City of Crypts

City of Crypts Current Update

It has been ten years since the rise of Rachel the God Child to divinity and the landscape of the City was changed. A relative calm has spread over the City. The City no has 7,000 inhabitants, and has spread north to Dead King’s Hill, while keeping bordered on the West by the Great Acropolis, the South by the Necropolis, and the East by the Temple District. The rise of the City of Dragons to the North and the Empire of Shadows to the South, coupled with the constant patrols of the Order of the Circle along the Caravan routes has chased most of the Beastmen tribes and hostile Tarak nomads away from the area. The City has never been so prosperous and secure before. Given that throngs of new arrivals continue to loot the easily accessible ruins, clearing them of threats, the only real places of challenge left are the deep ruins such as the Acropolis, the Temple District, the Necropolis, the Palaces of the Pale Princes, and the Pyramids. Rather than challenge these places, many have chosen instead to begin surveying previously untouched sites, such as the two Temple Cities to the South-west of the City, or the Valley of Tombs to the South. Many older inhabitants complain of how much easier the newcomers have it, compared to the wilder days. The Senate runs things smoothly now, the Guilds are profitable and more business than mercenary, and the Mage Lords seemed involved in research rather than running the City.

It would seem that the only problems these days are the rumors that are circulating the busy population. How demons have been spotted patrolling the Great Acropolis, about how the Tarak nomads have suddenly withdrawn from area back to the Salt Plains of Asharim to the East, that caravans have reported seeing movements of large groups of undead between the ruins to the South, processions of Midian undead, led by priests, have been seen heading into the Valley of Tombs, and the City again hosts Beggar Priests in the Chapel of Ashes, who preach the word of the god Khestros the Unknown, preaching that the Red Tears of Urush-Sharak would flood the City with destruction.


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