City of Crypts

The Scarlet Pyramid Official Intro

Chronicle Introduction to the Scarlet Pyramid

Since the moment stragglers from the First Crusade crossed the vast stretches of the Gray Wastes to find the ruins of a huge ancient city strewn across the Valley of Silence, the massive pyramids clustered south of the city, brooding over the devastation, have aroused curiosity, avarice, and fear among the inhabitants of the City of Crypts. Long suspected of hiding the vast wealth of ancient Midian rulers within the dark confines of these hulking monuments, they have so far resisted exploration and looting, with adventuring groups returning decimated by hordes of powerful, ravenous undead, or more commonly, not returning at all.

Stretching in two arcs south west of the City, along a massive ruined causeway of stone mortared together with the bones of thousands of Midian victims, the pyramids near the city show signs of heavy damage, but are still relatively intact, if half buried, as they stretch off towards the ruins of the Temple City of Gha’Harash, while the pyramids west of the Causeway of Ancients are mostly rubble, blasted apart and almost completely buried under gritty sand and ashes. The remnants of funerary temples cluster near the pyramids, and since all the inscriptions are in Midian Linear A, few are known to be connected to any particular ruler, so the City inhabitants have taken to giving them names based off of characteristics, such as the Broken Pyramid, the Lonely Pyramid, the Iron Pyramid, or the Empty Pyramid, to give examples.

One such pyramid is called the Scarlet Pyramid, so named because its exterior is composed of still visible bright red marble. It looms ominously near the beginning of the Causeway of Ancients, fronted by a funerary temple called the Temple of Crimson Shrouds, past the Iron Pyramid and the Sanctum of Torments. Mostly ignored due to the presence of easier targets for looting closer to the city, the merchant lord Valthalos Karim, representing a consortium of investors, has obtained an item that will allow entrance to the pyramid, once the temple is breached. Once inside, they have only to recover certain items for the consortium, then they are allowed to split half the wealth obtained. It remains to be seen if these brave professionals can survive the horrors of the ancient Midian dead, and their fiendish traps both mechanical and magical, or will they become yet another bold group to never return from the darkness of these grim monuments to ancient Midia’s evil and power.


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