City of Crypts

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Sun 9/13

After we sold the last of our goods we made our way back to the Virgin and Lich. And luckily… Hmm, is it luck, providence, or careful research? How does this guy know about so many crypts that no one has found yet. We might need to investigate this Zheist fellow. And, if necessary, ensure we find his sources of information for our later use.

Zheist did have another job available to go break into a Midian wizard’s crypy that had never been entered yet. It’s a simple retrieval mission where we go and get him a copy of the Dark Litany of the Talathos. In return he’s offering 500gp + what we find there. And depending on what we find he may buy other items off of us as well.

The monk said that he heard there was new inventory at the Alchemy Shop so we round out our evening there. He is also now selling Antidote (Poison 2nd save, 24 hrs) 50g and Poultice (2nd save on disease, 24 hrs) 75g. Additionaly he can craft Level 1 Potions 100g (200g) and Level 1 Scroll 50g (100g) from the Wizard spell lists.

I was ready to head off for bed (because you never know if you’re gonna get a good nights sleep in this Midian hell hole) however the half-orc seems dead set upon seeing the half-orc blacksmith (/sigh). At least the guys gave me a good laugh on the way.

We were passing the Zhur fire nutjob, cultist…er respectable priest…prosteltizing his faith again when the wood elf casted Silence on him. The jeers from the crowd and his stunned suprise were only topped by his awkward shuffling to measure the area before he huffed his way all the way home. The people of this town do seem to be rubes though. He promised that followers homes would never catch on fire if they converted. Which they thought was great! Until one of the party pointed out they lived in a desert.

I don’t really remember what happened at the half-orc shop. It’s not like me to be racist, but I just kept hearing them say shit like, “Zug zug!! Daboo!!” So I left bored and went back to the inn to go to sleep. I vaguely recall them later talking about some boogey man priest they met in a dark alleyway. Seriously though. Going to talk to a priest in a dark alleyway? Maybe I should offer the group some candy to get into the back of my wagon.

After we left town the next morning we saw some other adventuring groups leaving at the same time going out to other mesas. We headed to the 3rd mesa following the map, on the north facing side. At some point in the past the entire side sheered off exposing crypts and tombs carved into the cliff facing. And this fortuitious event (was it not natural perhaps?) has resulted in endless rows of all kinds of hooks and pylons hammered into the edge so ropes can be set up to climb down to these entrances.

So at this point the party started fighting about who was going to go down first to examine the door once I refused since I don’t know how to climb. Three of them were trying to go down at the same time. It was utterly bizare. So I decided to do the smart thing and shut the fuck up and watch. Which was when I saw the monk wood elf do one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen. Without a full examination of what lay below he leapt out into the air in a swan dive and let the rope bungee him down to the entrance. Yes, if you expecting the next sound I heard to be either “Splat!” or “Bong!” you were correct.

Antics aside I eventually got us inside. The entrance did not appear to have ever been entered and a magic mouth announced in Midian C that this was the Tomb of Mal-akaros-ban-sarath. High Wizard of the “empty titles”. You know the typical drivel and rhetoric they throw out. I didn’t manage to pop the traps however taking some nasty cuts getting us in. One of the only things of note getting inside was that inside the first room it was noticeably cooler by about 15 degrees. Again there was another trap on the following door and I failed at popping it again. Dry red spores shot all over me for a Con save which caused me to start coughing red blood.

Inside the next room is an empty room with iron braziers on the sides and carvings on the far door. The braziers lit up with an eerie red flame once we entered. The half orc examined one brazier (to my surprise) and once he got within five feet of it his flesh began to flake off and redden, flowing into the brazier. He lost 3 temp Con (regain on Short Rest).

And then on the next door what did you think there was? Yes, a trap. But it was magical this time. And guess what. I set this one off by accident as well. There was a loud wailing noise and we started bleeding from all of our orifices. Except the warlock that is. We noticed a red light glowing on the disc that is always circling the warlock’s head which went out when the trap went off.

The next room had 4 large black columns and we could hear a dry scuttling noise. After we entered Dark Mantles dropped from the cieling and attacked us while ghouls supported them. We dispatched them and moved on. But not before we noticed the red light reappeared on the kid’s disc once we were done in that room.

The next room was a wide long corridor with 10 large black pillars with faces carved in them. The faces on the pillars are not duplicated anywhere. They are specific people…which causes me to think that actual peope were harmed in the making of these columns. I didn’t find any traps on the next door, but before I popped the lock an effect went off which caused the monk to lose 1 Int as the faces on the columns opened their eyes (glowing red) and started babbling. After the effect 6 ghouls suddenly appear by the columns to attack us as well.

After we were finished with the ghouls we found the next room covered in distorted images of people with a stone platform 1 1/2 feet tall inside of a thaumaturgic circle in the middle, dripping blood into a circle around it. A man was bound by a reddish chain on the platform and looked old and sallow looking. He had rolled back shark like eyes and teeth. The kid said that it was a creature of the Talathos and has been here 1000’s of years. When the necro entered the room a creature appeared, coalescing out of a blood red mist.

