to an opening. This was probably how the carrion crawlers and grix got into the crypt.

End session for the night.

Door Trap – Spinning Blades
Dex save for damage next to door as spinning blades pop out. This will usually appear on doors with a higher technology level. Especially those which resemble clockwork mechanism or complicated locks.

Door Trap – Red Poisonous Spores
Con save for small AoE damage next to door or become poisoned. This can appear on any door or chest and sprays to a moderate range. Perhaps 10-20 feet depending on the trap. It affects your lungs, so in theory if you could clog your nose and mouth while protecting your eyes and not suffocating it could be ignored.

Stupidity Trap – Eerie Braziers
These braziers will light up with an eerie light when you enter the room. If you examine them or get next to them they will begin to break down your body and use it as fuel for the magical fuel sources powering the crypt or the master of the crypt. It causes temp Con damage until you take a short rest.

Room Wide Traps – Magical Psychic Trap
One door I examined showed a magical trap. If you do not disarm it a piercing psychic wail will fill the entire room for an Int save or take damage. This fills the entire room, but not the next one. Also it appears to have ties to madness, illithids, and elder alien gods. Those with ties to those powers may be immune. We ended up bleeding from all of our orifices. So make sure to pack extra pairs of underwear. I mean it. It got really gross down there. No one likes ass blood.

Room Wide Traps – Magical Psychic Trap
Another that we found on a door required an Int save before the eyes on faces carved into the columns of the room glowed red. It was an Int save for Int damage with no effect on a successful save.

Dark Mantles
They stealth in the ceiling and then drop down to engulf you once you are below. If they engulf you, you become Blinded and Suffocated. It requires a Str check to get them off of you. They will typically be working with other creatures in a symbiotic relationship. These will attack you once the Dark Mantles have dropped. Also, Small creatures like Halflings are entirely engulfed except for their feet.

Our first encounter with them was when they were working with the Dark Mantles. However these are standard ghouls like anyone would expect. A nasty bite attack and they can cause paralysis to non-elves with their claws on a Con save. Make sure you take them out quickly or stay at range.

Sacrifice Chambers – Demonic Summoning
We found a room covered in distorted images of people with a stone platform 1 1/2 feet tall inside of a thaumaturgic circle in the middle, dripping blood into a circle around it. A man was bound by a reddish chain on the platform and looked old and sallow looking. He had rolled back shark like eyes and teeth. When we entered the room a demon was summoned and it summoned a second demon on the next round. We had killed the first demon already so I’m not sure if that had an impact upon the second summoning. At this point we killed the human on the altar which destroyed the ritual. However this set off a two room wide trap that caused temp Con damage.

Unknown Demon from Sacrifice Chambers
I am unsure of the demon’s type or name that was summoned. However it had reddish skin, vulture face, red eyes, leathery bat wings, and cloven hooves. It could do a special attack creating a fettid cloud to cover the entire room for a Con save. Failure allowed only an action or a bonus action with no reaction until you took a short rest.

Animated Statues
They can appear as any form of statue and are indistinguishable from inanimate ones. They will always wait to attack you when they think they will have surprise on their side or a tactical advantage in the room. They have Blindsight, high AC’s, solid HP, and a lot of condition immunities.

Carrion Crawlers
These nasty little buggers can walk on walls and ceilings while also causing a Con save for Paralysis. You need to drop these early from range if possible. They look like bloated tentacle worms from hell the size of a fat halfling. Yuck.

These fuckers are resistant to all non-magical damage. So they feel like a trap. Kill them last if possible. I’m not sure if they do anything special.

Silver ring w/black stone (+1 save 3/day) (Micky)
161 gp (not dispersed)

The Bardnomancer

First off, go fuck yourself!! Secondly, he sings his own praises.
Sun 9/27

We face the next door, made of granite and covered in metal, covered in faces. The air around it moves to where it looks like something is breathing. I can’t find any traps before the door, but there is a trap on the door. A thick black fluid leaks out of the eyes on the door for a full 5 min which does necrotic dmg to me.

