City of Crypts

That's not how you get Lichloved!!

She got inside me!
Sun 12/6

Bill won’t draw a map.

Rob and Bill are assholes.

The next room we enter, over a MONTH later, is a rectangle with pillars and no furniture. Midians. Such bad decoration sense. There is also mist in the room.

Shambling Fetid Corpses appear in the mist while the Creepy Kid is “filling holes”. 14 AC, 10’ aura Con DC 12 (Poison) vs Staggered, -1 Dex saves, no double dmg from radiant, immune poison, charm and exhaustion, full dmg slashing.

The next room has more pillars and a glowing red circle, flashing light of Zalkar the Painbringer, waves of arcane energy washing over the arcane casters. The rest of us sun walk from the room and peer from the corners as the half-elf necrovoker touches the circle, taking 15 necrotic. Now a black triangle appeared in the center with a chain. It’s covered in Midian B. Invocation against the forces of night and death. The half-elf picks it up and “stores it”.

In the next room there are sarcophagi, cracked, leaking green fluid pooling in the center. After we go inside, the three cracked ones have thin humanoids with greenish skin covered in carved symbols in their skin, long skulls and over sized jaws with sharp teeth.

Acid Ghouls, when hit acid leaches onto the weapons (Con save), spit acid for 3d6 (Con 1/2) once per 2 rds, took full dmg from slashing, vulnerable fire, immune necrotic, necrotic dmg heals them.

2 Cure Light Wounds scrolls, 2 scrolls Neutralize Poison, 1 Sealed Urb (welded shut), 400g.

The half-orc uses the lid from the sealed sarcophagus to get past the acid to pop up a cracked one. Doing so acid gushes out and splooshes over him.

Next room has 4 columns covered in alternating plates of bronze and iron, with mummified corpses chained to them. And also chains hanging from ceiling with skulls on the end. When the half enters the chains rattle and the skulls sway. When the half-orc enters 4 skeletons with chains hooked into them, they spider like scrawl around to get to them.

Resist necrotic, full slashing, full fire, Dex save even, ac 13, can shoot chains and slide people.

500gp, 500gp, 2 potions of spider climb, 2 scrolls 1 divine spells

Next room sounds like a weird crackling fire coming out of it, 5 sarcophagi, four standing up on the walls, one in the center made of iron on a dais. Fire and smoke are leaking out of the edged of the main sarcophagus. Chained to the 4 are skinny pale chicks, bodies covered with smoking midian glyphs. Long reddish hair dripping blood and the same for their eyes.

When the group walks in, they speak in Midian “Zaitha-ib-teroth” is the person inside of the sarcophagi, spoken by the shark teethed women. She is here in a place of honor from the Lord we already killed. Girls do Int drain, chant in Midian to shoot bolts, normal dmg from fire, when the Necrovoker walked into the middle of the room his skin broke out in gangrene and took necrotic damage, ac 14, they can cause bleed, scream for Wis save, when the half orc moved in he took necrot like the half elf. He moved in 3-4 hexes. 2d6 psychic dmg at will with eye contact, can dissolve and absorb into your skin.

Search the room and the primary sarcophagi. Pop a chest, inside staff made of dark wood with runes and a glowing gem (+1, stores 3 spell levels), 1000gp, 750gp, copper midian death mask +1 Wis/Int 3/day, 250gp, sphere of crystal with a heart and clear fluid inside beating (immune charm), then identifying the chain (resist necrotic 3/day)

When the half-orc pops the main sarcophagi there is an earth shattering boom. Took fire damage. Charred corpse inside. Loot her skull.

1200 exps each. Last session 2600 exps each.

Head back to town. Bard points out that shouldn’t wear Midian items into town. Real Midians snuck in and now they kill Midians on sight.


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