City of Crypts

Good meet Evil

Entry 5

We went down to the 2nd sub-floor of the Funery Grounds where we fought more mummy minions lead by a mummy barbarian lord of all things… We dispatched them without effort honestly. The next room revealed a crazy man with melted flesh. Turned out it was the rogue from the party the talathos warlock was in. They debated over killing him and I got fed up, so I slit his throat. From there we found our third room with three Iron Golems wearing Amulets of Greater Invisibility. The thought of something like that is terrifying in concept, but was a far easier encounter than I expected.

This lead us to a hall with murals of the most depraved of midian acts, with every 5 feet lined with pedestals engraved with runes. On top were runed skulls dipped in midian bronze leaking blue wispy flames with strange faint images of screaming faces in flames. In Midian C above the hall was written “Hall of the Abjuration of Flesh”. All living creatures who entered were attacked with energy similar to a Disintegration spell. While we all made it through mostly unscathed (nothing a Staff of Healing couldn’t cure), one of the Treants was obliterated by the Hall.

This lead us to a room whose walls were covered with murals of Ashaghal’s life. The room was filled with 4’ tall columns of midian glass filled with living pulsating organs. Towards the center were living, freakishly long arms implanted in the ground holding items aloft.

It was here that the Ranger suddenly was marked upon his face by the god Kelzarath the Bloodlord. It should be noted that I was also marked by the Talathos god The Painbringer. And our Druid’s bloodline is pure midian, descendant of Ashok the Great. We were all marked by Rachel, yet now the Talathos mark us as well. The Paladin and the Dwarven Fighter were also marked with the Dark Litany of the Talathos.

I meandered however. In the arms were the Artifact Urn we were after and several ridiculously powerful items. Of note there was also a Mage Sphere containing the Sorceror Ghor-Mahr-Khal and a Bard Scroll named Gorshok the Sage. He’s a bit snippy about being called a Bard Scroll though. He’s a “Sage Scroll”.

From these two intelligent items we were able to get the layout of the rest of the Funery Grounds and got some questions answered. Turns out the Sage Scroll can see through time or some such nonsense. He has the “Sight”. It was Rachel who sent us, not Orihim. And she is working directly with the Talathos. Apparently something so heinously awful is coming down the road that the good and evil gods are working together. Dogs and cats living together man…

This lead us to the last room that we explored. Formed of red and white marble made to resemble bleeding stone, mummified hands held aloft polished bone white skulls. Engraved Midian A glyphs on these skull dripped blood to the floor while various undead robed servants tended them while praying and chanting. Apparently these were enemies of Emperor Ashaghal (it’s his Pyramid) and held their souls in eternal torment. In the center is a large pool of blood with a massive floating eye suspended above. Whether it’s an item or creature is unclear, but it is intelligent and an artifact of tremendous power.

The interesting part here is that due to the Druid’s pure midian blood and the Talathos god marks on me and the Ranger, the eye and robed undead did nothing to us. They allowed us to walk up to the pool and pull out the 2nd artifact we were sent to retrieve, the mechanical key. The Eye wasn’t too keen on joining us however.

Lastly we discovered that this last room and one more in the Funerary Grounds holds an interesting “key”. Should we destroy a relic in a room we have not yet entered and the skulls holding the souls in the last explored room we will gain some unknown advantage while exploring the Pyramid. And while unknown, it would be highly advantageous. However doing so would also awaken Emperor Ashaghal who is an epic-level Warlock. Currently he is slumbering and won’t directly seek us out to do harm. But should we destroy the relic and the skulls, he’d come after us for sure. For now, we’re waiting to decide what we wish to do.

Outside of all of the above the only other interesting discovery was about our Talathos Warlock. She apparently made a deal with Kharshis that went beyond a normal Warlock Pact. She was very ugly before (Cha 6) and was made to become extremely attractive (Cha 16). For a Talathos god to step in and grant that much power to a simple human is impossible. She’s more than she seems. Which begs the questions, who is she really and what it is we don’t know about the Paladin as well?

Artifacts Recovered

Complex mechanical item made of metal
This is some kind of key, but we don’t know for what. It could open something simple like a lock, or as esoteric as a gateway to a new plane of existence.
A sealed urn 1’6" high made of mithril and bloodsteel (stays sealed)
This is Protean Flesh. Apparently a god is going to use some of it, and then a small left over portion is being given to one of the members of the Consortium to use. It can create life itself with the soul intact, whether you create something new or bring someone back that you can’t.

Artifacts Missing

  1. Carved bloodwood box containing two special vials of liquid
  2. Five star crystal spheres
  3. A mithril and silver steel necklace w/sapphires and a glowing gem
  4. Scrolls in red and gold on adamantine in Midian A in platinum cases

Unclaimed Loot

Amulet of Greater Invisibility (someone take this)
Midian Black Iron Glaive + 2, Mortalbane (+ 2d6), Reach, 2d8, 19-20/x2
Midian Bronze Dagger of Impaling + 2, auto confirms crits
(x2) Gauntlets + 3, Mortalbane (+ 2d6)
Staff of Dark Wrath + 3(Cackling Wrath/Hungry Shadows) (30 charges)
Bloodsteel Full Plate + 2, of Unlife (Undead template)
Midian Black Iron Full Plate + 3, Light Fort, 20% Ranged miss chance, Positive Energy Immune
Bronze Plate Mail + 3 (Base AC 6, Max Dex 2) Maleable
Chain Shirt + 3
Midian Bronze Lg Shield + 3
Amulet of Psychic Poison (Mental attacks cause 1d6 Int Primary/Secondary)
(x10) Amulet of Fire Resist 15
Tome of Clear Thought (+ 2 Int)

(E) Beating Heart + 4 Fort, Immune to Massive Damage
(E) Electrum Death Mask + 2 AC, + 2 Wis, + 2 Spell DC’s
(E) Bloodsteel Greatsword + 3, Mortalbane (+ 2d6), + 10dmg on Evil Smites
(E) (x3) Human Skin + 3 (Base AC 2) Evasion, + 4 Dex, Shadowstep 3/day
(E) Full Plate + 3, Light Fort, Darksoul (1/2 dmg from effects targeting Evil)
(E) Crown of Souls, Living creature dying w/in 20’ heals you 1d6/HD

(VE) Sphere with a 3 lobed Illithid brain, Psionic Only, Unknown Properties, Taint: ?
(VE) (x4) Black Iron Box: 4 glossy black stones (RELICS) +1 attribute, Taint: 1
(VE) (x3) Black Midian Scroll: 1 Feat, Taint: 2
(VE) (x2) Midian Tablet: + 4 Skills, Taint: 1
(VE) Creepy Eye: Lifesense, + 4 Spell DC’s, + 2 Int/Wis, Taint: 1


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