City of Crypts

Bill and Rob suck (you heard me!)

Entry 6

I think I’m supposed to care, but the longer things go on I feel more and more like ripping up the rules and making my own way. At least that’s how I felt when I saw rivulets of blood following me around.

We all headed upstairs to find the Orcacle and ask her some questions. Apparently not only were creepy “blood snakes” following me everywhere, but also the bard scroll of ass buggery forgot that he told us that the last artifact we recovered was a “key” of some kind. The only problem is that as we headed up we noticed that the Warlock was missing.

The raptor tracked her down to the “Eye Room” where we found the last artifact. She was just standing there giggling while staring at the Eye. The ranger pulled her away and our druid Healed her, but it wasn’t enough. Apparently she saw something in the Eye, something Beyond our reality, and it came back with her. That was when something happened with the Talathos again. She made a deal with Nysarana the White Lady and became god marked by her, which is odd since her deal is with Kharshis the Seductress. But at least she came back, even if somehow broken mentally.

We hustled upstairs to see Her, the Oracle. And it was there that I somehow knew without knowing how that if I called upon her she would appear. So I called upon her and she came. We learned that the “key” made the bard scroll forget about it, as it does to all things untouched by the gods. But because we are touched directly by the gods, we can remember it. Also, the blood trails were effects of not only the Oracle touching me, but some unknown undead looking into me, hoping to hedge their bets on the outcome of our endeavors. And this is where I also learned that the Oracle can talk to me in my mind. She kissed me before we left. I’m not sure why, but that’s ok with me.

What could be more disturbing is that this is when the druid examined us. He said that the ranger showed signs of Fae which makes sense because he’s the son of Jack. But that I was showing signs of being an Outsider. I can’t even fathom why. It makes me worry. THEY are changing me…

The 2nd to last room before the Pyramid entrance was filled with skeletons, bathed in bronze, singing Midian hymns. So we backed out and I used the Mage Sphere to Sunburst the room. Well, a Mythal raped me for doing so and would have caused me to be cursed by an Ancient Curse (-12 to a stat, that if removed just moves to a different stat). This is when Khelzorath the Bloodlord stepped in to protect me. The Oracle appeared in my mind and if I accepted his blessing, he’d stop the curse from affecting me. So I did. Now I’m marked by two of the Talathos.

The final room of the Funerary Grounds was filled with the standard rhetoric of midian architecture, but had six massive iron golems protecting it. The special note is that they were each god marked by one of the Talathos gods and Zhon. The gods held them back and prevented them from attacking us, allowing us to loot the room and move on unmolested.

We set camp in a magical Hut spell, keeping an eye on “Fruit Loops”, the warlock, who apparently doesn’t need to sleep anymore. And in our dreams our fates were spun out before us. The druid and the ranger threw in with Zhon, breaking their marks by the Talathos. I on the other hand went all in with the Talathos. Weird that. I’ve been devout my entire life to Rachel and Orihim. I feel something inside me now, changing.

The Talathos have universally agreed to work together, something that has never happened in all of recorded history. In addition to that, Rachel supports their current actions. So I didn’t hold back. I agreed to be “theirs” and become the progenitor of a new Bloodline of Heroes. Or should I say Villains? I’m marked by all of them now, and the marks are somehow improved. I’ve been granted the inherent powers of their clerics already, who knows what other changes may still occur. My terms? I come out of this whole, unmolested, and unharmed. I become the founder of their Bloodline so that at least for so many years I become indispensable to them. And the warlock is saved and becomes mine. They protect her and she remains my loyal companion.

We entered the pyramid finally, clearing as much of the Funerary Grounds as we are currently prepared to. And the entrance was lined with skulls glowing with light. The first room had an altar consecrated to the Talathos and an Iron Golem. There were also two orbs, one red and one white. After we entered the white began to fill to red and a 3rd orb appeared. It was white as well and began to fill with red. We left the room and didn’t look back.

The next room had a naked male skinned alive and chained to four pillars while on fire. We really were not sure what to make of that either, so we left it alone. From there we went to the Tomb of the Mathematician. His sarcophagus had grey grave dust and a beating heart within, covered in midian glyphs. Taking it caused him to reform into a powerful spectral mage, and 2 golems and several mummies were summoned. We dispatched them so quickly I wouldn’t even call it a fight.

The second room from there had two sarcophagi and black burning skulls which we smashed. There were also two sealed bronze cylinders. Opening them revealed two unattuned Death Guards wrapped in bandages and chains. The first one, female, bonded to the druid. The second, a male of all things (never heard of a male one before), bonded to the warlock.

It was then that I noticed that I was still a half elf without Midian Blood. Strange. Neither Death Guard would bond to me even though the Talathos were going to make me their first Bloodline of Villains. I wonder what is in store.

Artifacts Recovered

Complex mechanical item made of metal
This is some kind of key, but we don’t know for what. It could open something simple like a lock, or as esoteric as a gateway to a new plane of existence.
A sealed urn 1’6" high made of mithril and bloodsteel (stays sealed)
This is Protean Flesh. Apparently a god is going to use some of it, and then a small left over portion is being given to one of the members of the Consortium to use. It can create life itself with the soul intact, whether you create something new or bring someone back that you can’t.

Artifacts Missing

  1. Carved bloodwood box containing two special vials of liquid
  2. Five star crystal spheres
  3. A mithril and silver steel necklace w/sapphires and a glowing gem
  4. Scrolls in red and gold on adamantine in Midian A in platinum cases

Unclaimed Loot

Amulet of Natural Armor + 2
Midian Black Iron Glaive + 2, Mortalbane (+ 2d6), Reach, 2d8, 19-20/x2
Midian Bronze Dagger of Impaling + 2, auto confirms crits
(x2) Gauntlets + 3, Mortalbane (+ 2d6)
Bloodsteel Full Plate + 2, of Unlife (Undead template)
Midian Black Iron Full Plate + 3, Light Fort, 20% Ranged miss chance, Positive Energy Immune
Bronze Plate Mail + 3 (Base AC 6, Max Dex 2) Maleable
Chain Shirt + 3
Midian Bronze Lg Shield + 3
Amulet of Psychic Poison (Mental attacks cause 1d6 Int Primary/Secondary)
(x8) Amulet of Fire Resist 15

(E) Electrum Death Mask + 2 AC, + 2 Wis, + 2 Spell DC’s
(E) Bloodsteel Greatsword + 3, Mortalbane (+ 2d6), + 10dmg on Evil Smites
(E) (x1) Human Skin + 3 (Base AC 2) Evasion, + 4 Dex, Shadowstep 3/day
(E) Full Plate + 3, Light Fort, Darksoul (1/2 dmg from effects targeting Evil)
(E) Flesh Ring of Scorn: auto confirms crits

(VE) Sphere with a 3 lobed Illithid brain, Psionic Only, Unknown Properties, Taint: ?
(VE) (x4) Black Iron Box: 4 glossy black stones (RELICS) +1 attribute, Taint: 1
(VE) (x3) Black Midian Scroll: 1 Feat, Taint: 2
(VE) (x2) Midian Tablet: + 4 Skills, Taint: 1
(VE) Creepy Eye: Lifesense, + 4 Spell DC’s, + 2 Int/Wis, Taint: 1
(VE) Gem Eyes: replace your eyes, True Sight, Greater Arcane Sight, once per day cast 1 spell as a 16th lvl Sorceror, Taint: 1
(VE) Funeral Urn: A skin that makes you a Blood Wraith (All vampire and wraith powers), Taint: 4


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