The bard began to cast a ritual Detect Magic. While doing so purple lights over the sarcophagus. The half orc throws a javelin at one of the braziers (anger issues?) and it dongs off. Three walk in and a breeze kicks up with a cinnamon smell.

The sarcophagus is about 12’ long, 6’ wide, 4 1/2’ tall. Palpable aura of cole and evil coming from it when the monk examines. He tries to open it. He takes electricty damage as an arcing lightning bolt hits him and then everyone else in the room. A cloud of foul smelling gas comes out after the half orc opens the sarcophagus with a faint cinnamon smell.

5’ emaciated leather skin humanoids, glowing red eyes, iron death masks, 3 total, midian bronze death masks. The main guy is more skeletal and a guant fream, skin is covered with glowy purple symbols, wearing a robe black and reddish trim (gosh), copper death mask.

The creatures skin has damage resistance. 2 claw attacks each for necrotic damage. The boss waited and readied an action for the first round. These things are Wights. The boss is a mummy uses Dread Gaze on me but I saved. Vulnerable to fire, has dmg resistances. Mummy has rotting fist for 5d6 dmg + ?. The necro kills the mummy with fire dmg and it explodes dealing 11 dmg to the warlock right in front of it. 10’ radius. Wights don’t like sunlight, they have a vulnerability.

We kill everything and search for loot.

Loot: 1726g, black iron crown (magic, necromatic +1dc necromancy spells, stores 1 lvl 1spell) (shawn), 2 potions of healing (1 doug, 1 michael), 2 potions neutralize posion (1 doug, 1 michael), 1 scroll of remove curse (1 doug), 1 red and black silk midian robes (evil, + 1 ac, stacks on armor) (michael), + prev loot of 161g, (Total 314.5 gold each)

We head back to town. The guards were betting on us getting back to town. The monk seems obsessed with his brewery idea and getting things off the ground. At The Virgin and the Lich we hear hammering noises. There is an orc hammering on a copper vat. He’s working on the brewery items per the monk. It’s scrap copper but better than before.

The monk and I go off to discuss my business ideas on getting people on the hook to sell items to us. We discuss it in private and then we come back. I say to him in front of everyone to say “Yes” when I notice a girl in her early 20’s with blonde hair with green stripes dyed in and a green tattoo on her face wearing chain and leather. She looks like a human. With her are two beefy guys in chain mail with bows and swords. There is a second girl who is older in leather. She is attractive but doesn’t do upkeep. She has odd ocd ticks like scratching herself and keeps looking behind herself.

The 2nd girl is exhibiting animal like behaviour. The 1st girl says her name is Taryn Mac-neith. She asks what we know about the politics in the regions. She also has a business proposition. Her orgination is called The Green Hand, they represent the high priestess who rule their order back in the country of Sian. It is a Ruthani country. They are concerned with the amount of damage between the Midian undead, the Faithless, and Order of the Cirlce. The OoC has picked up allies and over the past 3 years several of the smaller towns near have been taken over by the Order of the Circle and “purged”.

The Order of Circle has plans here and is trying to take control of the area to control the caravan routes. They have people who will do dirty assignments but will be very well awarded. The OoC wipes out people who worship the Talathos. If we kill them in advance then the OoC has no excuse to go into an area.

The Kid feels a sharp emotional hatred towards the girl. The monk notices she’s a Ruthani (druid) so she worships the Nature Pantheon. The Pantheon has been hearing about them. They’ve been getting organized recently. The 2nd girl was likely a girl who was an animal who can transform into a human.

Necromancer: 91g
Monk: 46g
Half-orc: 100g
Kid: 300g
Doug: ?

537g, I can hook 21 grps w/25+g each.

There is a guy approaching the table who is pale and albine with creepy slitted yellow eyes. The kid notices him and points him out. The kid says, “Something creepy this way comes.” He has 3 staves strapped to his back. He comes to our table.

