City of Crypts

Leaving Ashburn, Talking to the Gods

(Notes mostly – ABA money??)
We finally pack everything together and gather a few covered wagons to head out of town. We set everything in motion for this town to run itself more efficiently and we leave. A few days out we come across another town that has been sacked and burned by the Order of the Circle for being Death Wyrm worshippers. We leave there and continue on sending a few survivors back to Ashburn and taking a stone mason with us. The next town we encounter we see a fortress carved into the mountainside that flies the banner of the Circle. Continueing on we come across a town ruled by the Circle and decide to pass on. We see the remains of an ancient temple and go investigate. Inside are hundreds of skeletons (not animated, just corpses). Continueing on we come across a Mhoramite cleric that seems to have gone crazy and thinks all the skeletons are people escaped from the City of Crypts and he is harboring refugees. A ghost shows up that evening and lies to us about all the spirits being trapped (no it’s just her) so we take him with us to the City of Shadows.

We get to the City of Shadows, after first getting our one month visitor papers (for religious pilgramage) and head to the Temple of Mhoram. Inside we turn over crazy man and then ask for the ritual to talk to the gods. Lots of hemming and hawing later they comply and we halfway die and go to see the gods. We wake up in a small room, a light from above shows that we are quit far down (ten feet at least). We climb up and after some trial and error get the lid to our prison shoved off. Once outside we see that we are in a giant sarcophagus. Niches in the wall are full of corpses. A corridor and stairs lead away from the room the stairs lead up and the corridor down. We decide to head up. Along the way we run into a sarcophagus chained shut and Thorax tries to talk to the person inside about freeing him. But We tell him that this person is obviously chained up for good reason and we will need to leave him alone.

At the top of the stairs we find some double doors. Behind us is a man all in purple, a shadowy form in the corner of the room behind him. His master is Tithys the Chaos Lord. His master wants the balance to remain, since the world is becoming more orderly. We blow him off and and head inside, but not before he says his master will curse us with ill luck. Behind the doors is a high room with a huge table with a moving image of world with a young girl in greek style armor looking at it. She turns to face us and her eyes are white. She introduces herself as Rachel. The gods didn’t expect to see us so soon. The more they tell us the more that Morkhall can do. There are certain things that she can tell us now but some things that she can’t. Obviously we were picked by certain gods. Asheron was picked by Zhon, Thorax by the Pantheon, Grugnir by Rachel, and Keira by Zhalkar the Painbringer as a representative of the Talthos. We need to get the keys to the door before anything else but most of the keys will have to wait till we get more powerful. The door is the Door of Madness, to a city that doesn’t exist, people will be along the way that will help us, mideans, a naga, and a few others.

Morkhall is more powerful now because his power in the world increases by the number of faithless worshippers he has, so many of his followers are around his clerics can now cast up to level five spells. We are also told that we need to make sure to keep Keira alive, as she is the only hope we will have to navigate around in the city that doesn’t exist, she will be the only one to figure out the geometry (most likely from her new implanted illithid mind add-on). Once that’s done she will want us to place an object into the crypt of the unborn. It is a bad idea to get the crypt for ourselves or our gods because the power inside is connected to Mhorkall and will turn on us eventually. Destroy it and it dissapates harmlessly instead. If Keira is offered the position of Empress of Midea she should refuse because it is a trap and she will get much more by going out to found her own empire.

There are many faithless both human and undead. The Naga are split half for the Death Wyrm and half to the Naga god. Asheron is told he can hunt the Death Wyrm followers to his hearts content but the others she has plans for inthe long run. Keira makes a deal for completing the objective and in return she gains protection from all the things that a vampire is weak to. Asheron makes a deal to restart the race of Gnomes, that the gnomes will taste awful to the Naga and that Thorax is unwelcome in their homeland. Thorax asks for his pet to be made smart and the ability to shapeshift into humanform. Grugnir asks for immortality but she says to talk to him later about that because its a bad idea usually.

Next we go to the Talthos. Keiraasks about creating unique undead but Zhalkar says she has nothing to offer and maybe she should talk to her grandfather to make a deal. The guy that we freed before in the first crypt we will be able to kill eventually. He offers Asheron the ranger favored enemy ability versus Naga if he switches to the Talthos but he refuses. After much back and forth Keira finds out that her grandfather had sold her to the Talthos long ago.

Next we head to the Talazhon. We go and speak to Zhon, he sits in a chair on a meadow. Keira asks if he can break the deal that sold her to the Talthos. She is suppossed to found a line of heroes dedicated to whatever deity or pantheon she is devoted to. Talk is about who she should go to and she has no answer. We are told to keep an eye on the Talthos they will try to betray us at some point. Zhon tells Asheron to keep doing what he is doing he is amusing and on the right path.


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