City of Crypts

Bill and Rob suck (you heard me!)

Entry 6

I think I’m supposed to care, but the longer things go on I feel more and more like ripping up the rules and making my own way. At least that’s how I felt when I saw rivulets of blood following me around.

We all headed upstairs to find the Orcacle and ask her some questions. Apparently not only were creepy “blood snakes” following me everywhere, but also the bard scroll of ass buggery forgot that he told us that the last artifact we recovered was a “key” of some kind. The only problem is that as we headed up we noticed that the Warlock was missing.

The raptor tracked her down to the “Eye Room” where we found the last artifact. She was just standing there giggling while staring at the Eye. The ranger pulled her away and our druid Healed her, but it wasn’t enough. Apparently she saw something in the Eye, something Beyond our reality, and it came back with her. That was when something happened with the Talathos again. She made a deal with Nysarana the White Lady and became god marked by her, which is odd since her deal is with Kharshis the Seductress. But at least she came back, even if somehow broken mentally.

We hustled upstairs to see Her, the Oracle. And it was there that I somehow knew without knowing how that if I called upon her she would appear. So I called upon her and she came. We learned that the “key” made the bard scroll forget about it, as it does to all things untouched by the gods. But because we are touched directly by the gods, we can remember it. Also, the blood trails were effects of not only the Oracle touching me, but some unknown undead looking into me, hoping to hedge their bets on the outcome of our endeavors. And this is where I also learned that the Oracle can talk to me in my mind. She kissed me before we left. I’m not sure why, but that’s ok with me.

What could be more disturbing is that this is when the druid examined us. He said that the ranger showed signs of Fae which makes sense because he’s the son of Jack. But that I was showing signs of being an Outsider. I can’t even fathom why. It makes me worry. THEY are changing me…

The 2nd to last room before the Pyramid entrance was filled with skeletons, bathed in bronze, singing Midian hymns. So we backed out and I used the Mage Sphere to Sunburst the room. Well, a Mythal raped me for doing so and would have caused me to be cursed by an Ancient Curse (-12 to a stat, that if removed just moves to a different stat). This is when Khelzorath the Bloodlord stepped in to protect me. The Oracle appeared in my mind and if I accepted his blessing, he’d stop the curse from affecting me. So I did. Now I’m marked by two of the Talathos.

The final room of the Funerary Grounds was filled with the standard rhetoric of midian architecture, but had six massive iron golems protecting it. The special note is that they were each god marked by one of the Talathos gods and Zhon. The gods held them back and prevented them from attacking us, allowing us to loot the room and move on unmolested.

We set camp in a magical Hut spell, keeping an eye on “Fruit Loops”, the warlock, who apparently doesn’t need to sleep anymore. And in our dreams our fates were spun out before us. The druid and the ranger threw in with Zhon, breaking their marks by the Talathos. I on the other hand went all in with the Talathos. Weird that. I’ve been devout my entire life to Rachel and Orihim. I feel something inside me now, changing.

The Talathos have universally agreed to work together, something that has never happened in all of recorded history. In addition to that, Rachel supports their current actions. So I didn’t hold back. I agreed to be “theirs” and become the progenitor of a new Bloodline of Heroes. Or should I say Villains? I’m marked by all of them now, and the marks are somehow improved. I’ve been granted the inherent powers of their clerics already, who knows what other changes may still occur. My terms? I come out of this whole, unmolested, and unharmed. I become the founder of their Bloodline so that at least for so many years I become indispensable to them. And the warlock is saved and becomes mine. They protect her and she remains my loyal companion.

We entered the pyramid finally, clearing as much of the Funerary Grounds as we are currently prepared to. And the entrance was lined with skulls glowing with light. The first room had an altar consecrated to the Talathos and an Iron Golem. There were also two orbs, one red and one white. After we entered the white began to fill to red and a 3rd orb appeared. It was white as well and began to fill with red. We left the room and didn’t look back.

The next room had a naked male skinned alive and chained to four pillars while on fire. We really were not sure what to make of that either, so we left it alone. From there we went to the Tomb of the Mathematician. His sarcophagus had grey grave dust and a beating heart within, covered in midian glyphs. Taking it caused him to reform into a powerful spectral mage, and 2 golems and several mummies were summoned. We dispatched them so quickly I wouldn’t even call it a fight.

The second room from there had two sarcophagi and black burning skulls which we smashed. There were also two sealed bronze cylinders. Opening them revealed two unattuned Death Guards wrapped in bandages and chains. The first one, female, bonded to the druid. The second, a male of all things (never heard of a male one before), bonded to the warlock.

It was then that I noticed that I was still a half elf without Midian Blood. Strange. Neither Death Guard would bond to me even though the Talathos were going to make me their first Bloodline of Villains. I wonder what is in store.

Artifacts Recovered

Complex mechanical item made of metal
This is some kind of key, but we don’t know for what. It could open something simple like a lock, or as esoteric as a gateway to a new plane of existence.
A sealed urn 1’6" high made of mithril and bloodsteel (stays sealed)
This is Protean Flesh. Apparently a god is going to use some of it, and then a small left over portion is being given to one of the members of the Consortium to use. It can create life itself with the soul intact, whether you create something new or bring someone back that you can’t.

