City of Crypts

Tricked by a Prostitute

We clear things up and head to the left at the first door. The door was trapped but our rogue evaded neatly. The room behind has a sarcophagus in it that had a specter pop out of it before anything could happen. We kill her after a short fight and investigate the sarcophagus. While we are looking, outside in the hallway four Mohrgs materialize near the half giant archer while he is alone. Inside the sarcophagus is loot, 80 gp of copper, 720 of silver, 1200 gp, 1800 gp in gems, (3800gp), 2600gp jewelry, bronze death mask worth 4000gp (10400gp).

Grugnir almost drops when the Mohrgs swarm him but we get in and save him and defeat the Morhgs. We then proceed to the next door. Behind is another Sarcophagus and the room is clear to explore. Inside the sarcophagus is moldering corpse and 60gp in copper, 500 gp in silver, 900 gp, 2 arts worth 1800 and 3000, (6260gp total).

Continueing on to the next door to the left. More of the same with a mummy in the sarcophagus. Defeat him, +4 turn resist ammy and 15 fire resist, +2 midean bronze armor, +2 midean unholy glaive, Iron midean death mask +2ac, 1500 gp in silver, 500 platinum, 1 scroll – flesh to stone, fear, wall of iron, necklace of fireballs 7 beads (type 6), 2 healing potions 12d6, bracers prot +4.

Over to the right side we check and there is another room as the others with a green glow coming from the sarcophagus. We head in and a witchfire (hag undead) and she asks us to get out of her home and we basically intimidate her. We agree to free her in exchange for her stuff and her going to city of crypts to necromancy tower. She gives us a tiara (1600g), Jeweled boustie (2700gp), elven silk robes (3600gp), +2 shield, 320gp, 1200gp. The next two rooms are the wives of the master (a mummy cleric).

Next room the same as last with wisps of black smoke coming from the sarcophagus. We open it and inside is a burning corpse. Loot it: 400 gp, 3000gp, 2000gp, jewelry – 1500gp and bronze death mask 2500g, 2 art – 2500gp and 1800 gp, 1000gp rare perfume, 2000gp in spices.

Next room the same with another smoking sarcophagus. Inside is a gaunt figure writhing on fire babbling something about some bitch got to her and then combusts. Looks like what the witchfire could do. +2 human leather armor, boots of haste, +2 bracers of prot, +2 cloak resist, 600gp, 2000gp, 5000gp, statue worth 1500gp. Witchfire is gone, she lied to us obviously.

Total gold – 59800gp _whatever armor and weapons sell for


kyndrakos lordofdork

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