We feel a dark evil aura from the guy and then it seems like it snuffs out. He was a dry whispery voice. He says that he has a counter offer to the druid. He is Thanar of the Black Sun. He is bald. He represents a group that doesnt’t want us to work for the Druids or Pantheon and will pay. The Black Sun is a symbol of the Talathos and Ancient Midia. The Kid tells him that the Talathos is a false religion.

I talk to Yagra and he can set us up with a merchant who can buy and sell for us. He’s not a merchant, he’s a respected business leader. He will set up a meeting with us.

I hire scribes to create manuals of the monster information I have, and the traps. 75g for 25 copies. The next day Yagra has a meeting for us with Lan-Tharesh. Yagra warns us that he is a Master Thief and each one in the city has a specialty where they run things in city. I get the half-orc to agree not to speak and the monk refuses to go.

We meet an avg looking guys in a cloak and leather. H e asks us to follow him. The monk ends up following us and joins. We go down a few alleyways. We stop at a culdesac with a few shanties. One building has an old decrepit woman begging outside where he says we have to tip. We do so. Down a dark corridor we get lead to a room where there is an orc with dual wield’s flails. Tells us to have a seat.

There is a small table and a man dressed in fine quality but not austentatious. Human growing old. Lots of guards. He says we’ve been in town 5 days. It’s usually proper to pay respects sooner. I explain that I am a social reject and willing to pay. Need protection and a vendor.

100g per month of protection. And will provide a charismatic vendor that will deal with items and groups for us. I provide the lore and info for monsters and dungeons initially. 10% of my income for the Tomb Robers Guild. So anyone who fucks with me fucks with them. Buy and sell for us. No stealing from members or vendors. And I take down independents or inform on them. Agrees to no upcharges on customers. Makes me “kiss the ring”. Faction “Tomb Robbers Guild”.

A Bard, a Druid, and a Cleric walk into a bar. No it isn't Micky.

“You’re tolerable now.”
Sun 10/4

The monk is off looking for space to make a brewery and the cleric is off praying. We take a week of down time and I start losing gold in dragon poker. The Necro and the Kid interview cleric replacements.

1st is a skinny guy in mixed leathers with a mace and shield. Has a twitch. He seems clumsy and inept. The necro and the kid tell them they’ll get back to him. He bumps into Shawn, a serving girl, and me. He’s overly and creepily apologetic.

2nd is a guy in ill fitting chain, long scragly hair and one eye is bigger with a lot of white in it. He doesn’t smell good at all. He needs to be paid in advance to pay off his room debt. And some gear upgrades as well. He looks around nervously when he gets up and three rough looking thugs follow him out back.

While playing dragon poker there is a really attractive girl playing who stands out and I end up losing 20g of my own money. I lose more gold. Sianna Goldsong (Sienna). She is skinny and probably has else blood in her. She starts hitting on me and I recriprocate. I find out she’s a Bard and give her a manual. She’s a 3rd level.

3rd has white junk on his face with eye shadow. Has mowhawk and dark purle robes. He acts refined. He’s been here 2 years and worked with other groups. Malador. He does melee and ranged dps.

4th is a female halfling. She asks if we are looking for a cleric. She says that’s awesome!! She’s a cleric! She’s a cleric of Zhara, the Laughing Goddess. Her last group disbanded and went elsewhere. They left a note and all. The Kid says mentally that this one seems expendable. The Necro agrees.

The Kid says she is hired but doesn’t join the Bond. She seems dissapointed. But she’s immediately pumped and perky. Muffy Honeydew, bubble gum pink hair. Level 3.

I ask the group if they want to bring a Bard along. The Kid is against it. A weird musty scent like franescense and murr. A guy in black robes covered in dust and wrapped in bandages with a face wrap. He says he heard we were looking for a cleric. He worships a Neutral deity. Mhorem. He heals.

