City of Crypts


Not Mickey or Mieky or Mikey. It’s Micky.

Group loot:
300g, 112 gold minions, 145g Inn Fund

Sell Bait
1 Scale Mail Armor (Dr 2/-)
Platinum Alchemical Brazier: doubles the effects of alchemy
Midian Tablets: contains the spells Wrack, Red Fester, Rotting Curse of Morkhal, Love’s Pain
Chalice of Morkhal: 1 neg lvl to good, heavily gemmed, fill with blood and drink for effects

Wand of Disrupt Living: 1d6 20 charges (Moose and Phil have it, they became rogues)
6 days food
6 days water
3 Undead Worms barrel
10 Undead Worms barrel
10 Undead Worms barrel

THERE IS NO ONE THIS ITEM IS BETTER ON!!!Cloak of Insight + 2 Insight AC bonus, + 2 Insight bonus to Wis Skills, + 2 Insight Bonus to Saves (Rob)

Amulet of Winter’s Grasp-2d6 Cold to attacks, Cold resist 20, Fire Vulnerability (Eddie) (Are you keeping this item?)
+2 Great Axe +2d6 Fire, Fire resist 15 (Eddie) (Are you keeping this item?)
2k gold each

"I never get what I want, just what I ask for" - Princess Keira

“Naga’s are the best. I love snakes!! I just think about their tendrils all day long!!” The last gnome…

ABA’s – Micky – $5, Rob – $5, Will – $10, Eddie – $10, Ian – $10
We head off to go see the Pantheon. As we enter there are a few people waiting, 2 women and a guy all in armor. They look at Thorax and say “greetings champion of the Pantheon, we will give you what council we can.” He says he is there to see what the pantheon needs of him he is not there to ask anything. We have a second chosen of Zhon in the party (has to be Celestia, Moose or Phil). Keira’s grandfather is the Chosen of Zhalkar. Keira talks to them about asking for their protection in return for not raising her kids to be worshippers of the Talthos. They do not answer right away, they mention that she has been opening herself up to the Far Realm frequently. It can look back through to her and is a slow path to corruption. Mhorkall pulled up stakes and considered everything a failure when the Talthos failed to deliver. He took his favorite tools and left. They want the line of Heroes from Keira to function for them as they functioned for Mhorkall.

In return for their protection they want a decision on whom to represent. Blah blah blah, Mikey deals… The end deal is that Keira becomes the Scourge of the Pantheon, gains the protection of the Pantheon, her soul back, raise her children in the Pantheon but not automatic followers, Fight Mhorkall with the ability to sense and see Far Realm things, Gain the abilities and advantages of being a vampire without being one. Whings about lost hopes and dreams. Eraine leans over and kisses Keira on the cheek and there is a glow and then a sharp pain as the thing in her head is ripped out. The Robe of Shadows transforms into a white robe with five interlinked circles. This symbol is also on her cheek with two crossed swords through them (a new symbol). She also goes over and kisses Thorax on the cheek. He now has a symbol on his cheek that is the Pantheon symbol with an upraised hand in it.

We leave the Pantheon and head to go see Mhoram. A wave of hot energy passes over us as if something immensely powerful is mad at us but nothing happens and we continue on. We find ourselves in a large courtroom. The doors open and Zhon walks in and sits at the prosecution table and looks at us. He looks at Keira and says he is not terribly pleased but not displeased either. She screwed over his brothers and sister which amuses him but sad that she didn’t come to him for a better deal. She complains that he takes all the credit which is a deal breaker for she is arrogant and ambitious. We are on the cusp of what we are supposed to doing but we need to power up. He will give us something important. He pulls out an ornate scroll which he hands to Asheron, and says break the seal open if it looks like we are going to be wiped out. He also recommends that we look for trouble around the City of Shadows to power up ourselves. We wake back up on the altar in the temple of Mhoram.

We feel awful (except for Thorax who feels fine since he has blood of Heroes) and go healing. The priests bring us food and heal us up while being amazed that we came back. As we leave we notice that Thorax has another symbol on him, an eyepatch symbol on his shoulder – the symbol of Jack. We get to the inn and find the top of the inn exploded. The innkeeper tells us about some woman with razor swords and two crocs broke in and fought , bilebite and she ran off, the cleric was dead but she woke back up after a few hours. Moose and Phil tell us what happened and then bring us to meet the cleric at some hovel down the road. We figure that she is the other Zhon follower and Bile bite left with the other woman.

