City of Crypts

Fate's Twisted Lines, Annotations

Entry 2

When we arrived at the Pyramid the pathway leading into the funerary grounds was made of broken stone with a viscous, sickly fluid flowing through the area. The smell was strong enough to make our Druid sick while the rest of us were barely able to resist it’s effects.

The main entrance was lined with tall columns lit up with glowing red Midian symbols. Each one held a humanoid chained aloft, ablaze with fire, in varying states of death and undeath. We cut the poor creatures down and put them out of their misery.

The first official “room” had a pair of great doors slightly ajar, but nothing stood out. It was the second room filled with cages that was meant as the second warning. All but one of them held a corpse from members of the Order of the Circle. Only the one paladin had survived.

The final warning was the spectral skull cackling warnings of doom to ward us away. Until the dwarf slayed it anyways. The spirit was to the left of the entrance, though I am unsure of any relevance to that.

We will return once we’ve healed the Paladin and Warlock, and gotten then some basic gear. It would be foolish to enter with restoring them to full combat efficiency first. We’ve invested nothing into the Pyramid so far.


kyndrakos SkeletonJack

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