It had reddish skin, vulture face, red eyes, leathery bat wings, and cloven hooves. It could do a special attack creating a fettid cloud to cover the entire room for a Con save. Failure allowed only an action or a bonus action with no reaction until you took a short rest. Also a second demon appeared on the second round. I screamed for the group to kill the human on the altar and the cleric did so. Once dead it melted into a bubbly fluid that flowed into the altar activating the weird paintings and carvings in the room. They began to bleed from their eyes and some kind of effect caused me to lose one 1 temp Con until a short rest.

After a short rest I went to examine the next door and search it for traps when it suddenly opened on it’s own. Inside was an altar on the far side dedicated to the Talathos. Along the walls are 4 statues on each side and in front is a black sarcophagus with lit braziers surrounding it. This particular altar was dedicated to Koresht, a Talathos god, and it had a secret door behind it. While searching the room the statues animated and began to attack us.

We cleared the room and then popped the altar concealing the secret door. The next room had 4 black columns covered in faces again with another door leading to the next room, which gave off a coppery smell. This was when two Carrion Crawlers and two Gricks come out to attack us. Also about 15’ up one of the walls there was a crack which lead to an opening. This was probably how the carrion crawlers and grix got into the crypt.

End session for the night.

Door Trap – Spinning Blades
Dex save for damage next to door as spinning blades pop out. This will usually appear on doors with a higher technology level. Especially those which resemble clockwork mechanism or complicated locks.

Door Trap – Red Poisonous Spores
Con save for small AoE damage next to door or become poisoned. This can appear on any door or chest and sprays to a moderate range. Perhaps 10-20 feet depending on the trap. It affects your lungs, so in theory if you could clog your nose and mouth while protecting your eyes and not suffocating it could be ignored.

Stupidity Trap – Eerie Braziers
These braziers will light up with an eerie light when you enter the room. If you examine them or get next to them they will begin to break down your body and use it as fuel for the magical fuel sources powering the crypt or the master of the crypt. It causes temp Con damage until you take a short rest.

Room Wide Traps – Magical Psychic Trap
One door I examined showed a magical trap. If you do not disarm it a piercing psychic wail will fill the entire room for an Int save or take damage. This fills the entire room, but not the next one. Also it appears to have ties to madness, illithids, and elder alien gods. Those with ties to those powers may be immune. We ended up bleeding from all of our orifices. So make sure to pack extra pairs of underwear. I mean it. It got really gross down there. No one likes ass blood.

Room Wide Traps – Magical Psychic Trap
Another that we found on a door required an Int save before the eyes on faces carved into the columns of the room glowed red. It was an Int save for Int damage with no effect on a successful save.

Dark Mantles
They stealth in the ceiling and then drop down to engulf you once you are below. If they engulf you, you become Blinded and Suffocated. It requires a Str check to get them off of you. They will typically be working with other creatures in a symbiotic relationship. These will attack you once the Dark Mantles have dropped. Also, Small creatures like Halflings are entirely engulfed except for their feet.

Our first encounter with them was when they were working with the Dark Mantles. However these are standard ghouls like anyone would expect. A nasty bite attack and they can cause paralysis to non-elves with their claws on a Con save. Make sure you take them out quickly or stay at range.

Sacrifice Chambers – Demonic Summoning
We found a room covered in distorted images of people with a stone platform 1 1/2 feet tall inside of a thaumaturgic circle in the middle, dripping blood into a circle around it. A man was bound by a reddish chain on the platform and looked old and sallow looking. He had rolled back shark like eyes and teeth. When we entered the room a demon was summoned and it summoned a second demon on the next round. We had killed the first demon already so I’m not sure if that had an impact upon the second summoning. At this point we killed the human on the altar which destroyed the ritual. However this set off a two room wide trap that caused temp Con damage.

Unknown Demon from Sacrifice Chambers
I am unsure of the demon’s type or name that was summoned. However it had reddish skin, vulture face, red eyes, leathery bat wings, and cloven hooves. It could do a special attack creating a fettid cloud to cover the entire room for a Con save. Failure allowed only an action or a bonus action with no reaction until you took a short rest.

Animated Statues
They can appear as any form of statue and are indistinguishable from inanimate ones. They will always wait to attack you when they think they will have surprise on their side or a tactical advantage in the room. They have Blindsight, high AC’s, solid HP, and a lot of condition immunities.

Carrion Crawlers
These nasty little buggers can walk on walls and ceilings while also causing a Con save for Paralysis. You need to drop these early from range if possible. They look like bloated tentacle worms from hell the size of a fat halfling. Yuck.

These fuckers are resistant to all non-magical damage. So they feel like a trap. Kill them last if possible. I’m not sure if they do anything special.

Silver ring w/black stone (+1 save 3/day) (Micky)
161 gp (not dispersed)


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