City of Crypts

The Scarlet Pyramid

New Chronicle

  • This is the start of a new one-off adventure. Ian and I have discussed for years that no one ever loots a pyramid in the City of Crypts, so I created a full scale pyramid dungeon and designed a mini-game around it. On the surface, its a standard dungeon crawl: a wealthy patron hires a group of adventurers looking to make the really big score. Underneath, it is a lead in for the next City of Crypts campaign, as decisions and actions taken in this will shape the scope of the next campaign.
  • The campaign is for level 15 Pathfinder rules. Equipment is for level 15 as per the main book, and characters may be of any class or alignment. Any swap out options from ultimate books must be approved by me prior to start. As off 3/11/13, declared characters are:
  • Ian is playing a Ranger
  • Rob is playing a Druid
  • Mickey is playing a Summoner
    The game will be on Thursdays at Brian’s as normal. Email or text me with any information or questions.
    PS: I will be adding a list of Midian and Campaign specific feats ASAP. When it is up, if you want to take one, ask me first.


Micky = Rogue

The Scarlet Pyramid
kyndrakos kyndrakos

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