Artifacts Missing

  1. Carved bloodwood box containing two special vials of liquid
  2. Five star crystal spheres
  3. A mithril and silver steel necklace w/sapphires and a glowing gem
  4. Scrolls in red and gold on adamantine in Midian A in platinum cases

Unclaimed Loot

Amulet of Natural Armor + 2
Midian Black Iron Glaive + 2, Mortalbane (+ 2d6), Reach, 2d8, 19-20/x2
Midian Bronze Dagger of Impaling + 2, auto confirms crits
(x2) Gauntlets + 3, Mortalbane (+ 2d6)
Bloodsteel Full Plate + 2, of Unlife (Undead template)
Midian Black Iron Full Plate + 3, Light Fort, 20% Ranged miss chance, Positive Energy Immune
Bronze Plate Mail + 3 (Base AC 6, Max Dex 2) Maleable
Chain Shirt + 3
Midian Bronze Lg Shield + 3
Amulet of Psychic Poison (Mental attacks cause 1d6 Int Primary/Secondary)
(x8) Amulet of Fire Resist 15

(E) Electrum Death Mask + 2 AC, + 2 Wis, + 2 Spell DC’s
(E) Bloodsteel Greatsword + 3, Mortalbane (+ 2d6), + 10dmg on Evil Smites
(E) (x1) Human Skin + 3 (Base AC 2) Evasion, + 4 Dex, Shadowstep 3/day
(E) Full Plate + 3, Light Fort, Darksoul (1/2 dmg from effects targeting Evil)
(E) Flesh Ring of Scorn: auto confirms crits

(VE) Sphere with a 3 lobed Illithid brain, Psionic Only, Unknown Properties, Taint: ?
(VE) (x4) Black Iron Box: 4 glossy black stones (RELICS) +1 attribute, Taint: 1
(VE) (x3) Black Midian Scroll: 1 Feat, Taint: 2
(VE) (x2) Midian Tablet: + 4 Skills, Taint: 1
(VE) Creepy Eye: Lifesense, + 4 Spell DC’s, + 2 Int/Wis, Taint: 1
(VE) Gem Eyes: replace your eyes, True Sight, Greater Arcane Sight, once per day cast 1 spell as a 16th lvl Sorceror, Taint: 1
(VE) Funeral Urn: A skin that makes you a Blood Wraith (All vampire and wraith powers), Taint: 4


Entry 7

Game notes follow, didn’t have time to edit or put in extra information

First room had four spheres 20’ across floating about 4 feet off the ground over pedatles. pedastles covered with arcane runes, the spheres had crackling black energy. Failed 1 will save and the energy poured into me for 2 rounds, felt like I was satisfied, warm and tingling. The liuetenant was a mummy cleric with about 30 mummies. Gave me +2 to one stat of my choice.

We discussed bum rushing the boss but sided on clearing out the mini bosses to make sure they could not come back to attack us.

SalMaraKeth favored concubine of ashghol the emporer of the pyramid is the next room. Bronze midian door trapped and locked, corridor leads to room filled with chests of gold silver, loot, and more. Center of the room is a black iron sarcogpagus standing up and there is something inside. Can link up to the concubine if you own here and send negative effects on to her. I have Thaos the Betrayer symbol on me now, he was Zhon’s eldest son and he is part of the Talathos. That came from the black energy from the 4 spheres.
I open the sarcophagus and make a fort save. She is inside with an elven artifact binding her in place allowing the emporer to use its effects. She is a blood mummy. She binded with Ian and Rob took the artifact.

+3 red iron glaive of elf slaying
+3 midian razor sword of impaling (razor=3d4 18-20/x3) impaling auto confirm crits
+3 midian bronze plate of renewing life (1/day Heal)
Gem of brilliance: sheds light
Gem of insight: take 10 on perception, +10 perceptoin, ian takes it
2 midian scrolls, 1 feat each, 1 taint each
Dark sphere: much heavier, thaos symbol, scroll said didnt belong here, by using uMD and the thaos mark on me I was able to make it float around me.

Call to the Oracle, do a will save, but robs artifact stops me so Igo to another room. Shecomes and kisses me, says not to worry about the betryal, and she kisses me after making a flippant marriage comment and something goes down my throat. Says the orb will help me fighting the emporer.

Next room, tomb of the imperial astrologer, room is covered with pantings of the night sky with different constelations with a mechanical device in the room moving with the constelations, and the astrologer is working on it. Says something that has been asleep for a long time is about to wake up due to a convergence of stars. The druid threatens him with the flower of elven goodia. Somethign the gods hid is waking up, and they are not talking about it. when th talathos came into creation the thing was hidden, the only active gods the were orihim, morkhal, and the racial gods. One of them did it. hidden to be used later, and lots of people are looking for it now. It connects to his lord and master emporer. He sees my orb of thaos, and asks for it, promising secrets.

The astrologer wants to do a prophecy on us, he says Iwas born under the sign of the beast and he becomes flabergasted. “holy fuck!” he says, will check and the astrologer gets sucked into the black orb. The gods obviously moved and used the orb to stop him from telling us something they didnt want us to know. The warlock is making goofy pictures on the wall defacing it and only talks in midian since she was “fixed”.

Next room, tomb of the nexromancer, asana-mar-neru, its been cleared by someone else. Run to the next room, it has 6 crystal sarcophagi with hmanoid figures inside with an eerie blue light escaping from them, this room has been cleared as well. To the next room has 4 crystaline pyramids covered in midian runes, and glowing. I can see energy inside of them.

The group continues the search the first room and finds nothing of note. There was one off to the side room that has flesh sacks on the walls with writhing grumbs moving across the ground. One figure is under the dropping goop and his flesh is melting off of him. The ranger asks Ian about him and she finally comes to, identifies him as a talathos cleric from the vil party that Clarena was originally in. The scroll says something incredibly powerful is in here, may be used as a reserve battery. The party kills the cleric.

He was holding on to a bloodwood box, one of the artifacts we came here for. 2 crystaline vials, one has a bright red fluid inside that seems living, the other is filled with a black fluid. Potions that were made out of LOTS of people. Red makes you immortal. The black one gives levels, makes you better at what you can do. The party moved on to the crystaline sarcophagus room.

