City of Crypts

Holy shit!! Lair actions are OP!!

Cleric got a 21 AC…gl Bill!
Sun 9/6
Well my feet hurt and I’ve got sand up my butt. That’s the City of Crypts for ya. We met up with our merchant contact at The Lich and the Virgin, but our first haul was pretty paltry. A measly 25.96 gp each. Hopefully there is more down in the crypt itself. We were just killing vagabonds and wandering monsters above.

Checking in on the little girl and Yagra ended up being an upside for going back before night fell however. He’s obviously making an effort to take care of the little girl by crafting makeshift, tattered curtains and the sorriest excuse for a bed any Halfling’s ever seen. We pooled together enough money to properly feed both the girl and Yagra with the best food we could get our hands on for the next 10 days (wealthy life style). That should help with their malnourishment. I hope.

Once squared away I went to sleep but didn’t get a comfortable night’s sleep again. At least I got some rest. But I had the oddest taste in my mouth…like I was kissing the grave…and my pants were “soiled”. I wonder if those undead harpies are trying to feast upon my soul still, even from this distance. If it continues I’ll ask Yagra about it.

We gathered together for the next day and the warlock child is now dragging a doll by it’s head in the sand while a disc floats around his head and glowing, purple mist vacates his eye sockets. Yeah. Nothing says, “Don’t mind us!” like your very own creepy kid. Which is of special note due to the Circle Jerks, ahem, the Order of the Circle who took special note of our own creepy mascot.

We managed to get back to the crypt without serious issues after that; however, a new trap on the door that was not there before got me. I would later notice inside that the doors were well oiled and maintained and that there were signs of recent and frequent use inside. Combined this speaks to entirely too much activity for a locked and sealed crypt. I’ll come back to this in a moment.

When we entered the crypt and turned down the hallway glowing red runes lit up on the bottom half of the walls running down the corridor. They were written in Midian B, but I did not risk reading them. While it did seem to have some kind of negative effect upon the cleric, I doubt this was simply a trap. More likely this was some kind of effect set to not only hamper and slow intruders, but also warn and awaken the guardians inside.

The first room we entered had no guards or traps inside. There was an altar dedicated to the Talathos with a statue for each god while Zhon’s statue was shattered and destroyed. Also there was a large concave disc resting in the center of the room. Inside of it is a depression coated in metal that is about half a foot wide. And lastly the columns were covered in weird distorted faces.

As we entered we could hear a low rustling sound and a strange cinnamon scent. Which again is odd since there are no traps or guardians inside. And this room is obviously highly important enough to warrant an religious altar. Something that was not in any of the other rooms that we explored later. And when we moved towards the altar its significance became even more apparent.

First the eyes on the distorted faces on the columns started leaking whispy, green smoke while glowing green. And then the warlock’s disc floated over to the large disc on the ground and settled into the metal depression. The kid looked thoughtful for a moment and said, “The mechanism is not whole”. The disc on the ground emitted a strange humming noise for about a minute before the disc floated back to resume it’s orbit around the warlock’s head.

Closer examination upon the altar revealed it was made of a black stone with red flecks going through it. Also the greenish vapor coming from the eyes of the altar flowed straight up, ignoring the air currents. We would also later realize that the vapor causes some sort of miasma of the mind, clouding your thoughts and weighing heavily upon your mind. If the magic in this place wasn’t dissipating I think the effect would have been greater.

We cleared the rest of the crypt without major incident. Only the Wight proved somewhat difficult to manage. Hell, I think the traps did more damage to me than the creatures inside did. We did a once over on the place making sure we didn’t leave anything behind and then we left, heading back to town. I made sure to lock everything up as we left…just in case.

We found our two contacts back at Dustburn and unloaded our haul. Much better this time. 539gp each versus only about 30gp the previous run. Not too shabby and a decent start. I managed to pay the warlock back and now I’ve got a nest egg with which to move forward. Now it’s time to start on my book. Just need a title…

“The Marvelous Adventures of a Daring Halfling!!” No. “How to Survive the City of Crypts!!” No. “Monster Encyclopedia!!” Eh, too bland. “Monster Manual”? Maybe…

Midian Corpses
These shambling undead move faster than they look, so don’t be surprised. They usually have some kind of metal fixtures bolted to their heads and are reanimated undead. They are resistant to most types of damage, though Force does fine. And they are vulnerable to Radiant damage. They also case a Fear effect the first time you see them when they can act which can paralyze you with fear for a round.

Undead Midian Priests
Those lower nobles wearing electrum death masks seem to be standard undead with the ability to shoot an energy beam for life drain damage versus a Con save.

Tomb Spiders
They hide in the shadows and have a greyish appearance with red glowing eyes. Their chitin also pulses with red veins. They are undead and vulnerable to fire. Also they cause Poison when they hit you, Con save.

Wight, Midian Lesser Noble with Copper Death Mask
The one we saw was dressed in antique bronze leather armor with a copper midian death mask wielding a bow and sword. He had red glowing eyes. He made two ranged attacks per round and also had a Lair Action for an extra attack. He did a lot of damage. In melee he could Life Drain twice a round which would heal the Wight and reduce the max hp of the target as well. Kill him from ranged.

1525 total w/all previous awards (lvl 3) (everyone, including Michael and Shawn)

Loot: (Midian Armor on Wight never awarded to party)
25.96 gp each (everyone from prev session)
539 gp each (everyone but Michael)
Shawn: Red Crystal Amulet (1 necro slot = 5 temp hp 24 hrs)
Rob: 2 scrolls of Healing Word
Michael: 1 potion of healing from the book
Doug: 1 potion of healing from the book.


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