City of Crypts

Dustburn, City of Shattered Spires

It began on the 7th Day, of the Month of the Beast, in the Year of the Bloodstorm. An explosion engulfed the Scarlet Pyramid, an explosion that could be seen as far away as the digger camps in the ruins of Gha’harash and Mha’garaan to the south west. The energy that emerged was felt by every divine and arcane caster in the city, as well as resonating with sites of unholy power. In the heart of the City, in the White Tower, Sovan knew what had happened. Thaos the Betrayer, the eldest son of Zhon, had been set free from his prison. Unwittingly aided by adventurers, and helped by Tythis the Chaos Lord, he set about seeking revenge upon his unholy father. They sought an alliance with the Talathos, and gave them the secret to tapping upon the energy on the Unborn God, increasing their power. Immediately, the Dark God Morkhaal the Death Wyrm moved to prevent his millenia old plan from being disrupted, and he sent in his legions of followers, the dreaded Faithless, to make war upon the undead of ancient Midia, who adhered to the Talathos. The battle between the Midian undead and the Faithless spilled over into the City itself, as the armies of both threatened to overwhelm the desperate defenders of the City.

The final straw came when the demons that infested the ancient Acropolis, led by great demon of the Acropolis and a mysterious figure in a white Midian death mask calling itself the Silent Emperor,assaulted the City. In response, Jack One-Eye, the Defender of the City, made a decision to retreat from the occupied area to a more secure location closer to the remnants of the Great Bastion. He and Ashok the Great, former Emperor of ancient Midia, channeled their connections to the Towers of Magic protecting the City, and they moved, melding into new positions to protect the relocated City, except the Black Tower of Necromancy, which remained as it always has, near the Great Midian Necropolis.

Now, the landscape around the City has changed. Unable to brave the dangers of the City itself, which was now more dangerous than ever due to the constant warfare around it, the smaller settlements, perched on top of the ruins of the cities of central Midia, which were now seen as prime site for looting, maybe not as rich as the central City itself, but still packed with more than enough wealth for the streams of looters desperate to hit it big. Now the caravans stream to these settlements, subject to raids by the Faithless warbands, or roving undead, while the Knights of the Circle have joined the fray to protect pilgrims visiting the shrines to the Pantheist martyrs in the area, constructing strongholds, and raiding both the Midian undead and the Faithless. One of these settlements is Dustburn, once the great Midia city of Duras Buram, located on the edge of a plateau shattered by might, ancient magic into shards and spires of rock, riddled with ancient Midian crypts built into the cliff faces. Here, in the center of a raging war, lies the start of new legends, new adventures, and new fortunes.


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