City of Crypts


Entry 8

I’m tired, so all you get is the rough draft notes I took. Hooray!

First room has a crystaline pyramid, it’s warded and protected, and is actually a soul furnace. The rom is 10’ tall, covered in white fine powder and skeletons laying around everywhere.

3 star crystal spheres filled with pulsing red lights, artifact recovered, in the chests in the room. Pick it up and it feels comforting and I hear singing in my head

1) Ring of Ancient Kings (minor artifcat) + 6 prime casting stat, + 4 2nd mental stat, + 1 extra spell cast per day, Maximize and Empower free – Rob
2) Razorsword (intelligent-Blood Shadow) + 5, Keen, +2d6 NE dmg +2d6 Mortal Bane Burst, Smite Good 3/day, Can turn into a Blood Shadow 3/day (Vampire and Shadow stats) – Ian

The bard scroll said the 3 spheres were Soul SPheres which are filled with the energy of souls. The sorc goes back and tries to suck soul energy from the furnace and the ranger stops him from doing so.

The next room has a humming vibration coming from it. The druid starts to get a headache as we get closer, and the effect seems to affect the psionic dwarf monk even more. We go inside and there are black crystaline formations throughout the room. There are faces screaming inside of them, people who were psionicists. It is something the EMporer can call upon to fuck with his enemies.

We move to the next room, Room of the Lesser Queens, as I begin to pick the door my hand smokes. Bard scroll identifies it as a soul fire effect, which makes my soul energy kick into overdrive which could kill me.

I unrolled the skin of the Blood Wraith and it fucks with everyone with magical evil. I put it on to become undead and go into the other room, a failed save would be 1 Insanity point. The door is warded from incorporeal, so we have Mar-sesha-nar open it. There are screamings that are forming a hymn to the talathos.

We go in, bizare murals painted on the wall, (the undead go in) the murals give insanity and I shove it onto the princess who is immune to madness. 7 sarcopgogi in the room made of crystal, inside each is one of the burnt corpse undead things covered with blue white flame. One is cracked and the energy is leaking out. Use the black orb to suck the soul out, the blue white energy flows in, and the sarcophugus only smoking remains are there.

Ranger begins to try to break open the crack and a crystal vial appears filled with bubbly black liquid. It was a gift for freeing her, because I fed on the soul fire not the soul itself. Imbibing it increases your power, +1 level.

WHen the druid and I try to use the flower of good and the black orb to break open the next sarcophogus the orb ports me out and wont let me in. SO we work out to use the god weapons to crack it and have the orb readied to absorb the soul fire as it escapes. The nthe orb lets me walk back in so we do it.

We crack the next one with the gods weapons and the new crystal vial is there filled with sparkly dust, powdered essence of dead celestials, grants physical perfection (+physical stats). The oracle said we couldnt do more or it does bad things to the pyramid while we’re in it.

We go to the next room, Tomb of the Imperial Mistress, has an open sarcophagus, furniture scattered about, inside a very attractive woman is inside, who is an overwhelming powerful blood mummy. We offer to free her so the Emporer doesnt have the juice left and she will go serve Kashgazhar. I use the black orb to absorb the connection to the Emporer. She grants us a shiny glowing ring, liquid quicksilver (+6 dex stacks, +6 dodge ac, +10 init, epic dodge) – eddie. Also a sphere made of star crystal filled with reddish fluid with a baby floating inside (she watched over it 6000 years)says its my responsibility.

Go to the next room, on the final and top floor. Chamber of Secrets, strange exhalation when the door opens, room inside is circular, there are weird whispering echoes all over the place. There is a dias in the center, and a black sphere hovering over the dais chained up in place. It is an Eye of Morkhal. We find the scroll cases, the second to last missing artifact we needed to recover.

We leave the room.

Go to the next room, Chamber of Shadows, cold blast comes out when we open the door. It makes me feel weird, the room is very dark. Lot of chains in the room. A shadowy figure is in the center of the chains imprisoned. The figure has three eyes and speaks to me. I hear a rattle snake like sound as I come in. He asks me what I want. FOrm an organization and empire using any tools at my disposal, to further my goals. WHat are my goals? I want to be the power in the shadows of the city of crypts. Says the Talathos have plans for me and I wont get what I want. Fuck this dude.

He says the baby is a key to unlocking a gods power, which god it is is being blocked. It is a representation of a gods physicality. The god who wishes his freedom made sure I got the baby. He chose me because he does not wish to interact with Zhon. Probably Thaos.

I ask for the most loyal, intelligent, trustworthy, and loyal of minions and companions to free the High Priest of the Naga. He will also identify the items.

Protean Flesh is for Artemesius the senator, the larger part is for Zhon to make something.

The mechanical key is used to open a door the deathworm sealed because zhon wants something behind the door.

The two crystal vials is for Valtheros the slave trader to make him an immortal epic character.

Soul spheres for urza to disconnect him from the tower.

Necklace is on the final floor with the boss, it is holy item to the elven goddess to enable prince masque to break a curse and free someone, his love.

Scrolls wanted by yagra, they contain the key to midian construct and flesh construct techniques.

So there is one more room up top, we go to the next room, the Chamber of the Eternal Flame. The fire in the ceter forces back all evil, there is a circle of pit fiends in the room casting spells to stay alive. The paladin runs into the flame and sacrifices himself, it then kills all of the demons. Everyone there gains FH 5.

We hear a female voice in our heads, the words seem rough and primitive, “You have rescued what is left of me. I am very pleased with you. Your companion’s sacrifice has helped to free me. I have already given my favor to your companion who sacrificed himself. Ive already granted you the gift of renewing life, I can’t do much more at my current power level. You have my gratitude.” Yazara, the first human deity, patron goddess of the tribes of midia. Then she leaves, denying me pure midian blood.

The high priest of the naga gave me minions, rob epic level, ian race and kingdom, and eddie the mithril axe of kings. I drink the potion of physical perfection, +6 all stats. We go to the top to the super treasure room with the emporor, the ranger finds a +6 elven war spear, I find a platinum death mask. Rob finds a coffer of black coins.

Funny found a set of the warguard of the midian kings. Eddie found a black box made of bloodwood and some black metal (), the 2nd round of searching the baby floats away and goes over to the black orb, the sarcophagus begins to shake and wailing fills the pyramid. I cast the scroll of yagras of ture escape. We hear a voice that says father Ive beaten you and Iam free again (Thaos talking to Zhon).

We appear in a very large hallway. There are pills everywhere covered with midian murals. Its dark and ocol. Can smell jasmine and lfowers and splashing water. Never seen it. We feel the darkness pressing in on us, and then we hear footsteps. A beautiful woman is walking towards us wearing a platinum death mask. There is a sense of darkness and power and evil behind her.

She speaks in common with a midian accent. SHe says she represents the last member of the consortium. She is to collect the items. She asks about the naga high priest. We deny her info, and ask for proof of her identity, and for our loot. She is one of Khashgazhars wives and has no head. We are in the Palace of Bone. THey have a scroll signed by the consortium showing proof and Khasgakhar shows too. Also the Ranger and Druid try to kill Funny. Undead ask them not to and an Earth Elemental carries the two dwarves away. Not before I took Funny’s Warguard of Midian Kings.

City Stahaazhaak – jungle city for me and Ian. Yuanti city, with a hatchery for Ian. The minions in the city will be mine. Hooray lizard sex! Eye up my slave princess, she’s got good birthing hips and no scales…


kyndrakos SkeletonJack

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