Each of the sarcophogus holds a chosen of a good god. 6 total locked up.
1) E’dyn Baruk – selphorim, chosen of the goddess Selphora
2) Zaim Starhammer – dwarf, chosen of Dhurzad the WOrldforger
3) Kallanara Winterdew – elven sorceress chosen of Arathel
4) Zovalescu Thardu – maloval chosen of Mallacia
5) Brivain Makedoin, human druid of Rinea
6) Zhark Ironskull, orc barbarian of Kruul

A god cannot choose a new chosen until the previous chosen has dead.

They come to find me in the next room with the pyramids. Im there unmoving. The energy from the pyramids are flowing into the black orb. We go back to battery room and I use the black orb. The mage sphere fucks me and forms a body and escapes the orb into a real body.

We go back to the chosen room, the nagas built the sarcophagus, we free the orc first and I try to take his soul with one of my soul stones, rob uses the flower to open it up, insides is a moving skeleton of the orc still alive somehow with eyes and crisped flesh, when I try to take his soul the god uses his salient ability to make me not steal the soul. The god smack talks me and then he says we can keep the weapons.

The druid then frees the elf, skeletal girl pulls herself out, then she dies. Rinse and repeat.

Orc Double Sword +5 of Slaying (1/day pick a race) artifact, ian
Elven Warbow +5 (no ammo, shafts of pure moonlight) 3d8 artifact, micky
Human Oakheart Staff +5 +4d6 undead dmg and disruption, doubles druid spells per day, immortality, artifact, rob
Dwarf Warhammer +5, thunderbolts, returns, goblinoid bane 4d6, artifact, Funny, immortality, wild shape huge earth elemental 3/day
There is a long shit, then a womans voice speaks, “There are several strings being pulled here. When you get to the central chamber run as far and as fast as you can and dont look back.” The fight has already been preordained and POWER will be coming down on that room against the Deathworm. Some of the gods are ok with scrificing us because well get our reward in the afterlife.
Selphorim’ Crystal Staff +5, doubles cleric spells, empower, maximize, and extend, artifact, goes to cleric.
Maloval Metal Staff +5, staff of archmagi (staff of magi, staff of power, ring of wizardry 1-9), artifact,

I get the sense that something isn’t happy with us, probably the Deathworm.

Unholy Staff of power, wizardy 1-4 bloodsteel

The next room has 6 crystal cylandirs, inside mishapen humanoids with the pseudonatural template, Tomb of Imprisoned Flesh. The emporer’s offspring with illithid blood. Took four of their souls, but two were immune. Sorc, ranger (Prince can’t spell it), barbarian (Prince khadam somrthing), fighter (Princess something), The Sorc is Princess Ara-mal and she is my new mage sphere. Can push taint on them, use them for skills, etc…

The next room is the Tomb of the Eternal Philopher. Hes stuck into a silver circle, bound to stay there and come up with ideas for the emporer.

Two Hander: Double Str bonus, 2H Reach feat (doesn’t stack with Lunge)

Dual Wield: Hammer the Gap and Two Weapon Rend no longer exist

Bows: Use only Dex, Double Dex mod for dmg, 5’ threat area, +1 dice dmg step if target within 10’

Wizard: 2 specializations, no off schools, and all other house rules.


Entry 8

I’m tired, so all you get is the rough draft notes I took. Hooray!

First room has a crystaline pyramid, it’s warded and protected, and is actually a soul furnace. The rom is 10’ tall, covered in white fine powder and skeletons laying around everywhere.

3 star crystal spheres filled with pulsing red lights, artifact recovered, in the chests in the room. Pick it up and it feels comforting and I hear singing in my head

1) Ring of Ancient Kings (minor artifcat) + 6 prime casting stat, + 4 2nd mental stat, + 1 extra spell cast per day, Maximize and Empower free – Rob
2) Razorsword (intelligent-Blood Shadow) + 5, Keen, +2d6 NE dmg +2d6 Mortal Bane Burst, Smite Good 3/day, Can turn into a Blood Shadow 3/day (Vampire and Shadow stats) – Ian

The bard scroll said the 3 spheres were Soul SPheres which are filled with the energy of souls. The sorc goes back and tries to suck soul energy from the furnace and the ranger stops him from doing so.

The next room has a humming vibration coming from it. The druid starts to get a headache as we get closer, and the effect seems to affect the psionic dwarf monk even more. We go inside and there are black crystaline formations throughout the room. There are faces screaming inside of them, people who were psionicists. It is something the EMporer can call upon to fuck with his enemies.

We move to the next room, Room of the Lesser Queens, as I begin to pick the door my hand smokes. Bard scroll identifies it as a soul fire effect, which makes my soul energy kick into overdrive which could kill me.

I unrolled the skin of the Blood Wraith and it fucks with everyone with magical evil. I put it on to become undead and go into the other room, a failed save would be 1 Insanity point. The door is warded from incorporeal, so we have Mar-sesha-nar open it. There are screamings that are forming a hymn to the talathos.

We go in, bizare murals painted on the wall, (the undead go in) the murals give insanity and I shove it onto the princess who is immune to madness. 7 sarcopgogi in the room made of crystal, inside each is one of the burnt corpse undead things covered with blue white flame. One is cracked and the energy is leaking out. Use the black orb to suck the soul out, the blue white energy flows in, and the sarcophugus only smoking remains are there.

Ranger begins to try to break open the crack and a crystal vial appears filled with bubbly black liquid. It was a gift for freeing her, because I fed on the soul fire not the soul itself. Imbibing it increases your power, +1 level.

WHen the druid and I try to use the flower of good and the black orb to break open the next sarcophogus the orb ports me out and wont let me in. SO we work out to use the god weapons to crack it and have the orb readied to absorb the soul fire as it escapes. The nthe orb lets me walk back in so we do it.

