City of Crypts

MINIdian Me

I not only got to save an elven princess, but I got to look up her skirt too!
Sun 11/1

Female elven ghosty, wispy and see through, mithril chain and breastplate with hoes in it, pleaded with us to leave so she doesn’t have to kill us. Spiked chains wrapped around her leading back to the sarcophagus.

I charged her, she materializes and her flesh is rotting and stitched together with shark teeth and creepy glowing bug eyes. With her are 6 wights and 3 mummies.

Wights are not resistant to necrotic or thunder, deal necrotic dmg,

Mummies have the same Rotting Fist (Necrotic and Phys, 5 dice), +0 Con, not vuln radiant, immune necrotic,

The elf ghost used unholy smite but missed, only +2 Con save, resistant to necrotic, Lady Barathiel, uses psychic attack on me for 2d6 psychic barrage, unholy smite = 11 necrotic wis dc 12 for fear,

Try to break one of the links on the chain, get a 20, black energy crackles around me as the chain begins to break. I fail the second round. The Necro cast snowball swarm, then the sarcophagus burst forth with black necrotic energy, vaguely man shaped form made of this energy, has a brightly polished copper mask. He says, “I have had enough of you halfling!” 3 rds later manage to break the chain with the assist of the Ruthani Druid cantrip to break the chain.

Boss “Doom Bolts” me, does 19 dmg necrotic, save vs wis dc 11 stun, did full dmg on a save, also “Curse of Doom” dc 12 Wis, I fail and get reddish outline (faerie fire + ext dmg),

Boss is vuln Radiant, immune necrotic, normal dmg from fire,

When I break the chain we all heal up to half of the max hp each. It also casts Remove Curse and gets the curses off of the half-orc and myself. Also get adv on next attack vs boss. When the half orc kills the boss, all of the undead disintegrate.

Bright white glow fills the room, ty for saving me, you have my eternal gratitude, +1 Insp for all but the necro. Search the room and sarcophagus.

Loot: 1200g, 500gp, 500gp, 500gp silver midian goblet (drink 3/day prot from good), set of black midian silk robes (1 Ac armor, doesn’t count as armor), midian copper death mask +1 ac, black iron enchanted war staff (quarterstaff, necrotic dmg, +1D6 dmg on crit), 3 potions of healing, 3 scrolls (lvl 1 arcane spells), 3 scrolls of remove curse, cloak of fire resist.

Potions: 1 Micky, 1 Robert, 1 Rob. Scrolls: 1 Shawn, 2 Rob. 1 Staff Robert. Mask + Robes Micky. Green Hand will buy goblet. Cloak Fire: Robert. 2 Remove C on Shawn and 1 Remove C on Rob. Ixnay, I take Robert’s cloak and he takes the mask.


kyndrakos SkeletonJack

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