City of Crypts

Murdering Spiders

Eddie (Grunier): Untrusting
Rob (Nimoch/Thorax): Loyal, Star Crossed
Micky (Keira): Vengeful, Power Hungry (Temporal)
Ian (Asheron): Stubborn, Hatred: Snakes

Eddie trained at a monestary to become a hunter of “evil”, he was an orphan. He went to the City of Crypts to hunt an evil merchant for his first mission. On the mission something went south, and he doesn’t remember much of the fight, but he got picked up by someone who saved him. That man always wore a mask, put him through intensive training, and taught him how to read. He sent him to the City of Crypts once he was done training him and gave him a book, telling him that the people who wrote the book will be after Grunier (The Words and Deeds of Saint Charles Dragonheart). Two marks on Eddie, 1) three interlinked circles with a sword through them tattoo 2) birthmark of a curled up black squid looking thing

Robbie is a Tarak Nomad, from the northern tribes lead by a son of Jack (good alignment). He received typical training, but when he was 12 a weird guy with a platinum mask came to the village and Nimoch went off with him to train. He later told him to embrace his destiny and to travel to the City of Crypts. Has a birthmark of a curled up black squid looking thing in addition to his Tarak tattoos.

Micky is a granddaughter of Kashghazhar re-Zhoraz, part of his “Collection” and raised in the Palace of Bone when I was still living. When I reached maturity I was put into storage for his Collection, which likely happened to my mother as well. Time passed, and I had no sense of common days. Eventually they took me out of storage one day and everything was dark and “changed”. The Undead (referred to by Midians as “The Descended”) were all over the place and grandfather was interested in me again. He trained me personally (the third person he did so with). One day he had a mission for me and told me to go Arakh, the City of Crimson Pillars.

Present Day

Nimoch and Grunier were working for a merchant doing basic labor when he used an object to control them and sold them into slavery (merchant=Milos ec-harisha). They ended up in Dustburn, a badlands city perched on the side of a plateau by the ruins of an ancient midian city. Syrakh the City of Shadows is the capitol of the Empire of Shadows. It is ruled by Esaad Childs (first son of Julian Childs) and is two weeks to the south. The Valley of Tombs is to the south where the early midians buried their kings as well. There are also two temple cities located to the south west along the Sea of Ashes. To the north, about 5 days, is the City of Crypts. 3 weeks to the north is the City of the Dragons.

Dustburn is a small community of 500 souls, with very little water here it is controlled by the 5 Water Lords who control the cisterns left over from ancient Midia. Bilo (halfling) owns an Oasis outside of town (the last remaining source of water), raising blood grain and blood beans to feed the people.

To control Grunier they placed an ancient midian slave collar on Grunier which will stop all supernatural abilities (psionics, spells, etc…) It was during their enslavement that Nimoch and Grunier spent a lot of time together “bonding” (butt buddies?).

They are owned by a slaver named Mizaquel Tharkus, from Tartessos (a capitalism city where money means everything), with a bugbear bruiser running the orc guards. He uses slaves to the point of death to bring up loot from the ruins to pay off his debt from back home. The lack of food and water, with an abundance of roaming undead prevent most escapes. Several slaves die each day however due to malnutrition and mistreatment.

Days later I and the halfling Asheron are bought and join the rest of the slaves. There is also a girl with a nerdy cute thing going on with three linked circle tattoos. We’re all brought to a new dig site. The girl’s name is Selestra and is a cleric of the Pantheon. We move into the ruins to find more loot to meet our quota (not meeting equals beatings and loss of food), but instead I try to find an ancient lost key to the slave collars. They put one on Asheron and myself as well.

While doing so we got jumped by 3 sand spiders. We killed one of them, but the other two killed one of the slaves, fed, and ran. We did find some extra loot in there to apply to our daily quota though.

Going on to the next room in the ruins we find 3 more spiders and kill them as well. We clear the rest of the rooms until the top floor is done. That night I convince the slaves to fight with us if we find something to to turn the tide of battle to attack the guards.

The orcs have a basket with a winch to lower us down to the 2nd level. I make sure to pick up the dagger the “halfling” found the day before since they took Nimoch’s stick away from him. On the way down to the 2nd level we see some blood hawks (aberrations) and kill/chase them off.

It was upon landing at the 2nd floor that I finally realized that Grunier, Asheron, Nimoch, and myself all have the squid tattoo. Grunier pipes up and identifies it as the mark of The Kraken (Destiny) from the Orihimite Tarot. Also, while attacking the blood hawks our tattoos give off energy and we sense that they are protecting us from divine intervention trying to fuck with us.

We enter the ruins and find the entrance the Tomb of the Teth family. The door is trapped with powdered alchemical bronze which sprays out on everyone. I convinced some of the slaves to open the door for us however, killing them and not us. We go in and go left and find more midian alchemical bronze doors with Midian B engravings. And we convince more slaves to open that one as well.

At this point the half-giant asks the orc guards for a rogue to pick the locks and find the traps. Instead they send down two crowbars and more slaves to replace the ones who had already died. Two of the slaves who had survived the entire time however were proving to be resourceful and intelligent so Nimoch took them to the back as two of the new slaves open the next door and take the effects from Tomb Dust jetted out by the next trap. We move into the next room.