We crack the next one with the gods weapons and the new crystal vial is there filled with sparkly dust, powdered essence of dead celestials, grants physical perfection (+physical stats). The oracle said we couldnt do more or it does bad things to the pyramid while we’re in it.

We go to the next room, Tomb of the Imperial Mistress, has an open sarcophagus, furniture scattered about, inside a very attractive woman is inside, who is an overwhelming powerful blood mummy. We offer to free her so the Emporer doesnt have the juice left and she will go serve Kashgazhar. I use the black orb to absorb the connection to the Emporer. She grants us a shiny glowing ring, liquid quicksilver (+6 dex stacks, +6 dodge ac, +10 init, epic dodge) – eddie. Also a sphere made of star crystal filled with reddish fluid with a baby floating inside (she watched over it 6000 years)says its my responsibility.

Go to the next room, on the final and top floor. Chamber of Secrets, strange exhalation when the door opens, room inside is circular, there are weird whispering echoes all over the place. There is a dias in the center, and a black sphere hovering over the dais chained up in place. It is an Eye of Morkhal. We find the scroll cases, the second to last missing artifact we needed to recover.

We leave the room.

Go to the next room, Chamber of Shadows, cold blast comes out when we open the door. It makes me feel weird, the room is very dark. Lot of chains in the room. A shadowy figure is in the center of the chains imprisoned. The figure has three eyes and speaks to me. I hear a rattle snake like sound as I come in. He asks me what I want. FOrm an organization and empire using any tools at my disposal, to further my goals. WHat are my goals? I want to be the power in the shadows of the city of crypts. Says the Talathos have plans for me and I wont get what I want. Fuck this dude.

He says the baby is a key to unlocking a gods power, which god it is is being blocked. It is a representation of a gods physicality. The god who wishes his freedom made sure I got the baby. He chose me because he does not wish to interact with Zhon. Probably Thaos.

I ask for the most loyal, intelligent, trustworthy, and loyal of minions and companions to free the High Priest of the Naga. He will also identify the items.

Protean Flesh is for Artemesius the senator, the larger part is for Zhon to make something.

The mechanical key is used to open a door the deathworm sealed because zhon wants something behind the door.

The two crystal vials is for Valtheros the slave trader to make him an immortal epic character.

Soul spheres for urza to disconnect him from the tower.

Necklace is on the final floor with the boss, it is holy item to the elven goddess to enable prince masque to break a curse and free someone, his love.

Scrolls wanted by yagra, they contain the key to midian construct and flesh construct techniques.

So there is one more room up top, we go to the next room, the Chamber of the Eternal Flame. The fire in the ceter forces back all evil, there is a circle of pit fiends in the room casting spells to stay alive. The paladin runs into the flame and sacrifices himself, it then kills all of the demons. Everyone there gains FH 5.

We hear a female voice in our heads, the words seem rough and primitive, “You have rescued what is left of me. I am very pleased with you. Your companion’s sacrifice has helped to free me. I have already given my favor to your companion who sacrificed himself. Ive already granted you the gift of renewing life, I can’t do much more at my current power level. You have my gratitude.” Yazara, the first human deity, patron goddess of the tribes of midia. Then she leaves, denying me pure midian blood.

The high priest of the naga gave me minions, rob epic level, ian race and kingdom, and eddie the mithril axe of kings. I drink the potion of physical perfection, +6 all stats. We go to the top to the super treasure room with the emporor, the ranger finds a +6 elven war spear, I find a platinum death mask. Rob finds a coffer of black coins.

Funny found a set of the warguard of the midian kings. Eddie found a black box made of bloodwood and some black metal (), the 2nd round of searching the baby floats away and goes over to the black orb, the sarcophagus begins to shake and wailing fills the pyramid. I cast the scroll of yagras of ture escape. We hear a voice that says father Ive beaten you and Iam free again (Thaos talking to Zhon).

We appear in a very large hallway. There are pills everywhere covered with midian murals. Its dark and ocol. Can smell jasmine and lfowers and splashing water. Never seen it. We feel the darkness pressing in on us, and then we hear footsteps. A beautiful woman is walking towards us wearing a platinum death mask. There is a sense of darkness and power and evil behind her.

She speaks in common with a midian accent. SHe says she represents the last member of the consortium. She is to collect the items. She asks about the naga high priest. We deny her info, and ask for proof of her identity, and for our loot. She is one of Khashgazhars wives and has no head. We are in the Palace of Bone. THey have a scroll signed by the consortium showing proof and Khasgakhar shows too. Also the Ranger and Druid try to kill Funny. Undead ask them not to and an Earth Elemental carries the two dwarves away. Not before I took Funny’s Warguard of Midian Kings.

City Stahaazhaak – jungle city for me and Ian. Yuanti city, with a hatchery for Ian. The minions in the city will be mine. Hooray lizard sex! Eye up my slave princess, she’s got good birthing hips and no scales…

Size/Dmg Modifiers

Found this from old offical 3.5 D20. Good reference material.

Table: Larger and Smaller Weapon Damage
Example Weapon Fine Diminutive Tiny Small Medium Large Huge Gargantuan Colossal
Shuriken — — — 1 1d2 1d3 1d4 1d6 1d8
Gauntlet — — 1 1d2 1d3 1d4 1d6 1d8 2d6
Dagger — 1 1d2 1d3 1d4 1d6 1d8 2d6 3d6
Shortspear 1 1d2 1d3 1d4 1d6 1d8 2d6 3d6 4d6
Falchion 1d2 1d3 1d4 1d6 2d4 2d6 3d6 4d6 6d6
Longsword 1d2 1d3 1d4 1d6 1d8 2d6 3d6 4d6 6d6
Bastard Sword 1d3 1d4 1d6 1d8 1d10 2d8 3d8 4d8 6d8
Greataxe 1d4 1d6 1d8 1d10 1d12 3d6 4d6 6d6 8d6
Greatsword 1d4 1d6 1d8 1d10 2d6 3d6 4d6 6d6 8d6

This is what we have been using from Paizo for Pathfinder:
Damage dice increase as follows: 1d2, 1d3, 1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 2d6, 3d6, 4d6, 6d6, 8d6, 12d6.
A weapon that deals 1d10 damage increases as follows: 1d10, 2d8, 3d8, 4d8, 6d8, 8d8, 12d8.

