City of Crypts

A Bard, a Druid, and a Cleric walk into a bar. No it isn't Micky.

“You’re tolerable now.”
Sun 10/4

The monk is off looking for space to make a brewery and the cleric is off praying. We take a week of down time and I start losing gold in dragon poker. The Necro and the Kid interview cleric replacements.

1st is a skinny guy in mixed leathers with a mace and shield. Has a twitch. He seems clumsy and inept. The necro and the kid tell them they’ll get back to him. He bumps into Shawn, a serving girl, and me. He’s overly and creepily apologetic.

2nd is a guy in ill fitting chain, long scragly hair and one eye is bigger with a lot of white in it. He doesn’t smell good at all. He needs to be paid in advance to pay off his room debt. And some gear upgrades as well. He looks around nervously when he gets up and three rough looking thugs follow him out back.

While playing dragon poker there is a really attractive girl playing who stands out and I end up losing 20g of my own money. I lose more gold. Sianna Goldsong (Sienna). She is skinny and probably has else blood in her. She starts hitting on me and I recriprocate. I find out she’s a Bard and give her a manual. She’s a 3rd level.

3rd has white junk on his face with eye shadow. Has mowhawk and dark purle robes. He acts refined. He’s been here 2 years and worked with other groups. Malador. He does melee and ranged dps.

4th is a female halfling. She asks if we are looking for a cleric. She says that’s awesome!! She’s a cleric! She’s a cleric of Zhara, the Laughing Goddess. Her last group disbanded and went elsewhere. They left a note and all. The Kid says mentally that this one seems expendable. The Necro agrees.

The Kid says she is hired but doesn’t join the Bond. She seems dissapointed. But she’s immediately pumped and perky. Muffy Honeydew, bubble gum pink hair. Level 3.

I ask the group if they want to bring a Bard along. The Kid is against it. A weird musty scent like franescense and murr. A guy in black robes covered in dust and wrapped in bandages with a face wrap. He says he heard we were looking for a cleric. He worships a Neutral deity. Mhorem. He heals.

The Kid went off to find the stinky cleric. He gave the bum 5 gold for saying that he thought the cleric stunk to him. He blows it all on beer. I go to the safe house to see the Tomb Robber’s Guild. The beggar calls Sianna a cunt. She’s card sharking and they don’t know how. The Mhoremite is just creepy. Muffy Honeydew has been kicked out of three groups.

The half-orc asks about dropping by the blacksmith. I refuse to go. So he goes on his own. They’re still working on it. Get back to the Lich and the Virgin to talk to Yagra. I explain the offers. He says the Ruthani and Talathos have recruitment issues and need people. The Order of the Circle is better organized than them. The Pantheon probably won’t offer. The Talahzon are probably waiting to see if we don’t burn out.

We decided to hire the bard (against the Kids advice) and Muffy Honeydew. We drop a tip with the bartender. A day later a new girl arrived and left a note for me saying she heard we were hiring. There’s a note with her room number. We go in and adv gear is pushed to one side in a bare room. A human woman by the windowsil peering out, in chain, bow, swords, and is feeding a large spider.

She says I look delicious and heard we were looking for party members. She can kill things and off heal. She is a druid. She’s flirty with me. Iylara Blackraven (Eye-lara). She’s with the Green Hand. The red tattoos indicate she’s with Synne. Synne’s religion has super hot chicks but have an anti-patriarchy. Neutral Evil.

We will get back to her. A servant drops off a msg from the barkeep. I read the note. It’s from Zheist. We didn’t check in with him about The Litany. We tell him we never found it. When we describe the room he says that the demon we killed was The Litany.

We ask for more specifics next time. He gives us a new dungeon. It’s tougher than what we handled last time. It’s a relatively untouched complex with an active Midian undead in it. He wants us to get him an elborate magical skull (1000g), scrolls on Midian religious practices (500g) its in a trapped tube. The Midian buried there is awake and active. Not sure on creature type. The Talathos is interested in this tomb.