We head to an inn to hire a rouge, the Blackpool Inn. We meet a rouge named Jaspar the Blade, he wants an equal share of the loot. The next guy wants the same. The next is a girl with a Terak Nomad mask, she has some useful info and is willing to work for a cut of money and items that are rouge specific or an option for taking other items that we don’t want. We hire her on for a trial basis. Thorax feels a shiver up his spine as a big guy comes walking over. We get a new inn and spend the night, we are attacked in our sleep. We fight them off and take a number of prisoners. We ask who hired them, no one, they are thieves that were trying to rob us from us throwing around a lot of money. We search them and turn them over to the authorities (10 short swords, 10 leather armor, 90 gold). A messenger comes to see us and tells us that we are wanted at the palace, the Emperor wants to see us.

Loot and Legacy Item Update

Eddie: 1) Studded Leather Armor + 2, 5 DR/-, and + 2 Dex. 2) Glowing Gem (puts into his forehead) + 2 primary stat, 1 bonus Psionic featdoubles bonus PSP’s.
Rob: 1) Razor Sword + 2, Power Attack Feat, +1d6 Bonus vs Non-Human. 2) Bloodsteel Breastplate + 2 (Immune to Bleed), counts as light armor, max Dex bonus 12.
Micky: 1) Elven Silk Robes + 3 AC untyped, + 2 primary stat, 10 Elemental Resist(Set at beginning of combat). 2) Weird Metal Staff + 2, + 4 spell DC’s, Wizardry 1,2,&3.
Ian: Bloodwood Staff + 2, channel Eldritch Blast and can dual wield it, can sacrifice 1 attack to do a burst, ten foot radius, doing 1/2 damage, Save Reflex DC 10
Cha mod+level. Studded Leather Armor + 2, 25% evasion, + 2 Dex (human skin armor)

1 Scale Mail Armor(Dr 2/-)
+2 Great Axe +2d6 Fire, Fire resist 15
Robes of Shadow Magic +2 AC, +1 Int, +1 Dex, Spells gain Shadow Descriptor(Damage is half normal, half Shadow, DC’s +2)
2 Pink Ioun Stones
Cloak of Insight-
2 Insight AC bonus, 2 Insight bonus to Wis Skills, +2 Insight Bonus to Saves
4 uses-Dust of Appearance
Amulet of Winter’s Grasp-
2d6 Cold to attacks, Cold resist 20, Fire Vulnerability
8,000 GP in coins and goods.

Leaving Ashburn, Talking to the Gods

(Notes mostly – ABA money??)
We finally pack everything together and gather a few covered wagons to head out of town. We set everything in motion for this town to run itself more efficiently and we leave. A few days out we come across another town that has been sacked and burned by the Order of the Circle for being Death Wyrm worshippers. We leave there and continue on sending a few survivors back to Ashburn and taking a stone mason with us. The next town we encounter we see a fortress carved into the mountainside that flies the banner of the Circle. Continueing on we come across a town ruled by the Circle and decide to pass on. We see the remains of an ancient temple and go investigate. Inside are hundreds of skeletons (not animated, just corpses). Continueing on we come across a Mhoramite cleric that seems to have gone crazy and thinks all the skeletons are people escaped from the City of Crypts and he is harboring refugees. A ghost shows up that evening and lies to us about all the spirits being trapped (no it’s just her) so we take him with us to the City of Shadows.

We get to the City of Shadows, after first getting our one month visitor papers (for religious pilgramage) and head to the Temple of Mhoram. Inside we turn over crazy man and then ask for the ritual to talk to the gods. Lots of hemming and hawing later they comply and we halfway die and go to see the gods. We wake up in a small room, a light from above shows that we are quit far down (ten feet at least). We climb up and after some trial and error get the lid to our prison shoved off. Once outside we see that we are in a giant sarcophagus. Niches in the wall are full of corpses. A corridor and stairs lead away from the room the stairs lead up and the corridor down. We decide to head up. Along the way we run into a sarcophagus chained shut and Thorax tries to talk to the person inside about freeing him. But We tell him that this person is obviously chained up for good reason and we will need to leave him alone.

