Yagra the Necromancer

Mage Lord of the Tower of Necromancy


Cleric 6/ True Necromancer 14/ Master of Shrouds 6 Human Male Tartessan LE


A poor Tartessan who by happenstance managed to inherit pure Midian blood, Yagra is believed to be the son of a Tartessan noble woman who was seduced by a wandering bard. Disowned by his family, he lived a life as a poor street urchin until he managed to steal enough to bribe the Temple of Zhon into giving him an apprenticeship. He moved steadily through the ranks through skill, dedication, and ruthless ambition and seemed destined for a career in the Black Temple until a young priestess who he was in love with was seduced by a wandering bard and fled the temple. For years he tracked them,across the Inner Sea to Erad Empire. These, he hired a bard to help him track the fugitives down, which failed when the bard abandoned him in the Gray Wastes. Yagra managed to make his way to the City of Crypts, nursing a now towering hatred of bards, and a realization that he needed more power if he was to find the fugitives.
In the City, he began to study necromancy and Midian culture, and came to the conclusion that as a Mage Lord he could easily find the pair he was looking for. He survived the trial of the Tower and become the Mage Lord of Necromancy. Once he settled in, he began his search. Over the years, he also gained a reputation for eccentricity unusual even for the city. His love of gardening and horticulture stood out, as well as his hatred of bards. He is known to hire adventurers regularly for tasks, and pays very well. Many new adventurers fresh in the city are advised to go to the Black Tower of Necromancy for an easy start into the area.

Yagra the Necromancer

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