The Kid went off to find the stinky cleric. He gave the bum 5 gold for saying that he thought the cleric stunk to him. He blows it all on beer. I go to the safe house to see the Tomb Robber’s Guild. The beggar calls Sianna a cunt. She’s card sharking and they don’t know how. The Mhoremite is just creepy. Muffy Honeydew has been kicked out of three groups.

The half-orc asks about dropping by the blacksmith. I refuse to go. So he goes on his own. They’re still working on it. Get back to the Lich and the Virgin to talk to Yagra. I explain the offers. He says the Ruthani and Talathos have recruitment issues and need people. The Order of the Circle is better organized than them. The Pantheon probably won’t offer. The Talahzon are probably waiting to see if we don’t burn out.

We decided to hire the bard (against the Kids advice) and Muffy Honeydew. We drop a tip with the bartender. A day later a new girl arrived and left a note for me saying she heard we were hiring. There’s a note with her room number. We go in and adv gear is pushed to one side in a bare room. A human woman by the windowsil peering out, in chain, bow, swords, and is feeding a large spider.

She says I look delicious and heard we were looking for party members. She can kill things and off heal. She is a druid. She’s flirty with me. Iylara Blackraven (Eye-lara). She’s with the Green Hand. The red tattoos indicate she’s with Synne. Synne’s religion has super hot chicks but have an anti-patriarchy. Neutral Evil.

We will get back to her. A servant drops off a msg from the barkeep. I read the note. It’s from Zheist. We didn’t check in with him about The Litany. We tell him we never found it. When we describe the room he says that the demon we killed was The Litany.

We ask for more specifics next time. He gives us a new dungeon. It’s tougher than what we handled last time. It’s a relatively untouched complex with an active Midian undead in it. He wants us to get him an elborate magical skull (1000g), scrolls on Midian religious practices (500g) its in a trapped tube. The Midian buried there is awake and active. Not sure on creature type. The Talathos is interested in this tomb.

The bard is trying to shark people again. I pull her aside and tell her I don’t need her sharking me. She says I could do a a favor for her later. Just so long as it doesn’t get me into trouble with the Guild or the party. We shake on it.

Final day I go find the Bard and ask if she was interested in the dungeon. I convince her to come along. We all head out after the cleric shows up. Muffy shows up super stoked. Before we leave the bartender gives me one more note from the kid instead. It’s from Yagra, we should keep our eyes open for him. The intelligent undead that exist are usually lethargic. It’s rare from them to be up and and about running business means he’s involved in a larger scheme. Also some of the afctions may be using this as a test to see how we meet their requirements. The bard acts snippy when I don’t show her the note.

When we get to the front gates the druid is there asking why we left without her. She says she got a note saying we wanted her to come. I check the note, it’s my handwritting. The Kid says we might need her since this is a harder dungeon. We hire her. Ideas on who this might be. Not magical. The bard and the druid don’t seem to like each other. “Bitch!” “Cunt!”

Through ruins on 3rd mesa, a public building of some sort. A spot looks like there was a sizeable magic fire fight with smouldering purple and blue crackling energy around them. One of these craters recently collapsed as the energies exploded. We make our way through the foundation to a large hole that goes 10’s down.

There are signs of a frayed rope tied off of one side of the hole and climbing tools. I get lowered down and cast light. I see another rope we missed with a corpse hanging from it. Looks a week old. The corpse screeches, it has shark eyes and starts clawing at me. It did physical and necrotic dmg when it clawed me. Resistant to dmg and a bonus on Wis saves. 13 AC.

The half orc jumps down. It’s a chamber like a cistern. Wall is manufactured from nature but there are cracks. There is a hole facing north in a wall. Someone walled off some stairs and it was broken into previously. Mr Scuttles is the name of the spider.

Down the corridor I went into to escape damage there are two corpses I almost tripped over. Looks like the first group here might have full wiped before they got to the first room. They are Dried Corpses, strng zombies with fear effects, 20’ move. The resistance is against non-magical.