The Paizo follow the Longsword/Bastard Sword progression exactly. Which means this table from 3.5 should be valid and can answer some issues/question regarding size alterations dealing with polymorph buffs, pets, and Enlarge.

Murdering Spiders

Eddie (Grunier): Untrusting
Rob (Nimoch/Thorax): Loyal, Star Crossed
Micky (Keira): Vengeful, Power Hungry (Temporal)
Ian (Asheron): Stubborn, Hatred: Snakes

Eddie trained at a monestary to become a hunter of “evil”, he was an orphan. He went to the City of Crypts to hunt an evil merchant for his first mission. On the mission something went south, and he doesn’t remember much of the fight, but he got picked up by someone who saved him. That man always wore a mask, put him through intensive training, and taught him how to read. He sent him to the City of Crypts once he was done training him and gave him a book, telling him that the people who wrote the book will be after Grunier (The Words and Deeds of Saint Charles Dragonheart). Two marks on Eddie, 1) three interlinked circles with a sword through them tattoo 2) birthmark of a curled up black squid looking thing

Robbie is a Tarak Nomad, from the northern tribes lead by a son of Jack (good alignment). He received typical training, but when he was 12 a weird guy with a platinum mask came to the village and Nimoch went off with him to train. He later told him to embrace his destiny and to travel to the City of Crypts. Has a birthmark of a curled up black squid looking thing in addition to his Tarak tattoos.

Micky is a granddaughter of Kashghazhar re-Zhoraz, part of his “Collection” and raised in the Palace of Bone when I was still living. When I reached maturity I was put into storage for his Collection, which likely happened to my mother as well. Time passed, and I had no sense of common days. Eventually they took me out of storage one day and everything was dark and “changed”. The Undead (referred to by Midians as “The Descended”) were all over the place and grandfather was interested in me again. He trained me personally (the third person he did so with). One day he had a mission for me and told me to go Arakh, the City of Crimson Pillars.

Present Day

Nimoch and Grunier were working for a merchant doing basic labor when he used an object to control them and sold them into slavery (merchant=Milos ec-harisha). They ended up in Dustburn, a badlands city perched on the side of a plateau by the ruins of an ancient midian city. Syrakh the City of Shadows is the capitol of the Empire of Shadows. It is ruled by Esaad Childs (first son of Julian Childs) and is two weeks to the south. The Valley of Tombs is to the south where the early midians buried their kings as well. There are also two temple cities located to the south west along the Sea of Ashes. To the north, about 5 days, is the City of Crypts. 3 weeks to the north is the City of the Dragons.

Dustburn is a small community of 500 souls, with very little water here it is controlled by the 5 Water Lords who control the cisterns left over from ancient Midia. Bilo (halfling) owns an Oasis outside of town (the last remaining source of water), raising blood grain and blood beans to feed the people.

To control Grunier they placed an ancient midian slave collar on Grunier which will stop all supernatural abilities (psionics, spells, etc…) It was during their enslavement that Nimoch and Grunier spent a lot of time together “bonding” (butt buddies?).

They are owned by a slaver named Mizaquel Tharkus, from Tartessos (a capitalism city where money means everything), with a bugbear bruiser running the orc guards. He uses slaves to the point of death to bring up loot from the ruins to pay off his debt from back home. The lack of food and water, with an abundance of roaming undead prevent most escapes. Several slaves die each day however due to malnutrition and mistreatment.

Days later I and the halfling Asheron are bought and join the rest of the slaves. There is also a girl with a nerdy cute thing going on with three linked circle tattoos. We’re all brought to a new dig site. The girl’s name is Selestra and is a cleric of the Pantheon. We move into the ruins to find more loot to meet our quota (not meeting equals beatings and loss of food), but instead I try to find an ancient lost key to the slave collars. They put one on Asheron and myself as well.

While doing so we got jumped by 3 sand spiders. We killed one of them, but the other two killed one of the slaves, fed, and ran. We did find some extra loot in there to apply to our daily quota though.

Going on to the next room in the ruins we find 3 more spiders and kill them as well. We clear the rest of the rooms until the top floor is done. That night I convince the slaves to fight with us if we find something to to turn the tide of battle to attack the guards.

The orcs have a basket with a winch to lower us down to the 2nd level. I make sure to pick up the dagger the “halfling” found the day before since they took Nimoch’s stick away from him. On the way down to the 2nd level we see some blood hawks (aberrations) and kill/chase them off.

It was upon landing at the 2nd floor that I finally realized that Grunier, Asheron, Nimoch, and myself all have the squid tattoo. Grunier pipes up and identifies it as the mark of The Kraken (Destiny) from the Orihimite Tarot. Also, while attacking the blood hawks our tattoos give off energy and we sense that they are protecting us from divine intervention trying to fuck with us.

We enter the ruins and find the entrance the Tomb of the Teth family. The door is trapped with powdered alchemical bronze which sprays out on everyone. I convinced some of the slaves to open the door for us however, killing them and not us. We go in and go left and find more midian alchemical bronze doors with Midian B engravings. And we convince more slaves to open that one as well.

