City of Crypts

The Half Dmg Club is Pretty Cool isn't it?

Sun 10/25

Weird flickering purplish light from the room ahead of us, twists and turns in corridor. Inside the room are 4 pillars carved from purplish black rock. Roughly finished with skull motifs, and the skulls eyes are flashing with a weird rythmic effect.

Thick coating of dust in the room, not cleaned like the rest of the dung. Chained to the pillars are a lot of skellies. Can’t find physical traps in the room. The pillars are not traps, but have hostile magic.

When we enter the room the dust under our feet swirls and the skeletons get up, clanking their chains.

The skeletons are bound in chains and have a weird crackling purplish energy covering them that makes our hair stand on edge. Even the Necromancer doesn’t like it. Purple energy crackling on the chains as well. They seem to be a magical effect, not a binding.

Skeletons were not super good at Dex saves, cold did full dmg, resist slashing. Fire did full, Necrotic did full, Do bonus “impact” dmg on crits, first one killed the chain retracted into the pillar as if absorbed, extra hp, 12 ac, vuln radiant, not resist bludg, when the die they crumble into the dust covering the room.

Sidebar: The Half Dmg Club is Pretty Cool isn’t it?

Loot: weird fragments of weird glass like substance.

We leave the dungeon and head back to the town to get in a Long Rest. We barely make it back before they lock the gates. Clustering at the gates, people who are not entering the city. One grp is Tarak Nomads, others are poor adventures, some others dressed in buck sins with face paint and feathers. Celtic vibe.

Going in, soft cultured urbane voice, man in exquisite robes, asks for a moment of our time. Invites us to sleep in his camp. He offers to make it worth our while. Holds up a single black coin. We decide to take the offer for the coin.

He is from the Talathos, wants to know if we have considered his offer. The Necro and Half-Orc say they are not interested in his offer. Creepy Kid calls him a false religion. I tell them no, Zhon doesn’t like them. The NPC’s hanging with the Ruthani.

I manage to stop the Necro from grabbing the black coin. Scoop it into a pouch and then let the Necro hold it. We join the Ruthani. They have decent food and beer. They freeze when we enter, staring at the Necro radiating evil. I put my hand up, say he’s cool, and go grab a beer. The druid has been chatting with their leader. Ripped bastard. She’s been whispering to him. One of the girls says’s he not cool. One of the Ruthani. The Necro asks Muffy to stand up for him. She says he’s horrible evil with soul stealing items, but he’s totally cool. I like him. The Necro gives a thumbs up.

The leader stands up, and I recognize the Ruthani and wolf girl who approached us from the Green Hand before. They are submissive to the leader of this group. They call us over. Gave the Necro a beer.

We go talk to them, I explain that until Talazhon throws in an offer I;m gonna try to veto all votes. They bring up that non-recruited grps will likely be targeted eventually by the Order of the Circle. Kill the unknown. Drink beer and sleep. Head back to the dungeon after sunrise.

Head back to dungeon, enter and go back to the room past the skeleton chain room. There are 4 pillars in the room, same purply energy with the faces, but no skeletons attached by chains. Across is an iron sarcophagus with black energy leaking from it.

Enter the room and a purply elf girl appears in bent and rent armor, bandaged like a mummy. Terrible wounds on her and wrapped with chains like from the previous room. She looks at us and says, "Brave adventures, I have been bound to guard the Tomb of ‘x’. Please leave here and loot any other rooms. I stare at the half-orc like he’s nuts.

I charge, she materializes into what she looked before but solid. There a 4 Wights and 2 Mummies.


kyndrakos SkeletonJack

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