Valthalos Karim

Evil Merchant Lord


Expert 6 Rogue 6 LE Human (Reptilian Template) Male


Having arrived from Tartessos five years ago, Karim has made quite a name in the city by swiftly becoming one of the richest merchant lords. He’s done this by financing adventurers to raid some of the most profitable sites in the city, providing capital and equipment in return for sharing the profits. He has also imported slaves to set up small farming plantations along the restored River of Sorrows outside the city, where he raises crops and animals that the city inhabitants pay dearly for. Lately, he’s been hiring adventurers to scout out the sites around the city, believed to by satellite cities of Ancient Midia, as well as financing expeditions to the Temple City of Khar’asht, the Temple City of Gha’harash and the Valley of Tombs. The Knights of the Circle despise him and have put a bounty on his head of 20,000 gold pieces, but none have collected yet. He seems to revel in his notoriety as the most hated man in the city. His expensive villa is in the newly reclaimed area along Dead King’s Hill, below the maze of the Tombs of the Lost Penitents.

Valthalos Karim

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