150 gp

Purply strobe light coming from room down to the right.

The druid is snarky and likes to joke, also brave. The bard is paranoid and looks out for herself first. The halfling seems to have a fetish for berserkers.

Corridor leads to a left and right cooridor. To the left there is a room with metal sarcofagus that were burst outwards with a green fire burning inside. To the right there is a purple pusling light. There is a circle on the floor and four load bearing pillars. There is vapor drifting in the room. The light comes from the pillars. Three foot circle on the ground, perfectly round, jet black. Not weather beaten like everything else. Scattered around this room are piles of bone burning with purple fire.

I go to the right and search for traps. Find nothing. The piles of burning bones stand up into burning skeletons, purple fire. AC 13, Necrottic dmg when hit it, prob 1d6. While fighting the purple lights strobe and disorient, Int save for Disadvantage. When that happens we can see a large eye that opens and blinks hovering over the jet black circle. It looked at the cleric (Wis save for no effect) then bonus action to do an eye beam for dmg. Then a skeleton purple charged a fist and hit the orc for a Wis save but he made it. The 2nd did not do it as well. The other 2 hit different targets each and purple charge each. They are vulnerable to cold dmg. Purple Charge hits and fail Wis save = end of the round vuln to necrotic. The eye is resistant to physical dmg. The primary beam does much more dmg, necrotic. The beam that did 26 dmg to me only comes online when you’re vulnerable to necrotic. The Eye can do ranged opportunity attacks. Vulnerable to Radiant. Has evasion vs ranged attacks. I missed once. Melee worked fine. When it died everyone in the room it exploded in a barage of purple energy. Light fades, circle is gone, and vapor seeps out of room.

200g, 200g, MW Longsword (Robert), 2 scrolls of remove curse, potion of fire resistance, potion of necrotic resistance (1d6 rds each),

Voxis Christ

I’m just hear for the suck. Who uses a crossbow? At least I hit.
Sun 10/11

The brd pulls the necro and me aside, she last this last room only serves 2 purposes. It’s either a ritual for energy and laerted everyone we’re here, or it’s for amusement. I say we need to clear the room behind us to make sure we dont get jumped.

Weird green glowing in room, runes form around me, I run. The runes go away wehn I run. The half orc and the cleric go back in and strange intermittent noises, like muttering from a distance, start up. And the glowing green runes start up, on the walls and around people inside.

No traps, took 3 of us entering the room beforee the mobs jumped us. Vague human shapped blobs of green fire. Resistant to dmg. Vuln cold. We wasted them but the Necro killed 3 of them with Snowball Swarm blowing them up.

The fires go out in the coffins. We search as the runes fade from the wall and the muttering ends. The bard bitches.

Loot: 2 potions of healing (micky, doug), potion (red fluid, fire resistance 1d6 rds), 800gp

We hear low muttering from off in a distance down the dungeon. The lock and I notice the bard is taking notes off of a wall and making rubbings so I copy her notes. She noticed and I ask her what she’s doing. She won’t tell me what she was doing. We take a short rest.

During the short rest we heard a gonging nise for 2 min.

The next room I find an arcane trap and I disarm it. There is a creaking and clicking on one of the tiles as i depresses. Large statue and 6 pillars. We can hear a slow dripping noise in the room. Statue of The Painbringer, the statues is leaking blood from runes carved into it.

Checking the altar, there are religious items. I check it out and a low noise fills the room, low moaning. There is a brief purple flame around me and then it fades.

Dagger, weird looking with a curve and jagged indentations. 1’ long with gentle curve and a ruby on handle. It has a palpable sense of evil. (Magic wpn, if death blow, heals user 2d4 hp, Taint 1) Two electrum death masks (500gp each). Elven skull covered with gold and silver with Midian C carved into it. The skull radiates evil as well. (Taint 1, +1 DC’s on spells)

As we are searching the blood from the statue flows down and forms a large pool at the base of the statue. 8 humanoid shapes, dark rusty red bloodish shapes, amorphous, come forth. Resistance to normal dmg. Immune necrotic. Vuln Radiant. Str Drain. Deals only Necrotic dmg. Blood Shadows. Vuln Fire. The bubbly fluids fade away and sublimate.

