City of Crypts

Talk with Chaos

Standing before the door, the rogue checks the door and says he isn’t sure but he thinks its clear. Nimoch tries the door and blades come out and cut him up a little. But the door opens and we see two statues and a raised dais with a sarcophagus. We enter and the rogue finds a trap on the dais. He disarms it but someone coalesces from the tomb four ghouls four wights and two clay golems come forth. We kill them all and loot the room. Mummy in the tomb – +2 midean bronze armor, +2 unholy mace of bleeding, +2 electrum death mask, ammy fire resist 15 turn resist 5; coffin – elven longsword (it starts speaking in elven) – it insults grugnir’s stench and tries to get Asheron to jump, +3 longsword reptile bane +2d6 vs reptiles (extra +1), +2 shortspear, 2 potions of mind reading, 35291 copper, 63120 silver, 10942 gold, 372 platinum, 2 150g gems, 2 250gp gems, 4 500gp gems, 2 1000gp gems, 3 javelins of lightning, bag of holding V (for rob), staff of black/red metal with a red glow that keeps changing its schools of magic and whether it is magic (chaos). We divvy up loot from the tomb. Gold total:210,706 – 50K each, 10706 for the cleric.

Asheron tries to pick up the staff but it says hell no. It says it will have to deal with us and calls up a glowing red stone and says none of us are chaotic. It will travel along with us and we will try to sell him to a chaotic person. We agree and ask what he can do – Staff of the Chaotic Mind he gives a random stat bonus or penalty every day and has a random chart for stuff – pain in the ass. We head back and sell stuff to the blackmarket and then head back to our house to recoup and get ready for Asheron’s tea meeting and a party the next night.

While we sleep the staff starts glowing and says it is to be a bridge for us to talk to someone. We talk to the current proxy of Tithys about the possibility of how we are being screwed. The Unborn is a host of divine energy left from the last talthos unborn god, the eaten gnome god, the mideans etc. If we go there since it is at a weak point in the far realm we can become the new Morhkhall, become 4 new gods under his control, and the gods all have plans for it. Other option is for us to get an Orham artifact and talk to him. We decide we are going to stay for the tea and the party and then head to the City of Crypts.


kyndrakos lordofdork

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