City of Crypts

Clearing another Ruin

We finish searching the camp, Thorax finds some notes written in a language he can’t read (looks like Orkish) bloodstained and 500gp worth of items. Grugnir finds a sealed container with Midean runes on it. It says “Property of ‘random midean’”. Thorax also finds a gold midean death mask wrapped in elven silk(50gp) (Mask +2 deflection AC – Evil). Keira starts to look it over to see if she can open it. We hand it off to one of the commoners and get him to open it, he liquefies and his skin flows into the container and drops dead but the container is still open. The container is full of a liquid skin. Grugnir seems to be full of failure.

We scavange the orc corpses and find 6 broadswords, 6 studded leather armor, 6 small wood shields, 120gp worth of items, 150gp. 6 undernourished guys with bone swords jump out and rush at us screaming “escaped slaves, free money!!” We turn and destroy the leader and wipe out the rest of the party in short order except we keep one for questioning. They are scavangers that hunt down escaped slaves for 10gp each. We loot them and get bone stuff we dump, 85 silver, 175 copper we give to the escaped slaves and find 9 days of food and 8 days of water and 3 tents. Kiera summons an aberration and it is affected by the Mythal and becomes Psuedonatural. It bites the prisoner which dies and becomes a void zombie.

We head out towards the other work site the prisoner told us about and try to jump the orcs we find at the dig site. One of them spots us as we sneak up but we get the drop on them first. We drop them quickly and look around. We find 6 more broadswords, 6 studded leather, 6 wood shields, 120gp in items and 80 gold. A man stumbles out of the crypt scared and covered in gore. We let him join our mule train and head on in. We enter and go to the left and find 6 guys in ratty robes and new looking black death masks and boney hands. They start yelling “Death to the unbelievers.” We tempt them out of the room and beat down on them, Keira tries to take control of them but senses that something else is controlling them. We drop them but then one of them starts coughing and a worm starts oozing out of its mouth. They are undead but don’t seem to be controllable. We take four worms into an empty barrel. We loot and get 6 hook swords, 6 suits of leather, 6 black iron death masks +1 AC stackable that feel weird when put on, and 6 tattered robes. A mixture of coins we gather up, these guys are Faithless.

We continue on to the room to the Right, and the zombie moves off to look at some sort of picture painted in blood and ashes. He says its beautiful and speaks to him. Keira says its some sort of Primordial representation that makes her queasy. Asheron blasts it off the wall and Grungnir says he hears something growl when that happens. We move on to the next room. An orc runs up but is surprised by us, he surrenders and we get him to read the papers for us, they are looking for something powerful and midean in the ruins we were in before. He works for Lord Tharkus, the same man that had us enslaved, and that something bad happened at the other camp, all the slaves and orcs are dead. Lord Tharkus obviously takes drugs and turns on people when he comes down, skins them, buries them in the desert. He leads us to the other camp and get another five days food and water and 3 more tents. Keira summons another thing but it comes out all kinds of wrong but still obeys orders and it bites the orc and it dies and becomes a void zombie as well. We head back and continue on and encounter 6 more Faithless. We kill them all and loot away, 6 hook swords, 6 black iron death masks, a ring +1 prot, ammy +2 fort saves. Bag of gems is found in next room and we head on, three doors to choose from. We head to the left and find two of the faithless painting and we whack them and move on. 100gp worth of metal stuff. We move through a few rooms with nothing of note to mention. Chapel to the Death Wyrm a few rooms later, Thorax finds a copper piece, but we leave it alone and move on and find another room with four faithless doing “things” to a corpse. We attack and finish them off and gather up more worms and more hook swords and armor. The flopping torso is wearing Chainmail and still flopping around. We take it off and finish the torso off. Room with a chalice with gems and gold that is cold to the touch and gives neg levels but is attached to the Death Wyrm, it gives benefits to undead when blood is put in to the chalice.

We walk into the next room and it smells strangely in here, horrible and sickening to the minions, smells like roasted flesh and Keira can tell that something is burning in the next two rooms. We enter and there are burning skeletons that fire firebolts at us. We kill them and get 200 gp and 2 potions pot fire resist 10. The next room has burning undead in braziers and one black mask guy taking notes, Asheron kills them all, the room was wear they make the burning undead. +1 longbow in the corner. The main room has two burning undead, 7 Faithless one clearly in charge though. We destroy the boss and pick off the rest of them.We get 6 more hook swords and armors, +1 quarterstaff, +2 ammy nat ac, wand disrupt living, +2 leather, 3 scrolls each with 3 first level divine each, 500gp of goods, 500gp.

The other wing has a slave (crazy) branded with morkaal symbols praising the death wyrm, we kill him. We find a 1 longsword. We find an adventurer in chain, a cleric but dead, with a mace and 50 gp staring at a painting on the wall like before. He has a journal saying he was a cleric of the pantheon that converted to the Death wyrm after dreams. We find two potions clw 1d84. The cleric points out that we have cleared this and might want to set it up as our base of operations once we clean it up since we are only twenty minutes from the settlement.

We get 2840 gold each, moose and phil get 14 gold each. 3000xp.


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