Voxis Christ, I’m just hear for the suck.

Next room, after short rest to heal str drain, find room with a large sarcophagus made of black stone, vry tall. Room is distrubingly cool and damp. When we get close, it has an effigy of a skeleton in robes on top. There is cold air wafting around it. Psychic trap goes off, and there is a physical too. I fail and see disturbing images on the wall. Disarm physical trap.

After the murals fade there is no feeling in my head, after I took the dmg. We pry open the sarcophagus. There is a weird sound from the walls, a squelching noise. There is a sound from the walls like wet fles tearing, 5 Midian Corpses drop down.

When we crack the lid smoky tendrils reach out with clawed hands no the end and attack me and the half orc. The boss is Resistane to Necrotic, Vuln to Radiant. The cleric Guiding Bolt blasted the boss.

Search the room and find 1 midian silk robes (500g), 1000 gp, 1 copper death mask (300gp), long rod elaborate runes (?)

Check the next rom to the south (of 2 options), filled with pedastals with skulls on top chanting in midian c. Central skull has runes and is weeping blood and making the gurgly noises. There is a figure in purplish red and black robes. It’s humming and polishing the robes.

I say, “Greetings” in Midan C. He says they have not had visitor in some time. Are we offering our skulls in offering to the “bull shit Midian NPC”? We crap him, robes are 50 gp. The main skull begs us to kill it. I kill the dagger. If you kill something with immunity to necrotic the dagger drains hp from me. We take the skull with it.

The skulls in the room are worth 100gp each, 1800gp.

We go back to the next room to the south, and break for the night.

The Half Dmg Club is Pretty Cool isn't it?

Sun 10/25

Weird flickering purplish light from the room ahead of us, twists and turns in corridor. Inside the room are 4 pillars carved from purplish black rock. Roughly finished with skull motifs, and the skulls eyes are flashing with a weird rythmic effect.

Thick coating of dust in the room, not cleaned like the rest of the dung. Chained to the pillars are a lot of skellies. Can’t find physical traps in the room. The pillars are not traps, but have hostile magic.

When we enter the room the dust under our feet swirls and the skeletons get up, clanking their chains.

The skeletons are bound in chains and have a weird crackling purplish energy covering them that makes our hair stand on edge. Even the Necromancer doesn’t like it. Purple energy crackling on the chains as well. They seem to be a magical effect, not a binding.

Skeletons were not super good at Dex saves, cold did full dmg, resist slashing. Fire did full, Necrotic did full, Do bonus “impact” dmg on crits, first one killed the chain retracted into the pillar as if absorbed, extra hp, 12 ac, vuln radiant, not resist bludg, when the die they crumble into the dust covering the room.

Sidebar: The Half Dmg Club is Pretty Cool isn’t it?

Loot: weird fragments of weird glass like substance.

We leave the dungeon and head back to the town to get in a Long Rest. We barely make it back before they lock the gates. Clustering at the gates, people who are not entering the city. One grp is Tarak Nomads, others are poor adventures, some others dressed in buck sins with face paint and feathers. Celtic vibe.

Going in, soft cultured urbane voice, man in exquisite robes, asks for a moment of our time. Invites us to sleep in his camp. He offers to make it worth our while. Holds up a single black coin. We decide to take the offer for the coin.

He is from the Talathos, wants to know if we have considered his offer. The Necro and Half-Orc say they are not interested in his offer. Creepy Kid calls him a false religion. I tell them no, Zhon doesn’t like them. The NPC’s hanging with the Ruthani.

