City of Crypts

The Bardnomancer

First off, go fuck yourself!! Secondly, he sings his own praises.
Sun 9/27

We face the next door, made of granite and covered in metal, covered in faces. The air around it moves to where it looks like something is breathing. I can’t find any traps before the door, but there is a trap on the door. A thick black fluid leaks out of the eyes on the door for a full 5 min which does necrotic dmg to me.

The bard began to cast a ritual Detect Magic. While doing so purple lights over the sarcophagus. The half orc throws a javelin at one of the braziers (anger issues?) and it dongs off. Three walk in and a breeze kicks up with a cinnamon smell.

The sarcophagus is about 12’ long, 6’ wide, 4 1/2’ tall. Palpable aura of cole and evil coming from it when the monk examines. He tries to open it. He takes electricty damage as an arcing lightning bolt hits him and then everyone else in the room. A cloud of foul smelling gas comes out after the half orc opens the sarcophagus with a faint cinnamon smell.

5’ emaciated leather skin humanoids, glowing red eyes, iron death masks, 3 total, midian bronze death masks. The main guy is more skeletal and a guant fream, skin is covered with glowy purple symbols, wearing a robe black and reddish trim (gosh), copper death mask.

The creatures skin has damage resistance. 2 claw attacks each for necrotic damage. The boss waited and readied an action for the first round. These things are Wights. The boss is a mummy uses Dread Gaze on me but I saved. Vulnerable to fire, has dmg resistances. Mummy has rotting fist for 5d6 dmg + ?. The necro kills the mummy with fire dmg and it explodes dealing 11 dmg to the warlock right in front of it. 10’ radius. Wights don’t like sunlight, they have a vulnerability.

We kill everything and search for loot.

Loot: 1726g, black iron crown (magic, necromatic +1dc necromancy spells, stores 1 lvl 1spell) (shawn), 2 potions of healing (1 doug, 1 michael), 2 potions neutralize posion (1 doug, 1 michael), 1 scroll of remove curse (1 doug), 1 red and black silk midian robes (evil, + 1 ac, stacks on armor) (michael), + prev loot of 161g, (Total 314.5 gold each)

We head back to town. The guards were betting on us getting back to town. The monk seems obsessed with his brewery idea and getting things off the ground. At The Virgin and the Lich we hear hammering noises. There is an orc hammering on a copper vat. He’s working on the brewery items per the monk. It’s scrap copper but better than before.

The monk and I go off to discuss my business ideas on getting people on the hook to sell items to us. We discuss it in private and then we come back. I say to him in front of everyone to say “Yes” when I notice a girl in her early 20’s with blonde hair with green stripes dyed in and a green tattoo on her face wearing chain and leather. She looks like a human. With her are two beefy guys in chain mail with bows and swords. There is a second girl who is older in leather. She is attractive but doesn’t do upkeep. She has odd ocd ticks like scratching herself and keeps looking behind herself.

The 2nd girl is exhibiting animal like behaviour. The 1st girl says her name is Taryn Mac-neith. She asks what we know about the politics in the regions. She also has a business proposition. Her orgination is called The Green Hand, they represent the high priestess who rule their order back in the country of Sian. It is a Ruthani country. They are concerned with the amount of damage between the Midian undead, the Faithless, and Order of the Cirlce. The OoC has picked up allies and over the past 3 years several of the smaller towns near have been taken over by the Order of the Circle and “purged”.

The Order of Circle has plans here and is trying to take control of the area to control the caravan routes. They have people who will do dirty assignments but will be very well awarded. The OoC wipes out people who worship the Talathos. If we kill them in advance then the OoC has no excuse to go into an area.

The Kid feels a sharp emotional hatred towards the girl. The monk notices she’s a Ruthani (druid) so she worships the Nature Pantheon. The Pantheon has been hearing about them. They’ve been getting organized recently. The 2nd girl was likely a girl who was an animal who can transform into a human.

Necromancer: 91g
Monk: 46g
Half-orc: 100g
Kid: 300g
Doug: ?

537g, I can hook 21 grps w/25+g each.

There is a guy approaching the table who is pale and albine with creepy slitted yellow eyes. The kid notices him and points him out. The kid says, “Something creepy this way comes.” He has 3 staves strapped to his back. He comes to our table.

We feel a dark evil aura from the guy and then it seems like it snuffs out. He was a dry whispery voice. He says that he has a counter offer to the druid. He is Thanar of the Black Sun. He is bald. He represents a group that doesnt’t want us to work for the Druids or Pantheon and will pay. The Black Sun is a symbol of the Talathos and Ancient Midia. The Kid tells him that the Talathos is a false religion.

I talk to Yagra and he can set us up with a merchant who can buy and sell for us. He’s not a merchant, he’s a respected business leader. He will set up a meeting with us.

I hire scribes to create manuals of the monster information I have, and the traps. 75g for 25 copies. The next day Yagra has a meeting for us with Lan-Tharesh. Yagra warns us that he is a Master Thief and each one in the city has a specialty where they run things in city. I get the half-orc to agree not to speak and the monk refuses to go.

We meet an avg looking guys in a cloak and leather. H e asks us to follow him. The monk ends up following us and joins. We go down a few alleyways. We stop at a culdesac with a few shanties. One building has an old decrepit woman begging outside where he says we have to tip. We do so. Down a dark corridor we get lead to a room where there is an orc with dual wield’s flails. Tells us to have a seat.

There is a small table and a man dressed in fine quality but not austentatious. Human growing old. Lots of guards. He says we’ve been in town 5 days. It’s usually proper to pay respects sooner. I explain that I am a social reject and willing to pay. Need protection and a vendor.

100g per month of protection. And will provide a charismatic vendor that will deal with items and groups for us. I provide the lore and info for monsters and dungeons initially. 10% of my income for the Tomb Robers Guild. So anyone who fucks with me fucks with them. Buy and sell for us. No stealing from members or vendors. And I take down independents or inform on them. Agrees to no upcharges on customers. Makes me “kiss the ring”. Faction “Tomb Robbers Guild”.


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