At the top of the stairs we find some double doors. Behind us is a man all in purple, a shadowy form in the corner of the room behind him. His master is Tithys the Chaos Lord. His master wants the balance to remain, since the world is becoming more orderly. We blow him off and and head inside, but not before he says his master will curse us with ill luck. Behind the doors is a high room with a huge table with a moving image of world with a young girl in greek style armor looking at it. She turns to face us and her eyes are white. She introduces herself as Rachel. The gods didn’t expect to see us so soon. The more they tell us the more that Morkhall can do. There are certain things that she can tell us now but some things that she can’t. Obviously we were picked by certain gods. Asheron was picked by Zhon, Thorax by the Pantheon, Grugnir by Rachel, and Keira by Zhalkar the Painbringer as a representative of the Talthos. We need to get the keys to the door before anything else but most of the keys will have to wait till we get more powerful. The door is the Door of Madness, to a city that doesn’t exist, people will be along the way that will help us, mideans, a naga, and a few others.

Morkhall is more powerful now because his power in the world increases by the number of faithless worshippers he has, so many of his followers are around his clerics can now cast up to level five spells. We are also told that we need to make sure to keep Keira alive, as she is the only hope we will have to navigate around in the city that doesn’t exist, she will be the only one to figure out the geometry (most likely from her new implanted illithid mind add-on). Once that’s done she will want us to place an object into the crypt of the unborn. It is a bad idea to get the crypt for ourselves or our gods because the power inside is connected to Mhorkall and will turn on us eventually. Destroy it and it dissapates harmlessly instead. If Keira is offered the position of Empress of Midea she should refuse because it is a trap and she will get much more by going out to found her own empire.

There are many faithless both human and undead. The Naga are split half for the Death Wyrm and half to the Naga god. Asheron is told he can hunt the Death Wyrm followers to his hearts content but the others she has plans for inthe long run. Keira makes a deal for completing the objective and in return she gains protection from all the things that a vampire is weak to. Asheron makes a deal to restart the race of Gnomes, that the gnomes will taste awful to the Naga and that Thorax is unwelcome in their homeland. Thorax asks for his pet to be made smart and the ability to shapeshift into humanform. Grugnir asks for immortality but she says to talk to him later about that because its a bad idea usually.

Next we go to the Talthos. Keiraasks about creating unique undead but Zhalkar says she has nothing to offer and maybe she should talk to her grandfather to make a deal. The guy that we freed before in the first crypt we will be able to kill eventually. He offers Asheron the ranger favored enemy ability versus Naga if he switches to the Talthos but he refuses. After much back and forth Keira finds out that her grandfather had sold her to the Talthos long ago.

Next we head to the Talazhon. We go and speak to Zhon, he sits in a chair on a meadow. Keira asks if he can break the deal that sold her to the Talthos. She is suppossed to found a line of heroes dedicated to whatever deity or pantheon she is devoted to. Talk is about who she should go to and she has no answer. We are told to keep an eye on the Talthos they will try to betray us at some point. Zhon tells Asheron to keep doing what he is doing he is amusing and on the right path.

Bilebite's Loot

Bilebite’s Loot:

2 + 2 Scimitars, + 1 Scale Mail (-4 skills), + 2 Amulet of Natural Armor, + 2 Cloak of Resist, Bronze Midian Death M (2 AC), Boots of Human Kind (+ 5 Stealth)

Taking the town and The Worm that Walks


Food log – Rob 10, Mikey 10, Eddie 10, Bill 10, Ian 10

Tharkus starts going off on a drug induced rant and we continue to loot the building. We search the building looking for the vault. The center room has a drug stash and a wine cabinet which we loot. The servants show us to the vault. Asheron detects a magic trap on the door but it has a command word that the orc bodyguard and tharkus should know. We go find the orc bodyguard with the cleric. Asheron talks him into giving them the password and then leaves him to Celestra’s “tender mercies”. We deactivate the magic trap and then Nimoch sets off the molten bronze trap right when Asheron sees it. We open the door and see a half dozen chests.