At the far end of the next room there is an altar and the room is filled with pillars. A large 20’ across disk is at the end made of red marble covered in Midian A runes. Reading it, it is an invocation to Morkhal for the Death Worms protection (usually only high nobles had something like this, this is an artisan family house). I also notice that there is an impression for a hand.

A grinding noise begins when I press it and the marble disk begins to spin and starts rising up 10’ revealing something below (high precision engineering). There is a stairwell going down with a musty smell and cinnamon. The door on the left is marked with the name Hamar-rez-teh (in that room).

We go down the stairs with the slaves and find a large room with walls lined with alchemical bronze skulls covered in midian B. There are two doors in the room. We go to the left one if facing north. The skulls begin chanting as we walk through, praising Morkhal and Midia.

At this point one of the slaves tried to go report to the orcs what we’ve found. We were not having any of that so we grabbed him and forced him to open the next door by himself. He goes in an sets of a trap that causes him to start bleeding from his mouth, ears, and eyes. The blood evaporates and flows into the walls of the room. He set the trap off by going in by himself first with a little help from us!

We go in towards the midian bronze doors to the left and they open for me. We go in, and the room makes everyone do a Will save except for me and Asheron. There are large metal chains hanging from the ceiling. Attached to them are torsos with no limbs, covered in midian A with metal. The torsos begin to chant praises when I walk in and there is another set of double doors.

The doors open again when I get near revealing a huge room with 25’ vaulted ceiling and black marble everywhere, huge pillars and 6 doors in the room. These are the anti-chambers where the best loot and best traps are, but we might not be able to handle the traps. There is a repeated motif in the artwork in the rooms, the Temple of the Key of Eternity. On one wall a trickle of blood appears, then grows larger, and then forms into a figure. A very attractive woman with tattoos and an electrum mask (means priesthood), covered in blood. “Have you come for the key”. I say yes! She says I can take the key and claim what is mine by right. Nimoch asks if she can remove our collars and she does. I activate Nimoch’s Star Crossed flaw on the “blood woman” and he flirts with “his love”. Also the half giant kisses her to heal up, but he also gets -1 Con, +2 Wis permanent.

I go to the next room with Asheron. It is a huge temple devoted to the Death Worm (4 statues) with energy coming out of them going into a disk in the center of the room. There is a strange metal twisty device, strange runes, language, and grey unknown metal. Off to one side there is a man. He is a pureblooded midian, wrapped in chains, wearing armor with swords strapped to his back. There is a large coating of dust on him.

He starts talking in Midian A, “You finally come.” He says he will do one service for us if we free him after we take the Key. I take the Key. It does cold damage, but my cold resist stops it (5 cold dmg per round). I can tell this predates the Naga, of Illithid manufacture.

Zakaros urel-kaddarth is the man chained. We tell him that he must spare my family and at a later date give us a service of our choosing, and also remain in touch so we can call upon him. He hates the families ul-maggaroth and url-morden the most. He says the halfling is really a gnome. The Naga bred the halflings for food after they ate off all of the gnomes causing them to go extinct. He offers to give Asheron something to strike back at the Nagas once he’s free.

We go loot the other rooms now that I have the key and then Asheron takes the key and frees the man. He hands Asheron an eyeball, which is an eye of a naga emperor. As long as you hold it, Naga can’t use any mind-effects on you.

We go to the loot room and one of the slaves gets uppity and tries to take our loot. The two slaves (Moose and Phil) who have been the useful lieutenants smarten up and tell the slaves not to do anything stupid. I drop the stupid one with Shocking Grasp and ask if anyone else doesn’t want to follow orders.

Loot (Legacy items grant untyped stat bonuses)
Eddie: 1) Studded Leather Armor + 1, 2 DR/-, and + 2 Dex. 2) Glowing Gem (puts into his forhead) + 2 primary stat, doubles bonus PSP’s, it vanishes into his head and there is crackling energy in his eyes. (keeps his slave collar)
Rob: 1) Razor Sword + 1, Power Attack Feat. 2) Bloodsteel Breastplate + 1 (Immune to Bleed).
Micky: 1) Elven Silk Robes + 2 AC untyped, + 2 primary stat. 2) Weird Metal Staff + 1, + 2 spell DC’s, Wizardy 1&2. (snags Selestra’s slave collar)
Ian: Bloodwood Staff + 1, channel Eldritch Blast and can dual wield it. Studded Leather Armor + 1, 20% evasion, + 2 dex (human skin armor) (keeps his slave collar)
All: 12k worth of minor items each in gear.

The other 2 doors are empty however. I ask the old guy what happened to the two empty rooms (he’s an Elder Vampire with the Ancient template, something I only now sense with his chains off). He thinks that the gods are involved somehow and some weird god is messing with us. That god is dressed like a mad elf, with an oddly painted face. He also tells us that the item we just took (The Key) will seriously fuck up the Death Worm.

We go up with the Vampire and the orcs and the bugbear are waiting. The vampire slays the orcs and the bugbear runs. The warlock and I blast the bugbear and kill him to stop him from escaping. When we go up on the cart another orc comes running and the ranger slays him. From there the vampire leaves, we start looting all of the dead orc bodies, and then we loot the camp as well. Two new symbols appear on our bodies then. One is a Forge symbolizing strength from adversity. And the other is the Kraken representing Destiny.


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