The bard is trying to shark people again. I pull her aside and tell her I don’t need her sharking me. She says I could do a a favor for her later. Just so long as it doesn’t get me into trouble with the Guild or the party. We shake on it.

Final day I go find the Bard and ask if she was interested in the dungeon. I convince her to come along. We all head out after the cleric shows up. Muffy shows up super stoked. Before we leave the bartender gives me one more note from the kid instead. It’s from Yagra, we should keep our eyes open for him. The intelligent undead that exist are usually lethargic. It’s rare from them to be up and and about running business means he’s involved in a larger scheme. Also some of the afctions may be using this as a test to see how we meet their requirements. The bard acts snippy when I don’t show her the note.

When we get to the front gates the druid is there asking why we left without her. She says she got a note saying we wanted her to come. I check the note, it’s my handwritting. The Kid says we might need her since this is a harder dungeon. We hire her. Ideas on who this might be. Not magical. The bard and the druid don’t seem to like each other. “Bitch!” “Cunt!”

Through ruins on 3rd mesa, a public building of some sort. A spot looks like there was a sizeable magic fire fight with smouldering purple and blue crackling energy around them. One of these craters recently collapsed as the energies exploded. We make our way through the foundation to a large hole that goes 10’s down.

There are signs of a frayed rope tied off of one side of the hole and climbing tools. I get lowered down and cast light. I see another rope we missed with a corpse hanging from it. Looks a week old. The corpse screeches, it has shark eyes and starts clawing at me. It did physical and necrotic dmg when it clawed me. Resistant to dmg and a bonus on Wis saves. 13 AC.

The half orc jumps down. It’s a chamber like a cistern. Wall is manufactured from nature but there are cracks. There is a hole facing north in a wall. Someone walled off some stairs and it was broken into previously. Mr Scuttles is the name of the spider.

Down the corridor I went into to escape damage there are two corpses I almost tripped over. Looks like the first group here might have full wiped before they got to the first room. They are Dried Corpses, strng zombies with fear effects, 20’ move. The resistance is against non-magical.

150 gp

Purply strobe light coming from room down to the right.

The druid is snarky and likes to joke, also brave. The bard is paranoid and looks out for herself first. The halfling seems to have a fetish for berserkers.

Corridor leads to a left and right cooridor. To the left there is a room with metal sarcofagus that were burst outwards with a green fire burning inside. To the right there is a purple pusling light. There is a circle on the floor and four load bearing pillars. There is vapor drifting in the room. The light comes from the pillars. Three foot circle on the ground, perfectly round, jet black. Not weather beaten like everything else. Scattered around this room are piles of bone burning with purple fire.

I go to the right and search for traps. Find nothing. The piles of burning bones stand up into burning skeletons, purple fire. AC 13, Necrottic dmg when hit it, prob 1d6. While fighting the purple lights strobe and disorient, Int save for Disadvantage. When that happens we can see a large eye that opens and blinks hovering over the jet black circle. It looked at the cleric (Wis save for no effect) then bonus action to do an eye beam for dmg. Then a skeleton purple charged a fist and hit the orc for a Wis save but he made it. The 2nd did not do it as well. The other 2 hit different targets each and purple charge each. They are vulnerable to cold dmg. Purple Charge hits and fail Wis save = end of the round vuln to necrotic. The eye is resistant to physical dmg. The primary beam does much more dmg, necrotic. The beam that did 26 dmg to me only comes online when you’re vulnerable to necrotic. The Eye can do ranged opportunity attacks. Vulnerable to Radiant. Has evasion vs ranged attacks. I missed once. Melee worked fine. When it died everyone in the room it exploded in a barage of purple energy. Light fades, circle is gone, and vapor seeps out of room.

200g, 200g, MW Longsword (Robert), 2 scrolls of remove curse, potion of fire resistance, potion of necrotic resistance (1d6 rds each),


kyndrakos SkeletonJack

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