I manage to stop the Necro from grabbing the black coin. Scoop it into a pouch and then let the Necro hold it. We join the Ruthani. They have decent food and beer. They freeze when we enter, staring at the Necro radiating evil. I put my hand up, say he’s cool, and go grab a beer. The druid has been chatting with their leader. Ripped bastard. She’s been whispering to him. One of the girls says’s he not cool. One of the Ruthani. The Necro asks Muffy to stand up for him. She says he’s horrible evil with soul stealing items, but he’s totally cool. I like him. The Necro gives a thumbs up.

The leader stands up, and I recognize the Ruthani and wolf girl who approached us from the Green Hand before. They are submissive to the leader of this group. They call us over. Gave the Necro a beer.

We go talk to them, I explain that until Talazhon throws in an offer I;m gonna try to veto all votes. They bring up that non-recruited grps will likely be targeted eventually by the Order of the Circle. Kill the unknown. Drink beer and sleep. Head back to the dungeon after sunrise.

Head back to dungeon, enter and go back to the room past the skeleton chain room. There are 4 pillars in the room, same purply energy with the faces, but no skeletons attached by chains. Across is an iron sarcophagus with black energy leaking from it.

Enter the room and a purply elf girl appears in bent and rent armor, bandaged like a mummy. Terrible wounds on her and wrapped with chains like from the previous room. She looks at us and says, "Brave adventures, I have been bound to guard the Tomb of ‘x’. Please leave here and loot any other rooms. I stare at the half-orc like he’s nuts.

I charge, she materializes into what she looked before but solid. There a 4 Wights and 2 Mummies.

MINIdian Me

I not only got to save an elven princess, but I got to look up her skirt too!
Sun 11/1

Female elven ghosty, wispy and see through, mithril chain and breastplate with hoes in it, pleaded with us to leave so she doesn’t have to kill us. Spiked chains wrapped around her leading back to the sarcophagus.

I charged her, she materializes and her flesh is rotting and stitched together with shark teeth and creepy glowing bug eyes. With her are 6 wights and 3 mummies.

Wights are not resistant to necrotic or thunder, deal necrotic dmg,

Mummies have the same Rotting Fist (Necrotic and Phys, 5 dice), +0 Con, not vuln radiant, immune necrotic,

The elf ghost used unholy smite but missed, only +2 Con save, resistant to necrotic, Lady Barathiel, uses psychic attack on me for 2d6 psychic barrage, unholy smite = 11 necrotic wis dc 12 for fear,

Try to break one of the links on the chain, get a 20, black energy crackles around me as the chain begins to break. I fail the second round. The Necro cast snowball swarm, then the sarcophagus burst forth with black necrotic energy, vaguely man shaped form made of this energy, has a brightly polished copper mask. He says, “I have had enough of you halfling!” 3 rds later manage to break the chain with the assist of the Ruthani Druid cantrip to break the chain.

Boss “Doom Bolts” me, does 19 dmg necrotic, save vs wis dc 11 stun, did full dmg on a save, also “Curse of Doom” dc 12 Wis, I fail and get reddish outline (faerie fire + ext dmg),

Boss is vuln Radiant, immune necrotic, normal dmg from fire,

When I break the chain we all heal up to half of the max hp each. It also casts Remove Curse and gets the curses off of the half-orc and myself. Also get adv on next attack vs boss. When the half orc kills the boss, all of the undead disintegrate.

Bright white glow fills the room, ty for saving me, you have my eternal gratitude, +1 Insp for all but the necro. Search the room and sarcophagus.

Loot: 1200g, 500gp, 500gp, 500gp silver midian goblet (drink 3/day prot from good), set of black midian silk robes (1 Ac armor, doesn’t count as armor), midian copper death mask +1 ac, black iron enchanted war staff (quarterstaff, necrotic dmg, +1D6 dmg on crit), 3 potions of healing, 3 scrolls (lvl 1 arcane spells), 3 scrolls of remove curse, cloak of fire resist.

