Prince Masque


Oracle 20 Elven Male Lawful Neutral


A fixture in the City for over a century and a half, Prince Masque is a source of hope and frustration for many adventurers in the City. For years the race, gender, and class of the mysterious seer was the source of furious speculation, and details only very slowly evolved concerning him. He is known now to be an Elf, of noble descent, and a refugee from some distant elven kingdom from where he has been exiled from under pain of death. He offers his services, for a hefty price, as a seer and diviner, especially in Elven, Midian, or Ythraag Naga cultures and items, as well as hiring adventurers for various retrieval missions in the mid and deep ruins. He has had several locations over the years where he could be found, first at the Chapel of Ashes, later at the Tomb of Restless Shadows, then at the Well of Dark Visions. For the last two decades now, the gaunt figure, always clad in exquisite long robes of purple and black robes of elven silk, embroidered in mithril threads and wearing an elaborate carnival mask, has been found at Thovas the Red’s Pleasure Palace, where he reads fortunes, divines secrets, and contracts adventurers for his inscrutable purposes.

Prince Masque

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