City of Crypts


Entry 7

Game notes follow, didn’t have time to edit or put in extra information

First room had four spheres 20’ across floating about 4 feet off the ground over pedatles. pedastles covered with arcane runes, the spheres had crackling black energy. Failed 1 will save and the energy poured into me for 2 rounds, felt like I was satisfied, warm and tingling. The liuetenant was a mummy cleric with about 30 mummies. Gave me +2 to one stat of my choice.

We discussed bum rushing the boss but sided on clearing out the mini bosses to make sure they could not come back to attack us.

SalMaraKeth favored concubine of ashghol the emporer of the pyramid is the next room. Bronze midian door trapped and locked, corridor leads to room filled with chests of gold silver, loot, and more. Center of the room is a black iron sarcogpagus standing up and there is something inside. Can link up to the concubine if you own here and send negative effects on to her. I have Thaos the Betrayer symbol on me now, he was Zhon’s eldest son and he is part of the Talathos. That came from the black energy from the 4 spheres.
I open the sarcophagus and make a fort save. She is inside with an elven artifact binding her in place allowing the emporer to use its effects. She is a blood mummy. She binded with Ian and Rob took the artifact.

+3 red iron glaive of elf slaying
+3 midian razor sword of impaling (razor=3d4 18-20/x3) impaling auto confirm crits
+3 midian bronze plate of renewing life (1/day Heal)
Gem of brilliance: sheds light
Gem of insight: take 10 on perception, +10 perceptoin, ian takes it
2 midian scrolls, 1 feat each, 1 taint each
Dark sphere: much heavier, thaos symbol, scroll said didnt belong here, by using uMD and the thaos mark on me I was able to make it float around me.

Call to the Oracle, do a will save, but robs artifact stops me so Igo to another room. Shecomes and kisses me, says not to worry about the betryal, and she kisses me after making a flippant marriage comment and something goes down my throat. Says the orb will help me fighting the emporer.

Next room, tomb of the imperial astrologer, room is covered with pantings of the night sky with different constelations with a mechanical device in the room moving with the constelations, and the astrologer is working on it. Says something that has been asleep for a long time is about to wake up due to a convergence of stars. The druid threatens him with the flower of elven goodia. Somethign the gods hid is waking up, and they are not talking about it. when th talathos came into creation the thing was hidden, the only active gods the were orihim, morkhal, and the racial gods. One of them did it. hidden to be used later, and lots of people are looking for it now. It connects to his lord and master emporer. He sees my orb of thaos, and asks for it, promising secrets.

The astrologer wants to do a prophecy on us, he says Iwas born under the sign of the beast and he becomes flabergasted. “holy fuck!” he says, will check and the astrologer gets sucked into the black orb. The gods obviously moved and used the orb to stop him from telling us something they didnt want us to know. The warlock is making goofy pictures on the wall defacing it and only talks in midian since she was “fixed”.

Next room, tomb of the nexromancer, asana-mar-neru, its been cleared by someone else. Run to the next room, it has 6 crystal sarcophagi with hmanoid figures inside with an eerie blue light escaping from them, this room has been cleared as well. To the next room has 4 crystaline pyramids covered in midian runes, and glowing. I can see energy inside of them.

The group continues the search the first room and finds nothing of note. There was one off to the side room that has flesh sacks on the walls with writhing grumbs moving across the ground. One figure is under the dropping goop and his flesh is melting off of him. The ranger asks Ian about him and she finally comes to, identifies him as a talathos cleric from the vil party that Clarena was originally in. The scroll says something incredibly powerful is in here, may be used as a reserve battery. The party kills the cleric.

He was holding on to a bloodwood box, one of the artifacts we came here for. 2 crystaline vials, one has a bright red fluid inside that seems living, the other is filled with a black fluid. Potions that were made out of LOTS of people. Red makes you immortal. The black one gives levels, makes you better at what you can do. The party moved on to the crystaline sarcophagus room.

Each of the sarcophogus holds a chosen of a good god. 6 total locked up.
1) E’dyn Baruk – selphorim, chosen of the goddess Selphora
2) Zaim Starhammer – dwarf, chosen of Dhurzad the WOrldforger
3) Kallanara Winterdew – elven sorceress chosen of Arathel
4) Zovalescu Thardu – maloval chosen of Mallacia
5) Brivain Makedoin, human druid of Rinea
6) Zhark Ironskull, orc barbarian of Kruul

A god cannot choose a new chosen until the previous chosen has dead.

They come to find me in the next room with the pyramids. Im there unmoving. The energy from the pyramids are flowing into the black orb. We go back to battery room and I use the black orb. The mage sphere fucks me and forms a body and escapes the orb into a real body.

We go back to the chosen room, the nagas built the sarcophagus, we free the orc first and I try to take his soul with one of my soul stones, rob uses the flower to open it up, insides is a moving skeleton of the orc still alive somehow with eyes and crisped flesh, when I try to take his soul the god uses his salient ability to make me not steal the soul. The god smack talks me and then he says we can keep the weapons.

The druid then frees the elf, skeletal girl pulls herself out, then she dies. Rinse and repeat.

Orc Double Sword +5 of Slaying (1/day pick a race) artifact, ian
Elven Warbow +5 (no ammo, shafts of pure moonlight) 3d8 artifact, micky
Human Oakheart Staff +5 +4d6 undead dmg and disruption, doubles druid spells per day, immortality, artifact, rob
Dwarf Warhammer +5, thunderbolts, returns, goblinoid bane 4d6, artifact, Funny, immortality, wild shape huge earth elemental 3/day
There is a long shit, then a womans voice speaks, “There are several strings being pulled here. When you get to the central chamber run as far and as fast as you can and dont look back.” The fight has already been preordained and POWER will be coming down on that room against the Deathworm. Some of the gods are ok with scrificing us because well get our reward in the afterlife.
Selphorim’ Crystal Staff +5, doubles cleric spells, empower, maximize, and extend, artifact, goes to cleric.
Maloval Metal Staff +5, staff of archmagi (staff of magi, staff of power, ring of wizardry 1-9), artifact,

I get the sense that something isn’t happy with us, probably the Deathworm.

Unholy Staff of power, wizardy 1-4 bloodsteel

The next room has 6 crystal cylandirs, inside mishapen humanoids with the pseudonatural template, Tomb of Imprisoned Flesh. The emporer’s offspring with illithid blood. Took four of their souls, but two were immune. Sorc, ranger (Prince can’t spell it), barbarian (Prince khadam somrthing), fighter (Princess something), The Sorc is Princess Ara-mal and she is my new mage sphere. Can push taint on them, use them for skills, etc…

The next room is the Tomb of the Eternal Philopher. Hes stuck into a silver circle, bound to stay there and come up with ideas for the emporer.

Two Hander: Double Str bonus, 2H Reach feat (doesn’t stack with Lunge)

Dual Wield: Hammer the Gap and Two Weapon Rend no longer exist

Bows: Use only Dex, Double Dex mod for dmg, 5’ threat area, +1 dice dmg step if target within 10’

Wizard: 2 specializations, no off schools, and all other house rules.


kyndrakos SkeletonJack

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