City of Crypts


Not Mickey or Mieky or Mikey. It’s Micky.

Group loot:
300g, 112 gold minions, 145g Inn Fund

Sell Bait
1 Scale Mail Armor (Dr 2/-)
Platinum Alchemical Brazier: doubles the effects of alchemy
Midian Tablets: contains the spells Wrack, Red Fester, Rotting Curse of Morkhal, Love’s Pain
Chalice of Morkhal: 1 neg lvl to good, heavily gemmed, fill with blood and drink for effects

Wand of Disrupt Living: 1d6 20 charges (Moose and Phil have it, they became rogues)
6 days food
6 days water
3 Undead Worms barrel
10 Undead Worms barrel
10 Undead Worms barrel

THERE IS NO ONE THIS ITEM IS BETTER ON!!!Cloak of Insight + 2 Insight AC bonus, + 2 Insight bonus to Wis Skills, + 2 Insight Bonus to Saves (Rob)

Amulet of Winter’s Grasp-2d6 Cold to attacks, Cold resist 20, Fire Vulnerability (Eddie) (Are you keeping this item?)
+2 Great Axe +2d6 Fire, Fire resist 15 (Eddie) (Are you keeping this item?)
2k gold each


kyndrakos SkeletonJack

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