At this point the half-giant asks the orc guards for a rogue to pick the locks and find the traps. Instead they send down two crowbars and more slaves to replace the ones who had already died. Two of the slaves who had survived the entire time however were proving to be resourceful and intelligent so Nimoch took them to the back as two of the new slaves open the next door and take the effects from Tomb Dust jetted out by the next trap. We move into the next room.

At the far end of the next room there is an altar and the room is filled with pillars. A large 20’ across disk is at the end made of red marble covered in Midian A runes. Reading it, it is an invocation to Morkhal for the Death Worms protection (usually only high nobles had something like this, this is an artisan family house). I also notice that there is an impression for a hand.

A grinding noise begins when I press it and the marble disk begins to spin and starts rising up 10’ revealing something below (high precision engineering). There is a stairwell going down with a musty smell and cinnamon. The door on the left is marked with the name Hamar-rez-teh (in that room).

We go down the stairs with the slaves and find a large room with walls lined with alchemical bronze skulls covered in midian B. There are two doors in the room. We go to the left one if facing north. The skulls begin chanting as we walk through, praising Morkhal and Midia.

At this point one of the slaves tried to go report to the orcs what we’ve found. We were not having any of that so we grabbed him and forced him to open the next door by himself. He goes in an sets of a trap that causes him to start bleeding from his mouth, ears, and eyes. The blood evaporates and flows into the walls of the room. He set the trap off by going in by himself first with a little help from us!

We go in towards the midian bronze doors to the left and they open for me. We go in, and the room makes everyone do a Will save except for me and Asheron. There are large metal chains hanging from the ceiling. Attached to them are torsos with no limbs, covered in midian A with metal. The torsos begin to chant praises when I walk in and there is another set of double doors.

The doors open again when I get near revealing a huge room with 25’ vaulted ceiling and black marble everywhere, huge pillars and 6 doors in the room. These are the anti-chambers where the best loot and best traps are, but we might not be able to handle the traps. There is a repeated motif in the artwork in the rooms, the Temple of the Key of Eternity. On one wall a trickle of blood appears, then grows larger, and then forms into a figure. A very attractive woman with tattoos and an electrum mask (means priesthood), covered in blood. “Have you come for the key”. I say yes! She says I can take the key and claim what is mine by right. Nimoch asks if she can remove our collars and she does. I activate Nimoch’s Star Crossed flaw on the “blood woman” and he flirts with “his love”. Also the half giant kisses her to heal up, but he also gets -1 Con, +2 Wis permanent.

I go to the next room with Asheron. It is a huge temple devoted to the Death Worm (4 statues) with energy coming out of them going into a disk in the center of the room. There is a strange metal twisty device, strange runes, language, and grey unknown metal. Off to one side there is a man. He is a pureblooded midian, wrapped in chains, wearing armor with swords strapped to his back. There is a large coating of dust on him.

He starts talking in Midian A, “You finally come.” He says he will do one service for us if we free him after we take the Key. I take the Key. It does cold damage, but my cold resist stops it (5 cold dmg per round). I can tell this predates the Naga, of Illithid manufacture.

Zakaros urel-kaddarth is the man chained. We tell him that he must spare my family and at a later date give us a service of our choosing, and also remain in touch so we can call upon him. He hates the families ul-maggaroth and url-morden the most. He says the halfling is really a gnome. The Naga bred the halflings for food after they ate off all of the gnomes causing them to go extinct. He offers to give Asheron something to strike back at the Nagas once he’s free.

We go loot the other rooms now that I have the key and then Asheron takes the key and frees the man. He hands Asheron an eyeball, which is an eye of a naga emperor. As long as you hold it, Naga can’t use any mind-effects on you.

We go to the loot room and one of the slaves gets uppity and tries to take our loot. The two slaves (Moose and Phil) who have been the useful lieutenants smarten up and tell the slaves not to do anything stupid. I drop the stupid one with Shocking Grasp and ask if anyone else doesn’t want to follow orders.

Loot (Legacy items grant untyped stat bonuses)
Eddie: 1) Studded Leather Armor + 1, 2 DR/-, and + 2 Dex. 2) Glowing Gem (puts into his forhead) + 2 primary stat, doubles bonus PSP’s, it vanishes into his head and there is crackling energy in his eyes. (keeps his slave collar)
Rob: 1) Razor Sword + 1, Power Attack Feat. 2) Bloodsteel Breastplate + 1 (Immune to Bleed).
Micky: 1) Elven Silk Robes + 2 AC untyped, + 2 primary stat. 2) Weird Metal Staff + 1, + 2 spell DC’s, Wizardy 1&2. (snags Selestra’s slave collar)
Ian: Bloodwood Staff + 1, channel Eldritch Blast and can dual wield it. Studded Leather Armor + 1, 20% evasion, + 2 dex (human skin armor) (keeps his slave collar)
All: 12k worth of minor items each in gear.

The other 2 doors are empty however. I ask the old guy what happened to the two empty rooms (he’s an Elder Vampire with the Ancient template, something I only now sense with his chains off). He thinks that the gods are involved somehow and some weird god is messing with us. That god is dressed like a mad elf, with an oddly painted face. He also tells us that the item we just took (The Key) will seriously fuck up the Death Worm.

We go up with the Vampire and the orcs and the bugbear are waiting. The vampire slays the orcs and the bugbear runs. The warlock and I blast the bugbear and kill him to stop him from escaping. When we go up on the cart another orc comes running and the ranger slays him. From there the vampire leaves, we start looting all of the dead orc bodies, and then we loot the camp as well. Two new symbols appear on our bodies then. One is a Forge symbolizing strength from adversity. And the other is the Kraken representing Destiny.

Crit Gen Online!!

Not sure if its cut and paste directly from the crit cards but looks similar after hitting it about 6 times or so.