Potions: 1 Micky, 1 Robert, 1 Rob. Scrolls: 1 Shawn, 2 Rob. 1 Staff Robert. Mask + Robes Micky. Green Hand will buy goblet. Cloak Fire: Robert. 2 Remove C on Shawn and 1 Remove C on Rob. Ixnay, I take Robert’s cloak and he takes the mask.

That's not how you get Lichloved!!

She got inside me!
Sun 12/6

Bill won’t draw a map.

Rob and Bill are assholes.

The next room we enter, over a MONTH later, is a rectangle with pillars and no furniture. Midians. Such bad decoration sense. There is also mist in the room.

Shambling Fetid Corpses appear in the mist while the Creepy Kid is “filling holes”. 14 AC, 10’ aura Con DC 12 (Poison) vs Staggered, -1 Dex saves, no double dmg from radiant, immune poison, charm and exhaustion, full dmg slashing.

The next room has more pillars and a glowing red circle, flashing light of Zalkar the Painbringer, waves of arcane energy washing over the arcane casters. The rest of us sun walk from the room and peer from the corners as the half-elf necrovoker touches the circle, taking 15 necrotic. Now a black triangle appeared in the center with a chain. It’s covered in Midian B. Invocation against the forces of night and death. The half-elf picks it up and “stores it”.

In the next room there are sarcophagi, cracked, leaking green fluid pooling in the center. After we go inside, the three cracked ones have thin humanoids with greenish skin covered in carved symbols in their skin, long skulls and over sized jaws with sharp teeth.

Acid Ghouls, when hit acid leaches onto the weapons (Con save), spit acid for 3d6 (Con 1/2) once per 2 rds, took full dmg from slashing, vulnerable fire, immune necrotic, necrotic dmg heals them.

2 Cure Light Wounds scrolls, 2 scrolls Neutralize Poison, 1 Sealed Urb (welded shut), 400g.

The half-orc uses the lid from the sealed sarcophagus to get past the acid to pop up a cracked one. Doing so acid gushes out and splooshes over him.

Next room has 4 columns covered in alternating plates of bronze and iron, with mummified corpses chained to them. And also chains hanging from ceiling with skulls on the end. When the half enters the chains rattle and the skulls sway. When the half-orc enters 4 skeletons with chains hooked into them, they spider like scrawl around to get to them.

Resist necrotic, full slashing, full fire, Dex save even, ac 13, can shoot chains and slide people.

500gp, 500gp, 2 potions of spider climb, 2 scrolls 1 divine spells

Next room sounds like a weird crackling fire coming out of it, 5 sarcophagi, four standing up on the walls, one in the center made of iron on a dais. Fire and smoke are leaking out of the edged of the main sarcophagus. Chained to the 4 are skinny pale chicks, bodies covered with smoking midian glyphs. Long reddish hair dripping blood and the same for their eyes.

When the group walks in, they speak in Midian “Zaitha-ib-teroth” is the person inside of the sarcophagi, spoken by the shark teethed women. She is here in a place of honor from the Lord we already killed. Girls do Int drain, chant in Midian to shoot bolts, normal dmg from fire, when the Necrovoker walked into the middle of the room his skin broke out in gangrene and took necrotic damage, ac 14, they can cause bleed, scream for Wis save, when the half orc moved in he took necrot like the half elf. He moved in 3-4 hexes. 2d6 psychic dmg at will with eye contact, can dissolve and absorb into your skin.

Search the room and the primary sarcophagi. Pop a chest, inside staff made of dark wood with runes and a glowing gem (+1, stores 3 spell levels), 1000gp, 750gp, copper midian death mask +1 Wis/Int 3/day, 250gp, sphere of crystal with a heart and clear fluid inside beating (immune charm), then identifying the chain (resist necrotic 3/day)

When the half-orc pops the main sarcophagi there is an earth shattering boom. Took fire damage. Charred corpse inside. Loot her skull.

1200 exps each. Last session 2600 exps each.

Head back to town. Bard points out that shouldn’t wear Midian items into town. Real Midians snuck in and now they kill Midians on sight.


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