2000gp; 6000gp in goods; suit 1 studded leather; +1 shield; 2 keoghtem’s ointment – remove poison or disease or clw; amulet of time keeping; 2 anklets of hobbling; armband of healing (max heal of your lv 3 times a day); +2 longsword Arbiter detect chaos/will, smite chaos 3/day = pally/lv, Bane chaos; Empty flask, bottle of containment – holds 200 units of fluids; carved bone rattle in midean – a death rattle slay living 1/day dc30, taint 1; Deathlock Ammy – cast 3rd lv necro spell target fort dc 10cha mod+lv of spell, fail take an additional 1d4 neg lv, taint 1; Midean War Gong – +2 unholy bonus to any ally in 100’, -2 to opponents in 100’, taint 1.

We split up the loot. Then we decide to go visit Sameriel Zadaris the 4th water lord. We show up and the doors are barred. The guards stop us and then run from us when we tell them that we aren’t killing water lords but the minions that get in the way. The steward lets us in. This building is not built as midean architecture and all the people inside are beautiful. An attractive red haired teifling woman walks up to us. We tell her to give us all her stuff, we will let her live and may set her up as town leader if she is good enough for the job. She surrenders and turns over her stuff. 3000gp, 4000sp, 500gp silver midean art, 2 midean tapestries 200gp each, small ivory box 100gp, 10 25gp gems, 1 dram fumes of precognition (combat precog 1d4 rounds 6 doses), 1 cloak of battle +1 ac +1 att/dam +1 fort untyped, Black illithid heartstone – +2 con -2 cha taint 1, +1 shortsword, +1 chainmail of might +1 str +1 fort, + 1 midean heavyblade, +1 leather of fire resist 10, Antique crystal vial filled with red fluid – vial of martyrs blood – banishs evil outsider will dc25.

We head to Jareela Kazidan’s manse. It is another midean estate but very well kept up but no sign of minions. The door opens before us and we enter a courtyard and to the house. The door opens and at the end of a long hallway there is a woman in a hooded cloak. She lowers the hood and is a teifling as well, with midean blood in her according to Keira. She is here to get knowledge, power and spells. We ask her to give us her stuff, she will contribute to the town once we leave and she will be free to do her research. She makes a counter offer to provide a service to us in the future. We accept since she seems to be descended from some sort of powerful demon and fighting her would be tricky since demons would show up. We leave and head to the halfling’s place, Beelo Blackwart.

The place is loaded full of Gnolls and attack as soon as we see them. Fireballs go off, a ballista is fired and battle is engaged. We fight through, killing them all, we lost one void zombie but gained 2 gnoll ghasts and 2 corrupted ghast hyenas. We break through the door to the house and the slaves tell us where the Halfling ran off to hide. They lead us to a small locked room where the Halfling and his two bodyguards are supposed to be. The room is ransacked and bits of spent scroll on the floor (most likely a teleport scroll). We loot the place.

We then set up the moneylender as the leader, Samariel as the face and the necromancer as the aide. Keira gives the ghasts to the necromancer, the six ghoul trash collectors to set up the new town guard. We leave 2000gp with the moneylender to set up the town for keeping and for sending Tharkus home and they can use the reward to set up the town. We rest up and spend some time to get what we need and spend a week to get the town better running and defended, and the information to know how to handle the ruins. We set it up so that any unique items are set aside for us but all money goes into the town. One night Keira wakes up to find some weird white worm crawling on her and smells a spiced smell. She looks and sees a tall man that seems wrong somehow in black robes and a gold death mask looking out the window. “I wanted to see what the gods were sending up against the faithless” (he speaks in Midean A with an old accent). Grave worms are what was crawling on her. “It will take more than killing things to be able to take on the Faithless and the Death Wyrm.” He is the Lord High Flesh Crafter.