Clearing another Ruin

We finish searching the camp, Thorax finds some notes written in a language he can’t read (looks like Orkish) bloodstained and 500gp worth of items. Grugnir finds a sealed container with Midean runes on it. It says “Property of ‘random midean’”. Thorax also finds a gold midean death mask wrapped in elven silk(50gp) (Mask +2 deflection AC – Evil). Keira starts to look it over to see if she can open it. We hand it off to one of the commoners and get him to open it, he liquefies and his skin flows into the container and drops dead but the container is still open. The container is full of a liquid skin. Grugnir seems to be full of failure.

We scavange the orc corpses and find 6 broadswords, 6 studded leather armor, 6 small wood shields, 120gp worth of items, 150gp. 6 undernourished guys with bone swords jump out and rush at us screaming “escaped slaves, free money!!” We turn and destroy the leader and wipe out the rest of the party in short order except we keep one for questioning. They are scavangers that hunt down escaped slaves for 10gp each. We loot them and get bone stuff we dump, 85 silver, 175 copper we give to the escaped slaves and find 9 days of food and 8 days of water and 3 tents. Kiera summons an aberration and it is affected by the Mythal and becomes Psuedonatural. It bites the prisoner which dies and becomes a void zombie.

We head out towards the other work site the prisoner told us about and try to jump the orcs we find at the dig site. One of them spots us as we sneak up but we get the drop on them first. We drop them quickly and look around. We find 6 more broadswords, 6 studded leather, 6 wood shields, 120gp in items and 80 gold. A man stumbles out of the crypt scared and covered in gore. We let him join our mule train and head on in. We enter and go to the left and find 6 guys in ratty robes and new looking black death masks and boney hands. They start yelling “Death to the unbelievers.” We tempt them out of the room and beat down on them, Keira tries to take control of them but senses that something else is controlling them. We drop them but then one of them starts coughing and a worm starts oozing out of its mouth. They are undead but don’t seem to be controllable. We take four worms into an empty barrel. We loot and get 6 hook swords, 6 suits of leather, 6 black iron death masks +1 AC stackable that feel weird when put on, and 6 tattered robes. A mixture of coins we gather up, these guys are Faithless.

We continue on to the room to the Right, and the zombie moves off to look at some sort of picture painted in blood and ashes. He says its beautiful and speaks to him. Keira says its some sort of Primordial representation that makes her queasy. Asheron blasts it off the wall and Grungnir says he hears something growl when that happens. We move on to the next room. An orc runs up but is surprised by us, he surrenders and we get him to read the papers for us, they are looking for something powerful and midean in the ruins we were in before. He works for Lord Tharkus, the same man that had us enslaved, and that something bad happened at the other camp, all the slaves and orcs are dead. Lord Tharkus obviously takes drugs and turns on people when he comes down, skins them, buries them in the desert. He leads us to the other camp and get another five days food and water and 3 more tents. Keira summons another thing but it comes out all kinds of wrong but still obeys orders and it bites the orc and it dies and becomes a void zombie as well. We head back and continue on and encounter 6 more Faithless. We kill them all and loot away, 6 hook swords, 6 black iron death masks, a ring +1 prot, ammy +2 fort saves. Bag of gems is found in next room and we head on, three doors to choose from. We head to the left and find two of the faithless painting and we whack them and move on. 100gp worth of metal stuff. We move through a few rooms with nothing of note to mention. Chapel to the Death Wyrm a few rooms later, Thorax finds a copper piece, but we leave it alone and move on and find another room with four faithless doing “things” to a corpse. We attack and finish them off and gather up more worms and more hook swords and armor. The flopping torso is wearing Chainmail and still flopping around. We take it off and finish the torso off. Room with a chalice with gems and gold that is cold to the touch and gives neg levels but is attached to the Death Wyrm, it gives benefits to undead when blood is put in to the chalice.

We walk into the next room and it smells strangely in here, horrible and sickening to the minions, smells like roasted flesh and Keira can tell that something is burning in the next two rooms. We enter and there are burning skeletons that fire firebolts at us. We kill them and get 200 gp and 2 potions pot fire resist 10. The next room has burning undead in braziers and one black mask guy taking notes, Asheron kills them all, the room was wear they make the burning undead. +1 longbow in the corner. The main room has two burning undead, 7 Faithless one clearly in charge though. We destroy the boss and pick off the rest of them.We get 6 more hook swords and armors, +1 quarterstaff, +2 ammy nat ac, wand disrupt living, +2 leather, 3 scrolls each with 3 first level divine each, 500gp of goods, 500gp.

The other wing has a slave (crazy) branded with morkaal symbols praising the death wyrm, we kill him. We find a 1 longsword. We find an adventurer in chain, a cleric but dead, with a mace and 50 gp staring at a painting on the wall like before. He has a journal saying he was a cleric of the pantheon that converted to the Death wyrm after dreams. We find two potions clw 1d84. The cleric points out that we have cleared this and might want to set it up as our base of operations once we clean it up since we are only twenty minutes from the settlement.

We get 2840 gold each, moose and phil get 14 gold each. 3000xp.

To Kill a Necromancer

We bunk down for the night in our new place. A lit fire helps to keep us warm and the insects away. As we are sleeping away the night and a large group of ragged men try to sneak up on us in bone armor and bone swords. They try to rob us and take our “money and bitches”. We fight back and destroy them, Keira tries to turn the leader into a void zombie but some ghouls got to him first. We scavenge 290gp, 400sp, 2 cmw pots, ring of expeditious retreat, a +1 bone sword and a +1 bone armor. The ghouls seem to defer to Keira as their master. She tells the ghouls to take the dead and to stop by once a week and take any dead bodies that we leave behind (we will dump them out back) of the Palace of Shit… We divvy up the silver amoungst the hirelings and give them the basic bone armors but break the bone swords. I take the ring to keep up with the group.

