City of Crypts

I see you brought your pet with you.

“Damn. That ain’t right…”
Sun 8/23

After we get our loot we go back to the Lich and the Virgin and Yagra says that this was convenient timing. His eyes are dead black now. He wants us to collect Illithid Protoflesh from some pyramids so that he can form a new body, but they are beyond our reach for now. So it’s in his best interest to help us get to the point where we can.

There are a lot of opportunities at the City of Crypts where people would bet on their luck to make it through. But nowadays, even beyond the the War of Three (really Pantheon vs Talathos vs Morkhaal) there are still other fuckwits screing things up.

He thinks we should focus on quick and easy loot options with a moderate amount of success. He’s aware of a necromancer downstairs that is looking for gainful employment. There is also a man downstairs named Zheist from overseas. He is hiring people to clear out ruins if we bring back specific items that he is looking for.

We head down stairs to look for the necromancer. About 1/3 of the people in the tavern are adventurers. We head to the back and find the half elf necromancer. We start talking to him and he seems put off with the half-orc. WHen I talk to him he says, “I see you brought your pet with you.” My response, “Damn, that ain’t right.”

Krom (Robert), ? (Doug), Aust (Michael), Thess (Rob), Zander (Micky), Theodin (Shawn)

While they are all getting to know the necro better I look for Zheist. Also the monk was back in the back arguing with the brewer over the quality of his beers. There is a guy sitting in the back matching the description.

He is wearing solid craftsmanship robes and the sides of his head are shaved with tattoos. He’s got whitish hair and a scar over one eye. He is drinking water. The warlock opens up by saying we wish to enrich him and ourselves.

The warlock wins him over so I ask for terms. He says that since we are risking the bulk over the dangers. So he will offer gold rewards for the items he is seeking. He says that we should beware when the items speak to us. The monk says that the half orc speaks. I start bawling laughing while there is dead silence after. The half orc says it’s not funny but the monk says that it must have been lost in translation.

There are the ramins of what was on a Midian Villa on the 3rd messa outside of town. He’s hired two previous groups and neither have returned. However they were peasants and desert rats. He is looking for metal tablets written in midian a, b, or c. There may be an old crypt beneath the villa as well.

We head out to the dungeon.

There is a slight greyish mist as we head out. As we move through it we feel weezey and coughing. The necro starts coughing up a gooey reddish fluid that smokes and evaporates as the sun hits it. The third mesa is about 1 1/2 to 2 miles wide. There are more ruins here that have been scoured over and possibly burnt that are several thousand years old. It was obviously an estate at some time when we get to the edge.

There is a man sitting down in ragged clothing by an old fountain in the ancinet estate ruins. I search for traps as we move forward. We find the guys is stacking skulls in different patterns until they fall over. Then he stacks them up in a different pattern. When the half orc throws a stone knocking over the skulls he only sighs again before restacking them.

The mans face is blotchy and pock marked and his eyes are red and leaking red fluid. He turned around when the half orc tapped him on the shoulder. The monk realizes he’s insane and infected. While the half orc is talking to him the man says, “Shhh, I can hear the voices.” I shoot him without hesitation and he falls over the pile of skulls. When we kill him a jet of red fluid fires out and hits me.

The half orc goes into another are behind one of the walls and calls for me. I get boosted to on top of the wall by the monk. At this point a section of the wall collapses. The half orc found a trap. Six scavengers scream, “Free loot!” and charge the half orc.

We drop them and and I cut off their heads and cave them in with maces. We find out from the necro that if we do that they instead may come back as incorporeal undead. The necro thinks the skulls were being used for divination.

We look in the next room and the rocks (pile of rubble) look like they were done that way deliberately. It’s a trap. We start trying to figure out how to move forward and then the monk stops me. Then 3 scavengers jump out to attack us. And we drop them.

We go search the bodies and the ashes. 36 silver, 74 copper

We go to the next room and find Blood Hawks. They get Pack Tactics and have advantage if they flank. Also they frenzy when hit and can grapple targets they’ve attacked.

We took a short rest.

We find red glassy fragments, like volcanic glass, scattered abut the area. 30g
Fragment red ceramic vase or tablet with midian cuniform. Midian C.
25g blood hawk feathering
18 sp, 16 cp

6 entipededs with reddish brown carapace, Con save or Poison, camo skin

One further room has a rope tied to a pillar going off the edge of the mesa. Next room no traps. We check the rope first. The monk desceds to a ledge 20’ down. This part of the cliff sheared away and there isa large set of double doors (metal and pitted) with 3 dead scavangers near the door.

We call him back to make sure there is nothing else up here.

25gp from the spiders we killed

Desert Spiders, burrowed, camo skin, poison

Next room weird smell, coppery like, musty. Then a fluttering noise. Stirges, auto hit once hit you.

20sp, 40 cp, bronze tablet with midian c, red crystal on a pendant

The pendant was a magic item at one point but no longer. It’s a residual effect.

Next room after stirges has faded paintings on the wall. We get a weird creepy feeling from them. The monk says there is some kind of residual magic in them.


Next room strange musky insect smell and hear clicking and chattering.

Sand Scorpions – camo skin, poison on hit

3 midian bronze tablets midian c, necklace 75g, bronze death mask,

When the monk gets back in after making his drawings we see that his sketch isn’t of the room. The half orc looks at it and it looks like the room as it was, not as it is. There is a woman in a flowy, low cut dress wearing a midian death mask.

Last room has 75gp that may be collectible

Check the bodies 20’ down, the faces and chest are coated in metal. Some kind of liquid metal spray trap. Examine the door and there is residual magic on it. I start picking the lock. Second wheel rolls around there is a hand. The doors swing in inwards.

There is a 10’ corridor that goes 15’ deep before the cooridor turns and there is a cold breeze. It’s made of a smooth stone that’s polished. I smell a faint scent of murr and cinnamon. I hear a faint whispering voice staying, “Stay with us.” I lock the place back up and make it look like I wasn’t there.


kyndrakos SkeletonJack

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