City of Crypts

"I never get what I want, just what I ask for" - Princess Keira

“Naga’s are the best. I love snakes!! I just think about their tendrils all day long!!” The last gnome…

ABA’s – Micky – $5, Rob – $5, Will – $10, Eddie – $10, Ian – $10
We head off to go see the Pantheon. As we enter there are a few people waiting, 2 women and a guy all in armor. They look at Thorax and say “greetings champion of the Pantheon, we will give you what council we can.” He says he is there to see what the pantheon needs of him he is not there to ask anything. We have a second chosen of Zhon in the party (has to be Celestia, Moose or Phil). Keira’s grandfather is the Chosen of Zhalkar. Keira talks to them about asking for their protection in return for not raising her kids to be worshippers of the Talthos. They do not answer right away, they mention that she has been opening herself up to the Far Realm frequently. It can look back through to her and is a slow path to corruption. Mhorkall pulled up stakes and considered everything a failure when the Talthos failed to deliver. He took his favorite tools and left. They want the line of Heroes from Keira to function for them as they functioned for Mhorkall.

In return for their protection they want a decision on whom to represent. Blah blah blah, Mikey deals… The end deal is that Keira becomes the Scourge of the Pantheon, gains the protection of the Pantheon, her soul back, raise her children in the Pantheon but not automatic followers, Fight Mhorkall with the ability to sense and see Far Realm things, Gain the abilities and advantages of being a vampire without being one. Whings about lost hopes and dreams. Eraine leans over and kisses Keira on the cheek and there is a glow and then a sharp pain as the thing in her head is ripped out. The Robe of Shadows transforms into a white robe with five interlinked circles. This symbol is also on her cheek with two crossed swords through them (a new symbol). She also goes over and kisses Thorax on the cheek. He now has a symbol on his cheek that is the Pantheon symbol with an upraised hand in it.

We leave the Pantheon and head to go see Mhoram. A wave of hot energy passes over us as if something immensely powerful is mad at us but nothing happens and we continue on. We find ourselves in a large courtroom. The doors open and Zhon walks in and sits at the prosecution table and looks at us. He looks at Keira and says he is not terribly pleased but not displeased either. She screwed over his brothers and sister which amuses him but sad that she didn’t come to him for a better deal. She complains that he takes all the credit which is a deal breaker for she is arrogant and ambitious. We are on the cusp of what we are supposed to doing but we need to power up. He will give us something important. He pulls out an ornate scroll which he hands to Asheron, and says break the seal open if it looks like we are going to be wiped out. He also recommends that we look for trouble around the City of Shadows to power up ourselves. We wake back up on the altar in the temple of Mhoram.

We feel awful (except for Thorax who feels fine since he has blood of Heroes) and go healing. The priests bring us food and heal us up while being amazed that we came back. As we leave we notice that Thorax has another symbol on him, an eyepatch symbol on his shoulder – the symbol of Jack. We get to the inn and find the top of the inn exploded. The innkeeper tells us about some woman with razor swords and two crocs broke in and fought , bilebite and she ran off, the cleric was dead but she woke back up after a few hours. Moose and Phil tell us what happened and then bring us to meet the cleric at some hovel down the road. We figure that she is the other Zhon follower and Bile bite left with the other woman.

We head to an inn to hire a rouge, the Blackpool Inn. We meet a rouge named Jaspar the Blade, he wants an equal share of the loot. The next guy wants the same. The next is a girl with a Terak Nomad mask, she has some useful info and is willing to work for a cut of money and items that are rouge specific or an option for taking other items that we don’t want. We hire her on for a trial basis. Thorax feels a shiver up his spine as a big guy comes walking over. We get a new inn and spend the night, we are attacked in our sleep. We fight them off and take a number of prisoners. We ask who hired them, no one, they are thieves that were trying to rob us from us throwing around a lot of money. We search them and turn them over to the authorities (10 short swords, 10 leather armor, 90 gold). A messenger comes to see us and tells us that we are wanted at the palace, the Emperor wants to see us.


kyndrakos SkeletonJack

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