The Death Wyrm is pulling all of his Faithless together. There are large encampments in the two crypt cities, in Midea and laying siege to the order of the circle and the city of the dragons. The five faithless lords are active in the Dark Realm. The rest of us hear voices and Asheron can tell that it is Midean A and Keira is talking to someone about complex theological discussion. Talk revolves around being pieces on a chessboard for her grandfather and the gods. The rest of us enter her room to see if she is okay. He knows where one of the Morkhall key pieces is, which is for opening a door that the gods wanted locked up and to never get out. The idea is to use this to stop Morkhall and his plans but whatever is behind that door may turn on us. It is called the Unborn in ancient Naga and Illithid texts. Morkhall wants it as well. He also offers to Fleshsculpt us for practice since it’s been awhile (stat adjustments but it hurts, may effect your mind). The legacy items are gifts from the gods. Keira agrees to be fleshcrafted. The key is in the Palace of Pain inside the City of Midea (City of Crypts) a 12-15lv dungeon. As we assemble the pieces of the key we can find the others. Option of setting up more of these cities as redoubts for those fighting the Faithless.

City of Shadows would be a good place to start to get the people fighting the Faithless to use the towns we set up as bases to escape. The ancient vampire is the Chosen of Theos the Betrayer. Jareela is the descendant of an Il-mageroth and a Pit Fiend but is out on her own doing her own thing – trying to be Empress of Midea since there is no acknowledged emperor. Gal is interested, Kashkazar is interested, since the forces of good are distracted by the Dark Realm, demons, undead and Faithless. Whats the best way to lay the Naga low – they are attempting a comeback, they have one of the keys so might have to go there even though its off track – best to go after we have a few other key pieces. Goal to accomplish before the palace of pain: Head to Ciroc and consult with the king and council, seek wisdom from the ancestors.

Consult the Priests of Morham to talk to the gods: temple in City of Midea and City of Shadows, dangerous but we have the blood of heroes.
1) City of shadows talk to council and the death priests.

Group Loot Update 7/21/13

Group Loot
300g, 588 silver minions
Platinum Alchemical Brazier: doubles the effects of alchemy
Midian Tablets: contains the spells Wrack, Red Fester, Rotting Curse of Morkhal, Love’s Pain
Chalice of Morkhal: 1 neg lvl to good, heavily gemmed, fill with blood and drink for effects
Wand of Disrupt Living: 1d6 20 charges (Moose and Phil have it, they became rogues)
11 days food (10)
10 days water (10)
3 Undead Worms barrel
10 Undead Worms barrel
10 Undead Worms barrel

Sweet Vengeance

Ahead of us are two double doors and a door to the left and the right. The necro has clearly modeled his place after the classic midean architecture. Thorax disables the trap and we head on into the double doors. Before us are six more of the skeletons, 4 with swords, 2 with spells. We leap forward to engage. The room itself is bare, used for storage but empty now. We head back and go to the left. We start checking doors along the route, but find nothing. We make it to the outside where there is a garden and skeletons watering them. We enter another room and it has 4 Midean War ghouls, 2 wights, 2 skel mages, an undead guy in armor and another person at the end of the room. We start taking them down quickly and this tentacle horror summons in by the guy at the end of the chamber and a duplicate of the guy appears at the side of the hall. The guy that appeared was a spectral image, we destroy the undead and knock the necromancer unconscious. We stabilize him and start to question the undead ranger that Keira took control over.

He says his name is Bile Bite a ghoul ranger. We bargain to get him to join our team and he decides to join us for the time. We heal up the necromancer and start to question him. He found the War Ghouls and some tablets that taught him the midean spells. He tells us where everything is. 3Potions cmw2d8+4, potion of invis, 3 pot imw 2d8+4, potion of spiderclimb, 3 scrolls 3-1stlv 1-2nd each divine, wand of identify and detect treasure 18charges, 3000gp of funerary goods, 2400 gp, 3600 sp, 5900cp, 5 gems 100gp each, ring 2nat ac, bronze +2 ac death mask, death silk robes +2 ac, dust of disappearance (1 dose), ring of dread insight (2 int skill checks), +2 cloak resist, +2 human skin armor, +2 staff of mortalbane, 3 vials of corpseweed, 1 platinum brazer worth 500gp (alchemical – burn stuff in it for double effects- worth more to right people). 3 vials of corpsedust (necro component for making items or undead). Midean tablets that have the spells Rack, Red Fester, Rotting Curse of Moorkhall, and Love’s Pain. The plants in the garden are useful in necromantic experiments. We question him about the other waterlords, the Halfling is a tightwad, Jeerla no one knows about except that she is just looking for magic items, and Sameriel is a tiefling.

