City of Crypts

Panoramas Surrounded by Ruins

Entry 3

The oddest thing we’ve seen in here so far was the midian bronze plate room. An undead overseer, which we dispatched quickly, was controlling undead minions attaching inscribed plates to living victims. I’ve been here in the City of Crypts for many years now, and I am still bewildered by the practices of this long dead civilization.

In addition to that we came across something that deserves more attention. We’ll have to go back so I can take more notes on the spectacle. An old man wearing only robes was in the ruins of the funerary grounds. He was alive and unmolested. Which means that he is an agent of a god. Nothing else would be permitted to live freely there like that…

Upon the stone walls he depicted 10 scenes. Of these, the last three were a 3 part series of some kind. It doesn’t do us much good now, but we need to find out what these mean later. There is no telling how important this could be.

Description of Paintings by the old guy in the Ruins outside the Funerary Grounds

1) An ancient city in snow and ice
2) A titan-sized sarcophagus
3) An elder god-like thing, a mass of tentacles and eyes
4) Several heroes (bloodline descendants) standing together
5) Orim and Rachel’s symbol
6) Doom made w/midian bronze covered in glyphs
7) White skull covered w/blood stains, jewels, and glyphs
8) Female midian face in a pool of blood (series)
9) Very attractive woman with pale, tentacle-like hair surrounded by a mass of eyes and tentacles (series)
10) Male in midian leather and a bone mask going into blood (series)

After this we also cleared one other room. Some slow moving undead minions that were more walking targets than anything else, two csaters, and a massive midian war golem. The fight was not a cake walk. And we’ve not even entered the actual pyramid yet… I’m not sure what our real chances are…

Unclaimed Loot

Bronze Plate Mail +3 (Base AC 6, Max Dex 2) Maleable
(E) Electrum Death Mask +2 AC, +2 Wis, +2 Spell DC’s
(E) Electrum Death Mask +6 Wis, +4 Spell DC’s
Staff of Dark Wrath +3 (Cackling Wrath/Hungry Shadows) (30 charges)
(E) (x3) Human Skin +3 (Base AC 2) Evasion, +4 Dex, Shadowstep 3/day
Chain Shirt +3
(VE) (x4) Black Iron Box: 4 glossy black stones (RELICS) +1 attribute, +1 taint
(VE) Black Midian Scroll: 1 Feat, 2 Taint
(VE) Box with White Shroud: “Soul Shroud” One free come back from the dead, Taint: ?


kyndrakos SkeletonJack

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