Humans crossbred with Illithids resulted in this off-shoot.


Illithzhars are humans who have illithid blood in them.

  • + 2 Int, + 2 Cha, – 2 Str
  • Aberrant Heritage: Illithzhars count as aberrants and humans for purposes of determining magical items or abilities that can only be used by one racial type or the other.
  • Aberrant Bloodline: Illithzhar Sorcerers (Favored class) gain the Aberrant Bloodline for free. They may also choose one other bloodline, giving them two bloodlines.
  • Far Realm Heritage: Illithzhars reduce total taint by two points, and are immune to madness inducing effects.
  • Tentacles: Illithzhars possess two tentacles, about one foot long. They rest in the throat, along the back of the tongue. They can be used as a touch attack only in close quarters. They do 1d2 damage, and drain one Int point per hit.


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