Keira re-Zhorahz


Daughter of Khashghazhar re-Zhorahz II, a powerful Illithzhar emperor, called “the Mad”.

He came to the Throne at a young age after his father was murdered by the ur-Mordaam. A favorite of Zalkaar the Painbringer, his Illithzhar bloodiline provided him with insight into the madness inducing magic of the Illithids. He was an unequaled Sorcerer, master of spells that could drive the most stable mind mad, an array he put to great use when upon the Throne.

Khashghazhar was considered a great connoisseur of beauty, collecting many beautiful women and converting them into undead to preserve their beauty as part of his ‘collection.’ He himself became a Blood Mummy during his reign and enjoyed a long reign of undeath before retiring to his newly built the Palace of Bone. He remains the head of house re-Zhorahz.

Keira re-Zhorahz

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