City of Crypts

Sweet Vengeance

Ahead of us are two double doors and a door to the left and the right. The necro has clearly modeled his place after the classic midean architecture. Thorax disables the trap and we head on into the double doors. Before us are six more of the skeletons, 4 with swords, 2 with spells. We leap forward to engage. The room itself is bare, used for storage but empty now. We head back and go to the left. We start checking doors along the route, but find nothing. We make it to the outside where there is a garden and skeletons watering them. We enter another room and it has 4 Midean War ghouls, 2 wights, 2 skel mages, an undead guy in armor and another person at the end of the room. We start taking them down quickly and this tentacle horror summons in by the guy at the end of the chamber and a duplicate of the guy appears at the side of the hall. The guy that appeared was a spectral image, we destroy the undead and knock the necromancer unconscious. We stabilize him and start to question the undead ranger that Keira took control over.

He says his name is Bile Bite a ghoul ranger. We bargain to get him to join our team and he decides to join us for the time. We heal up the necromancer and start to question him. He found the War Ghouls and some tablets that taught him the midean spells. He tells us where everything is. 3Potions cmw2d8+4, potion of invis, 3 pot imw 2d8+4, potion of spiderclimb, 3 scrolls 3-1stlv 1-2nd each divine, wand of identify and detect treasure 18charges, 3000gp of funerary goods, 2400 gp, 3600 sp, 5900cp, 5 gems 100gp each, ring 2nat ac, bronze +2 ac death mask, death silk robes +2 ac, dust of disappearance (1 dose), ring of dread insight (2 int skill checks), +2 cloak resist, +2 human skin armor, +2 staff of mortalbane, 3 vials of corpseweed, 1 platinum brazer worth 500gp (alchemical – burn stuff in it for double effects- worth more to right people). 3 vials of corpsedust (necro component for making items or undead). Midean tablets that have the spells Rack, Red Fester, Rotting Curse of Moorkhall, and Love’s Pain. The plants in the garden are useful in necromantic experiments. We question him about the other waterlords, the Halfling is a tightwad, Jeerla no one knows about except that she is just looking for magic items, and Sameriel is a tiefling.

We rest for the day in our new base, the necromancer’s place, and before we head to Tharkus’ to kill him a guy shows up, Miklos one of the necromancer’s contacts, and says he has a necromantic skull for sale. It can do store 4 necro spells and +2dc necro spells which we buy. We head to Tharkus’ and are met by the guards. We offer to sell the corpseweed to their master and they go in to check. An elf guy comes out, Andarian Tharkus’ majordomo, he supervised things like buying slaves. We sell him the corpseweed for 500gp. And then try to distract him but Thorax just sends his Crocodile to attack. We kill them all and hire the slave that brought out the money and take the box of 1000gp and our corpseweed back. We fight through the next room and take the head overseer (charm) and keep going. We are attacked in the next room by more orcs and kill them and continue on. We meet with Tharkus who is sitting there smoking and is totally out of it. We hog tie him, and loot his place and have a new better palace, we give the necromancer back his old place (minus loot).

Total current xp should be 19,000 now plus whatever bonus xps you have received.
Sunday 7/7
Rob: $20, Micky: $10, Ian: $15, Eddie: $20, Bill: $10


kyndrakos SkeletonJack

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