Dawn in the desert and we are headed into the town. It looks like an old western town and the guards at the front tell us just to be good. We run into a scummy looking guy that offers to show us around and we blow him off and ask for a better guide, he shows us another man instead and walks off. The new guy shows us where to go to meet the water lord Tharkus that had imprisioned us, the money lender/slavemarket owner. A gnoll stops us at the slavemarket and asks us our business but we brush past him. We go in and talk to his assistant about buying and selling things, he lets the four of us in to talk to the boss. We offer to keep him in power for information if he doesn’t say anything.

We ask which water lords we should keep around. The first water lord Jareela Kazidan, she keeps to herself, minimal slaves and is more interested in the outer/deeper ruins. 2nd lord is Tharkus – we are going to kill him. 3rd lord is Jaresh Mek-ti, a corrupted midean name, a necromancer interested in necromantic things in the ruins. 4th lord is Sameriel Zadaris, she is a sorc in it for being the big fish in a little pond and doing what she wants, pleasures of the flesh, etc. And the 5th lord is Beelo Blackwart the Halfling, he runs the trade emporium, dry goods, and owns the oasis land. We decide to just go and whack the necro and Tharkus, maybe Jareela but we want to talk to her first. We are deciding what to do with the Chalice of Mhorkal and when we take it out some protective wards on the Khames the moneylender go off and he says that that thing is trouble.

We head off to go sell items to Jareela Kazidan before going to kill Jaresh Mek-ti. The compound is larger than it should be and when we get in its because the complex is built around an old midean cistern loading water into it. We sell stuff to her to the total of 1072gp each. We also offer her the Chalice and she looks it over and gives us 3k for it. We buy a few items. We head over to the Necromancer’s and the guard ghouls back away from Keira and the guards ask what we want. We tell them we have things to sell. Inside is a walled off cistern like the other one. Talathos statues line the walkway to the house with Massive zombies guarding them. A skeleton answers the door. No windows in the house. We negotiate to sell the bloodworms and when the skeleton comes through the door with the money we attack and fight off a horde of undead. We fight through them and make it to the Necromancer’s door.

Group Loot List 7/6/13

388 silver to minions

11 days food (10)
10 days water (10)
3 Undead Worms barrel
10 Undead Worms barrel
10 Undead Worms barrel

Wand of Disrupt Living 1d6 20 charges (Moose and Phil – become rogues)

All other items and money has already been distributed.

Sweet Vengeance

Ahead of us are two double doors and a door to the left and the right. The necro has clearly modeled his place after the classic midean architecture. Thorax disables the trap and we head on into the double doors. Before us are six more of the skeletons, 4 with swords, 2 with spells. We leap forward to engage. The room itself is bare, used for storage but empty now. We head back and go to the left. We start checking doors along the route, but find nothing. We make it to the outside where there is a garden and skeletons watering them. We enter another room and it has 4 Midean War ghouls, 2 wights, 2 skel mages, an undead guy in armor and another person at the end of the room. We start taking them down quickly and this tentacle horror summons in by the guy at the end of the chamber and a duplicate of the guy appears at the side of the hall. The guy that appeared was a spectral image, we destroy the undead and knock the necromancer unconscious. We stabilize him and start to question the undead ranger that Keira took control over.

He says his name is Bile Bite a ghoul ranger. We bargain to get him to join our team and he decides to join us for the time. We heal up the necromancer and start to question him. He found the War Ghouls and some tablets that taught him the midean spells. He tells us where everything is. 3Potions cmw2d8+4, potion of invis, 3 pot imw 2d8+4, potion of spiderclimb, 3 scrolls 3-1stlv 1-2nd each divine, wand of identify and detect treasure 18charges, 3000gp of funerary goods, 2400 gp, 3600 sp, 5900cp, 5 gems 100gp each, ring 2nat ac, bronze +2 ac death mask, death silk robes +2 ac, dust of disappearance (1 dose), ring of dread insight (2 int skill checks), +2 cloak resist, +2 human skin armor, +2 staff of mortalbane, 3 vials of corpseweed, 1 platinum brazer worth 500gp (alchemical – burn stuff in it for double effects- worth more to right people). 3 vials of corpsedust (necro component for making items or undead). Midean tablets that have the spells Rack, Red Fester, Rotting Curse of Moorkhall, and Love’s Pain. The plants in the garden are useful in necromantic experiments. We question him about the other waterlords, the Halfling is a tightwad, Jeerla no one knows about except that she is just looking for magic items, and Sameriel is a tiefling.

We rest for the day in our new base, the necromancer’s place, and before we head to Tharkus’ to kill him a guy shows up, Miklos one of the necromancer’s contacts, and says he has a necromantic skull for sale. It can do store 4 necro spells and +2dc necro spells which we buy. We head to Tharkus’ and are met by the guards. We offer to sell the corpseweed to their master and they go in to check. An elf guy comes out, Andarian Tharkus’ majordomo, he supervised things like buying slaves. We sell him the corpseweed for 500gp. And then try to distract him but Thorax just sends his Crocodile to attack. We kill them all and hire the slave that brought out the money and take the box of 1000gp and our corpseweed back. We fight through the next room and take the head overseer (charm) and keep going. We are attacked in the next room by more orcs and kill them and continue on. We meet with Tharkus who is sitting there smoking and is totally out of it. We hog tie him, and loot his place and have a new better palace, we give the necromancer back his old place (minus loot).

Total current xp should be 19,000 now plus whatever bonus xps you have received.
Sunday 7/7
Rob: $20, Micky: $10, Ian: $15, Eddie: $20, Bill: $10


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