We rest for the day in our new base, the necromancer’s place, and before we head to Tharkus’ to kill him a guy shows up, Miklos one of the necromancer’s contacts, and says he has a necromantic skull for sale. It can do store 4 necro spells and +2dc necro spells which we buy. We head to Tharkus’ and are met by the guards. We offer to sell the corpseweed to their master and they go in to check. An elf guy comes out, Andarian Tharkus’ majordomo, he supervised things like buying slaves. We sell him the corpseweed for 500gp. And then try to distract him but Thorax just sends his Crocodile to attack. We kill them all and hire the slave that brought out the money and take the box of 1000gp and our corpseweed back. We fight through the next room and take the head overseer (charm) and keep going. We are attacked in the next room by more orcs and kill them and continue on. We meet with Tharkus who is sitting there smoking and is totally out of it. We hog tie him, and loot his place and have a new better palace, we give the necromancer back his old place (minus loot).

Total current xp should be 19,000 now plus whatever bonus xps you have received.
Sunday 7/7
Rob: $20, Micky: $10, Ian: $15, Eddie: $20, Bill: $10

Group Loot List 7/6/13

388 silver to minions

11 days food (10)
10 days water (10)
3 Undead Worms barrel
10 Undead Worms barrel
10 Undead Worms barrel

Wand of Disrupt Living 1d6 20 charges (Moose and Phil – become rogues)

All other items and money has already been distributed.

To Kill a Necromancer

We bunk down for the night in our new place. A lit fire helps to keep us warm and the insects away. As we are sleeping away the night and a large group of ragged men try to sneak up on us in bone armor and bone swords. They try to rob us and take our “money and bitches”. We fight back and destroy them, Keira tries to turn the leader into a void zombie but some ghouls got to him first. We scavenge 290gp, 400sp, 2 cmw pots, ring of expeditious retreat, a +1 bone sword and a +1 bone armor. The ghouls seem to defer to Keira as their master. She tells the ghouls to take the dead and to stop by once a week and take any dead bodies that we leave behind (we will dump them out back) of the Palace of Shit… We divvy up the silver amoungst the hirelings and give them the basic bone armors but break the bone swords. I take the ring to keep up with the group.

Dawn in the desert and we are headed into the town. It looks like an old western town and the guards at the front tell us just to be good. We run into a scummy looking guy that offers to show us around and we blow him off and ask for a better guide, he shows us another man instead and walks off. The new guy shows us where to go to meet the water lord Tharkus that had imprisioned us, the money lender/slavemarket owner. A gnoll stops us at the slavemarket and asks us our business but we brush past him. We go in and talk to his assistant about buying and selling things, he lets the four of us in to talk to the boss. We offer to keep him in power for information if he doesn’t say anything.

We ask which water lords we should keep around. The first water lord Jareela Kazidan, she keeps to herself, minimal slaves and is more interested in the outer/deeper ruins. 2nd lord is Tharkus – we are going to kill him. 3rd lord is Jaresh Mek-ti, a corrupted midean name, a necromancer interested in necromantic things in the ruins. 4th lord is Sameriel Zadaris, she is a sorc in it for being the big fish in a little pond and doing what she wants, pleasures of the flesh, etc. And the 5th lord is Beelo Blackwart the Halfling, he runs the trade emporium, dry goods, and owns the oasis land. We decide to just go and whack the necro and Tharkus, maybe Jareela but we want to talk to her first. We are deciding what to do with the Chalice of Mhorkal and when we take it out some protective wards on the Khames the moneylender go off and he says that that thing is trouble.

We head off to go sell items to Jareela Kazidan before going to kill Jaresh Mek-ti. The compound is larger than it should be and when we get in its because the complex is built around an old midean cistern loading water into it. We sell stuff to her to the total of 1072gp each. We also offer her the Chalice and she looks it over and gives us 3k for it. We buy a few items. We head over to the Necromancer’s and the guard ghouls back away from Keira and the guards ask what we want. We tell them we have things to sell. Inside is a walled off cistern like the other one. Talathos statues line the walkway to the house with Massive zombies guarding them. A skeleton answers the door. No windows in the house. We negotiate to sell the bloodworms and when the skeleton comes through the door with the money we attack and fight off a horde of undead. We fight through them and make it to the Necromancer’s door.


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