City of Crypts

Fate's Twisted Lines

Entry 1

Burgeoning greed pushed us to this point. We’ve done ok this past year, but none of us have achieved our goals. Valthalos Karim is an unknown factor in the City of Crypts, and the fact that a consortium of investors is using him as their face man to hire us bodes ill. Prince Masque’s involvement would normally raise my hackles even more, but he now serves Orim and Rachel as their High Prophet… What could that even mean?

All in all however, I couldn’t count myself luckier. We were blessed by Orim and Rachel, embracing our destinies, and marked by their divine power with tattoos on our right arms. All of our failures up until now were nothing more than the building blocks to prepare us for what will come. Orim and Rachel have chosen to guide us to our destiny!

Notes on cards
Cyndalin, Crypt Breaker: 78 – Flying Golden Dragon (Majesty), right side up
Rob (Druid): 40 – Pyramid (Age), right side up
Brian (Fighter): 19 – Executioner (Ending), upside down
Ian (Ranger): 62 – Shadow King (Manipulation), upside down
Eddie (Monk): 89 – Justicar (Order), upside down

We had to sign a Zhonite Blood Contract, but that’s standard business in these parts. In the end we agreed to a 70/30 split (in their favor) on monetary items, a 40/60 split (in our favor) on magic items, and to retrieve 6 artifacts for them (the artifacts will count against them for items).

Description of Artifacts

  1. Complex mechanical item made of metal
  2. Carved bloodwood box containing two special vials of liquid
  3. Five star crystal spheres
  4. A mithril and silver steel necklace w/sapphires and a glowing gem
  5. Scrolls in red and gold on adamantine in Midian A in platinum cases
  6. A sealed urn 1’6" high made of mithril and bloodsteel (stays sealed)

Once terms were set, they provided an escort to the Pyramid of Ashaghal the 2nd and promised to provide means to retrieve all of the booty safely once we’ve finished clearing the area. Valthalos Karim also gave us the key to the pyramid to be used once we breached the funerary grounds.

While I’d like to recount more information about the Hanged Jester, I just wasn’t able to pay much attention to him while I scouted out the area for our party. Also, he talked like a bard from the “old days”. Hell, that was honestly half of the reason I don’t even know what he said… Once he was down spewing moronic warnings he introduced us to our escort.

I know the escort was important, but he never said anything. I caught that he was one of the great Emperor’s of Midia however, House urel-Khadeth. The one to betray Midia and breach his own defenses. I hate Midians…but that guy’s ok in my book.

One of those two (not sure which) also blessed us with an Orimite Relic, a clear orb with a white butterfly inside covered in blue and red markings. I’m not 100% sure what it is capable of, however the relic orbs have historically always held great power that can only be used one time.

Scribbled notes follow depicting the entrance to the funerary grounds, and various signs (corpses/undead) to warn adventurers away.

So we haven’t really delved into the “dungeon” yet, but we’ve already found two potential companions. Normally I’m happy to find a Paladin willing to follow me into an undead infested pit of hell, but this guy’s a Circle Jerk. But he’s willing to fight with us and that’s good enough I suppose. He was with an entire unit of Circle Jerks initially, but they were all killed (Hooray!! Go Undead!!) and he is willing to do whatever it takes to make the inhabitants of this foul place pay for what they’ve done.

We’ve also found a Talathos Warlock, worshiper of Kharshis The Seductress, Mistress of Magic and Sexuality. She’s evil and a Midian, enough for me to slit her throat on the spot normally. But we found her helpless and injured with broken legs, and now she’s hell bent on vengeance. Her party (all Talathos) left her for dead and striped her of her gear when a roaming Golem patrol nearly killed her. Now, she’s willing to sign on with us and do whatever it takes just so long as we give her a chance to kill her former comrades.

Notation: She was found to the right of the entrance, which demonstrates a high level of ignorance of Midian architecture. We’re going left.


kyndrakos SkeletonJack

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