City of Crypts

To Kill a Necromancer

We bunk down for the night in our new place. A lit fire helps to keep us warm and the insects away. As we are sleeping away the night and a large group of ragged men try to sneak up on us in bone armor and bone swords. They try to rob us and take our “money and bitches”. We fight back and destroy them, Keira tries to turn the leader into a void zombie but some ghouls got to him first. We scavenge 290gp, 400sp, 2 cmw pots, ring of expeditious retreat, a +1 bone sword and a +1 bone armor. The ghouls seem to defer to Keira as their master. She tells the ghouls to take the dead and to stop by once a week and take any dead bodies that we leave behind (we will dump them out back) of the Palace of Shit… We divvy up the silver amoungst the hirelings and give them the basic bone armors but break the bone swords. I take the ring to keep up with the group.

Dawn in the desert and we are headed into the town. It looks like an old western town and the guards at the front tell us just to be good. We run into a scummy looking guy that offers to show us around and we blow him off and ask for a better guide, he shows us another man instead and walks off. The new guy shows us where to go to meet the water lord Tharkus that had imprisioned us, the money lender/slavemarket owner. A gnoll stops us at the slavemarket and asks us our business but we brush past him. We go in and talk to his assistant about buying and selling things, he lets the four of us in to talk to the boss. We offer to keep him in power for information if he doesn’t say anything.

We ask which water lords we should keep around. The first water lord Jareela Kazidan, she keeps to herself, minimal slaves and is more interested in the outer/deeper ruins. 2nd lord is Tharkus – we are going to kill him. 3rd lord is Jaresh Mek-ti, a corrupted midean name, a necromancer interested in necromantic things in the ruins. 4th lord is Sameriel Zadaris, she is a sorc in it for being the big fish in a little pond and doing what she wants, pleasures of the flesh, etc. And the 5th lord is Beelo Blackwart the Halfling, he runs the trade emporium, dry goods, and owns the oasis land. We decide to just go and whack the necro and Tharkus, maybe Jareela but we want to talk to her first. We are deciding what to do with the Chalice of Mhorkal and when we take it out some protective wards on the Khames the moneylender go off and he says that that thing is trouble.

We head off to go sell items to Jareela Kazidan before going to kill Jaresh Mek-ti. The compound is larger than it should be and when we get in its because the complex is built around an old midean cistern loading water into it. We sell stuff to her to the total of 1072gp each. We also offer her the Chalice and she looks it over and gives us 3k for it. We buy a few items. We head over to the Necromancer’s and the guard ghouls back away from Keira and the guards ask what we want. We tell them we have things to sell. Inside is a walled off cistern like the other one. Talathos statues line the walkway to the house with Massive zombies guarding them. A skeleton answers the door. No windows in the house. We negotiate to sell the bloodworms and when the skeleton comes through the door with the money we attack and fight off a horde of undead. We fight through them and make it to the Necromancer’s door.


kyndrakos lordofdork

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