Zander Blackbarrel

A Halfling Sage, Scholar, and Trapfinder


Character Inspirations: Erik the Viking, Emperor Gaul, Dark Sun Halflings (mini murder machines)

Zander Blackbarrel was originally Zef Bloodrain, a Wind Runner berserker serving himself and his people by follow the teachings of Taris the Dark Hunter. But there was always something a bit off about him. How he would question kills and ask them questions learning of their cultures and their ways. Many of his people thought he was too smart for his own good. Zef eventually became jealous of the greater world around him. It had a world of knowledge that he simply had no grasp of. And he wanted it desperately.

Finally however, questioning their kills actually paid off for him because one night his tribe was about to start cooking a Cleric of Zhon for dinner. In exchange for his life the cleric promised to ensure a deal with Zhon. Like so many before him, if Zef kept his end of the deal then Zhon would do the same. Intrigued and wishing for so much more than he had, Zef freed the cleric and they escaped.

The deal was simple. Zhon would make Zef smarter and more wise than he was while giving him access to some of the greatest libraries and troves of information in the world. However in exchange he must become Zhon’s servant. Zef agreed and never looked back, travelling to libraries across the span of the planet learning of things he never imagined.

He took the name of Zander Blackbarrel, a Star Chaser he killed. Zander and Zef spoke at great lengths before Zef killed him for the blood sacrifice to Taris. He made Zef laugh and smile more than anyone had done so before and he remembered him fondly. Taking his name kept his memory alive and reminded him of what he was and how far he had come.

Now he’s off to the City of Crypts to find ancient lost lore that has yet to be discovered. At least that’s him making the best of his situation anyways. The truth is he was sent by Zhon to find and protect one of his clerics that Zander would know by a strange child accompanying him. And while babysitting isn’t exactly Zander’s style, but at least there is lore to discover.

Zander Blackbarrel

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