City of Crypts

Taking the town and The Worm that Walks


Food log – Rob 10, Mikey 10, Eddie 10, Bill 10, Ian 10

Tharkus starts going off on a drug induced rant and we continue to loot the building. We search the building looking for the vault. The center room has a drug stash and a wine cabinet which we loot. The servants show us to the vault. Asheron detects a magic trap on the door but it has a command word that the orc bodyguard and tharkus should know. We go find the orc bodyguard with the cleric. Asheron talks him into giving them the password and then leaves him to Celestra’s “tender mercies”. We deactivate the magic trap and then Nimoch sets off the molten bronze trap right when Asheron sees it. We open the door and see a half dozen chests.

2000gp; 6000gp in goods; suit 1 studded leather; +1 shield; 2 keoghtem’s ointment – remove poison or disease or clw; amulet of time keeping; 2 anklets of hobbling; armband of healing (max heal of your lv 3 times a day); +2 longsword Arbiter detect chaos/will, smite chaos 3/day = pally/lv, Bane chaos; Empty flask, bottle of containment – holds 200 units of fluids; carved bone rattle in midean – a death rattle slay living 1/day dc30, taint 1; Deathlock Ammy – cast 3rd lv necro spell target fort dc 10cha mod+lv of spell, fail take an additional 1d4 neg lv, taint 1; Midean War Gong – +2 unholy bonus to any ally in 100’, -2 to opponents in 100’, taint 1.

We split up the loot. Then we decide to go visit Sameriel Zadaris the 4th water lord. We show up and the doors are barred. The guards stop us and then run from us when we tell them that we aren’t killing water lords but the minions that get in the way. The steward lets us in. This building is not built as midean architecture and all the people inside are beautiful. An attractive red haired teifling woman walks up to us. We tell her to give us all her stuff, we will let her live and may set her up as town leader if she is good enough for the job. She surrenders and turns over her stuff. 3000gp, 4000sp, 500gp silver midean art, 2 midean tapestries 200gp each, small ivory box 100gp, 10 25gp gems, 1 dram fumes of precognition (combat precog 1d4 rounds 6 doses), 1 cloak of battle +1 ac +1 att/dam +1 fort untyped, Black illithid heartstone – +2 con -2 cha taint 1, +1 shortsword, +1 chainmail of might +1 str +1 fort, + 1 midean heavyblade, +1 leather of fire resist 10, Antique crystal vial filled with red fluid – vial of martyrs blood – banishs evil outsider will dc25.

We head to Jareela Kazidan’s manse. It is another midean estate but very well kept up but no sign of minions. The door opens before us and we enter a courtyard and to the house. The door opens and at the end of a long hallway there is a woman in a hooded cloak. She lowers the hood and is a teifling as well, with midean blood in her according to Keira. She is here to get knowledge, power and spells. We ask her to give us her stuff, she will contribute to the town once we leave and she will be free to do her research. She makes a counter offer to provide a service to us in the future. We accept since she seems to be descended from some sort of powerful demon and fighting her would be tricky since demons would show up. We leave and head to the halfling’s place, Beelo Blackwart.

The place is loaded full of Gnolls and attack as soon as we see them. Fireballs go off, a ballista is fired and battle is engaged. We fight through, killing them all, we lost one void zombie but gained 2 gnoll ghasts and 2 corrupted ghast hyenas. We break through the door to the house and the slaves tell us where the Halfling ran off to hide. They lead us to a small locked room where the Halfling and his two bodyguards are supposed to be. The room is ransacked and bits of spent scroll on the floor (most likely a teleport scroll). We loot the place.

We then set up the moneylender as the leader, Samariel as the face and the necromancer as the aide. Keira gives the ghasts to the necromancer, the six ghoul trash collectors to set up the new town guard. We leave 2000gp with the moneylender to set up the town for keeping and for sending Tharkus home and they can use the reward to set up the town. We rest up and spend some time to get what we need and spend a week to get the town better running and defended, and the information to know how to handle the ruins. We set it up so that any unique items are set aside for us but all money goes into the town. One night Keira wakes up to find some weird white worm crawling on her and smells a spiced smell. She looks and sees a tall man that seems wrong somehow in black robes and a gold death mask looking out the window. “I wanted to see what the gods were sending up against the faithless” (he speaks in Midean A with an old accent). Grave worms are what was crawling on her. “It will take more than killing things to be able to take on the Faithless and the Death Wyrm.” He is the Lord High Flesh Crafter.

The Death Wyrm is pulling all of his Faithless together. There are large encampments in the two crypt cities, in Midea and laying siege to the order of the circle and the city of the dragons. The five faithless lords are active in the Dark Realm. The rest of us hear voices and Asheron can tell that it is Midean A and Keira is talking to someone about complex theological discussion. Talk revolves around being pieces on a chessboard for her grandfather and the gods. The rest of us enter her room to see if she is okay. He knows where one of the Morkhall key pieces is, which is for opening a door that the gods wanted locked up and to never get out. The idea is to use this to stop Morkhall and his plans but whatever is behind that door may turn on us. It is called the Unborn in ancient Naga and Illithid texts. Morkhall wants it as well. He also offers to Fleshsculpt us for practice since it’s been awhile (stat adjustments but it hurts, may effect your mind). The legacy items are gifts from the gods. Keira agrees to be fleshcrafted. The key is in the Palace of Pain inside the City of Midea (City of Crypts) a 12-15lv dungeon. As we assemble the pieces of the key we can find the others. Option of setting up more of these cities as redoubts for those fighting the Faithless.

City of Shadows would be a good place to start to get the people fighting the Faithless to use the towns we set up as bases to escape. The ancient vampire is the Chosen of Theos the Betrayer. Jareela is the descendant of an Il-mageroth and a Pit Fiend but is out on her own doing her own thing – trying to be Empress of Midea since there is no acknowledged emperor. Gal is interested, Kashkazar is interested, since the forces of good are distracted by the Dark Realm, demons, undead and Faithless. Whats the best way to lay the Naga low – they are attempting a comeback, they have one of the keys so might have to go there even though its off track – best to go after we have a few other key pieces. Goal to accomplish before the palace of pain: Head to Ciroc and consult with the king and council, seek wisdom from the ancestors.

Consult the Priests of Morham to talk to the gods: temple in City of Midea and City of Shadows, dangerous but we have the blood of heroes.
1) City of shadows talk to council and the death priests.


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